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  1. I think the How to report a bug or issue must be added here in the op.
  2. StratosGR

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I also got it
  3. StratosGR

    [ALL] Greek fonts for EU client

    Τι σε νοιάζει για τους "όλους"; Οι φίλοι ή η clan σου να το βάλουν να συνεννοήστε
  4. Me also. No problem with cv ui. Do a clean mod installation.
  5. whats the problem exactly?
  6. All flag mods need to be updated, as WG changed the according dds file.
  7. Silly me. It was there.
  8. Previous side panels from Roslich had detection range, gun range, torp range. Can we also have the previous version?
  9. StratosGR

    Suggestions thread

    I want it implemented in the game client. Also the mod you mentioned distorts the view and its like looking through a fisheye lens.
  10. StratosGR

    Suggestions thread

    1 or 2 more zoom out stops in torp view.
  11. Noticed that few icons dont follow the 24x24 rule. And specifically he DSW icon is 30x30 and covers the icon of the clan from the beneath line.
  12. Yes, there are problems with the external sound. The sync is not perfect and is very depending from your hard disk access time speed and the video length (dont know why). The 1st trailer is short and sync its good. The 2nd is more legthy and with ssd i find that there is 99% synced. I made also the "wait for me" video+sound but the sync is very bad. But now you know what to do to make a sound for your video :)
  13. Yes you missed Now the sound must be in an external file (wem). Follow this tutorial to convert your wav file to wem. Make 3 copies of the file and put them in res_mods/0.7.x.x/banks Check my topic to see the names for your 3 copies (download an example to see file names and folders). Good luck
  14. Unfortunately the bug from roslich side panel is still there, but now its very rare (noticed it only one time). I also attached the replay. 20180410_082025_PASA012-Lexington-1944_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  15. Run the modpack. Choose the mods you want. Press next and tick the upper 2 choices. Press finish but DONT DO ANYTHING until the X disappears from the windows taskbar. It might take a few minutes if your pc is slow. When the X disappears open your game and enjoy it.