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  1. To be honest i played the game very shortly in training room just to see your problems, but except those you mentioned i experienced the graphic glitch in the screenshots. If i am not mistaken, this is the original mod https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/20143-0720-сжатые-текстуры-wows-для-слабых-компьютеров/
  2. Bug Reports

    In 2 different pc's double tap the number 7 to focus in the last squad of Shokaku (6th squad), doesn't work. This is happening for many patches and not after the last patch.
  3. I might have good news for you. At least i hope ! I have tried to make a fix for the problems you mentioned. Download it and extract it to res_mods/ folder and replace the files when asked. I believe the smoke problem and the gun/torp hit glow will gone. Unfortunately i have found more glitches in the mod than those you mentioned, but its not my job (or Aslain's) to fix them. You have to send a msg to the author of this mod if you have more problems (or if the fix is not a fix ) Tell me if the fix worked for you. Compressed_textures_25_fix.zip
  4. To be honest i have top hardware and i dont use it. Downloaded it just to check it. It might affect the performance , but if it fixes your problem you can try recovering the files by small groups and checking until you find which files are causing the glitch. At the end if the problem is caused by 2-3 files , recovering and having all the other files in place except those 2-3 , i dont think the performance impact will be noticeable.
  5. Try to delete the res_mods/ particles/animated folder. That should fix the smoke/rain problem.
  6. Yes the edited xml file is for premium camouflages only. If you want to hide all non premium camouflages but for every ship, is very easy. If you want to remove the non premium camouflages for a specific ship, i am afraid with the current camouflage.xml structure, it is not possible.
  7. [] Various camo replacements

    Reverted the colours just for fun, as the original camo is very much black. I will probably make a completely new camo scheme, as i dont like it at all.
  8. Nice suggestion, so i made one. Unzip the file to your res_mods/ folder and it will disable the camo for both ships (fletcher and gearing). camouflages.zip
  9. [] Various camo replacements

    What exactly to do with the pi?
  10. I had all ready installed wwise (newer version) so i went straight to try to make a mod but your app was crashing constantly. Uninstalled the wwise and installed the 5995. It worked! Thank you!
  11. Next to PLAY button in the launcher, there is a little down arrow. Press it and you will see.
  12. [] Various camo replacements

    Battle Hardened added.
  13. Noobs will kill this game!

    If you dont like "noobs" and you think they are destroying the game, stop playing multiplayer games and move to single player games. Everyone have the right to play and have fun. A hardcore gamer, a casual player, an eternal "noob" ....