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  1. ReZgaaR

    Pan Asian additions - any good?

    Got super lucky and got the Bajie from my second container, all I can say so far is that the gun accuracy on it seems pretty [edited]good so far and honestly it really does remind me of the slava guns (good pen, cruiser like dispersion and insane range). So far I've really enjoyed playing it and I have no problem sniping DDs with it unlike most other BBs.
  2. ReZgaaR

    Sigh Missions

    I've completed the battle of skerki bank twice this week... and I have played like 10 battles this week ._.
  3. How can I get that version of the mini map you're currently version? It's the one I used to use before the patch that broke the mini-map mod. As I look through your mod-pack there is only one mini-map mod in it and it's not that one, it's another one where the ship names are white and I hate it. Sometimes I can't really see the ship names agianst very bright textures.
  4. A mod, I dont know which one is making the setting window invisible in-game, so when I go to my settings nothing shows up, it's just invisible. Does anybody know what mod is causing this or a fix for it?
  5. Ok so what mods are currently broken and which ones work? I have the same issues, can't open player stats during battle (tab) and broken mini-map :s
  6. ReZgaaR

    high ping, unplayable

    Yep it's fixed for me as well, haven't been having any ping issues this evening.
  7. I'm sorry for being such a nub but what do they mean by that? What is reversed spread (I know it's for TBs but how will the spread change)?
  8. ReZgaaR

    Reported for playing poorly?

    And nothing of value was lost.
  9. ReZgaaR

    high ping, unplayable

    This did not help.
  10. ReZgaaR

    Another "special"..

    I think what the OP means is x2 exp is really nothing special, it's just a tiny bit more than the usual x1,5 exp win of the day. A x3 exp would be much more better and you'd be able to see a noticeable difference in exp for the first win of the day, but eh that's just me.
  11. ReZgaaR

    Activity Poll for Ranked Battles

    The ships I like to play with (currently my tier 8-9s) can't enter ranked battle so I'm not really interested in it. And yeah like the rest I tried out a few battles and it either terrible or just "meh".
  12. ReZgaaR

    high ping, unplayable

    I've been having huge lag issues as well today while playing world of warships, I'm at a constant 200-300 ping and the game freezes every 2 seconds or so, the game is completely unplayable and has been like this the entire day. Never had lag issues in world of warships before. Oh and it's only world of warships that seems to be extremly laggy for me, all other things run just fine (surfing, other games, online streams etc). So the problem must lie with world of warships? Could it have something to do with today's maintenance? I also live in sweden and using comhem, is there any solution to this extreme lag? It's impossible to play the game in the state it currently is for me. EDIT: Also tried playing World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, had no ping issues at all there.
  13. ReZgaaR

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Thanks for the offer but I probably have better aim than you. I only wanted to see the new aim mod for myself. I thought it would be like some kind of a new crosshair mod, not outright a new [edited]aim assist cheat mod -__- EDIT: sorry for the double post, didnt realize it untill I saw them D:
  14. ReZgaaR

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Ok what the hell? How is this mod allowed, it's [edited] AIM ASSIST O.o I thought aim assists were considered cheats (they are btw) What the hell is going on WG?
  15. ReZgaaR

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Uhm sorry but I cant seem to find this new aim mod you all are talking about, could somebody please tell/show me about it?