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  1. dunbine

    black friday

    We could also pretend to be not angry, after they started to sell tech tree tier X ships at a ridicolous and huge price, instead of just selling ARP camos and captains for the normal Yamato
  2. dunbine

    New concept idea - Aerial Maritime Radar

    Honestly, it would broke the game even more We already have carrier fighters that direct the artillery fire of the ships Give them a radar to see trought mountains would make the game much more unrealistic
  3. dunbine

    No damage from hitting an island?

    Yes, welcome in WoW You ram a wall of rock at 35 knots? No damage You ram the side of a friendly dd with a battleship at 35 knots? 10 damage You scratch the rear of an enemy ship when the both of you were almost not moving? ISTANT DETONATION ! Think positive, the armor of the Kremlin and the guns of the Smolensk are even more unrealistic
  4. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    cause fight is the destiny of humans :)
  5. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    Whining about imaginary promises, on "imaginary" videos that everyone can see, sure :D :D :D
  6. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    Yes they did promised, you can whine as much as you want about it, but that's a fact and is hard to negate it, in this age, were everything you say or write is recorded And i can do what i want, the same thing that YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW. i joked about this at first, but you took It personal and kept attacking me. I lost enough time, have fun at whining at whoever does not agree with you, i'm out Not loosing time anymore in trying to show you the obvious
  7. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    Please, my vent was against the Company, and not against you, i can understand your opinion and to some points i can agree Wg usually don't care about gamers outrage, but sometimes it did It happened for Kremlin, for Smolensk, even for subs and for that stupid tier 4 cruiser that becomes tier 10 if you mount 10 torps launchers over it About the broken promises, we have a video in this topics, were in an official interview a wg staff member said: "this special content will never ever be aviable again in the future" But after few year it was. And Sorry, the company can't just act as it never happened or is not related to them. About whine and forum rules, i do know Read my first message, i said sorry to the mod, and no worry if you block this tread I just wanted to be free to say what i think about this game And i did it cause... I used to like this game, and i dont like if people ruin it by broking its promises Funny thing is, that istead of releasing the arp yamato as a new ship, they could have sold a camo and a captain for the normal yamato, and no one would have complained...
  8. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    honestly i don't agree on this 1- many things changed, a very bad feedback can block what wg is doing, change an overpowered ship or remove another one from sale 2- if a wg employer releases an interview on an official wg channel, what he sayst cannot be seen as "it's personal feeling" as the company have nothing to do with it. Sure in a company there will be countless of different opinions, but if you talk in the name of the company and on an official channel then you are the voice of the company in that istant. And when years later, some managers choose to break those promises, they are choosing to trash those lies and bring shame to their company, cause all they want it $$$$€€€€
  9. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    my point is to tell them what i think about them, and all their lies and what about yours? wanna tell me you are disappointed by my behaviour? then we are the same, don't you think so ^_^
  10. dunbine

    WG is as worth as its promises

    I wrote it, read better They Just have to ban me from the game, so that i will also loose all the premium time that i have left If not, they have to add subs in random battles, and so i have to wait about a year Have been fun to play in the past Is still fun to play from time to time But no way i will play as much as before or ever spend real money on it anymore :)
  11. WG, remember all your promises? We will NEVER put guns with caliber over 460 mm We will NEVER add submarines in the game We will NEVER sell tier X ships for real money Yeah, your Company is as worth as those promises You Just need to add tier XI ships with missiles, and i guess there will be nothing more you can ruin Yeah i know, i am getting my [edited]banned and this post Will be closed, i am fine with it and sorry to the mods for this vent But to me, it was worth It If you also block my game account, i'm gonna uninstall forever so... Have fun ;)
  12. dunbine

    Are you buying the new ARP content ?

    I already own the Yamato I onw the hsf premium camo for it, and it fullfills my love for anime So why i should spend so much money for a ship double with a nice camo and a captain who have no special skills and few skill points? My yamato have Yamamoto lvl 19 on It, and i have like other 3 ijn lvl 19 captains on zao, yoshino and shimakaze... I would spend 300 K coal for it I would spend more than 2 millions free exp for it For real money, is simply not worth it
  13. dunbine

    ARP Yamato breaks the premium shop!

    So in the end, wg broke another promise made for many years. Purchase for real money a tier X? Yes we can Thanks WG, i was going to grind even 3 million free xp for the arp yamato,, since i have already all other free exp ships i care for. But seriously, pay 150 euro for the double of a ship that i already have with a premium camo is pure BS
  14. To me, the key battle have 3 main problems: 1- you don't get rewards for daily missions, if i am farming steel, i have to play at least 6 games with normal ships, and then play the halloween event 2- the ship experience you gain is wasted 3- the rewards are too expensive, as usual If i could unlock the daily rewards in the key battle, i would play it without caring much of the rewards, but as it is now, i play it only when i am bored or annoyed about farming with the damned Riga
  15. dunbine

    So, WG does have a sense of humor after all...

    Wrong question, you should ask what's the worse problem of the Kremlin, and even so would be hard to choose - it's a fantasy paper ship that in real world probably could not even float - design is just lame, the superstructure is so thin it could barely fit a toilet for the crew - performances are crazy high, expecially the armor