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    Capping, RNG and lack of ingame feedback

    I can imagine the cap speed might be just fine, but as you said - in case that the team doesnt ignore half the map. Which sadly was happening almost every game. Unlike in WOT where its somewhat plausible to hold a flank against even double the amount of opponents i fast realized that in wows the very worst thing one can do is to get into a situation where the enemy has more ships than your team does. So when i see theres only 2-3 ships going north i surely wont join them in the suicide. It is of course possible that in time the meta will develop in such a way that on every map the same types/amounts of ships will automatically deplay to specifis zones and that it wont be based on random whims of the players in every one particular game. But my experience from WOT would suggest otherwise, that experience would even suggest that the combined RNG of MM and level of retardation of most players will make sure that everything and anything will happen in most of the games and that no unspoken rules of what and how much goes where will develop. If damage rolls can be influenced with proper aim, as you said yourself, then how come hitting exactly the same spot with the same shell from the same distance (so the angle of impact is the same) produces results that differ by 5000%? I of course am not talking about one particular instance, which i mentioned just to say something concerete so that those who lack the ability to understand general concepts know what im talking about. Its happening every single game where the same thing over and over again produces results that differ too much and the game gives zero information or explanation why that is so.
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    Capping, RNG and lack of ingame feedback

    Played about the same in coop. And i dont think playing 1k battles would help me understand why sometimes it does 5k dmg and then the same thing does 100 dmg.
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    Capping, RNG and lack of ingame feedback

    After having spent some time playing the game, which id say certainly has potential and is imo already fairly good, i would say that there are a couple of issues that seem to be ever present and which time and time again prevent me from perheaps spending more time in the game as i soon start to feel frustrated. First off i think the speed of capping is way too fast given the generally slow pace of the game and general lack of ability of ships to react fast enough. I dont want to be pulling random numbers out of my [edited], but my guess is that half, or maybe even more of the games ive played, ended up with a cap that neither of the teams could have done anything about, because a) either in order to make it back theyd have to stop engagement and would get wrecked as they attempted to go back b) by the time the engagement ends there is no time to get back anyway In my opinion doubling or even trippling the time it takes to cap would be in place. Second is the seemingly ever present RNG and inability to reproduce previous results as one cant really tell what actually happened and what it was that produced the result one tries to reproduce. To be more concrete - one AP hit which seemed to hit the deck from above did 1k dmg. Then i would think that it might have been the fact that i hit from above that resulted in 1000 damage. So i try to do exactly the same - shoot the same shell at the same ship and hit the same spot, but now the result is 100 damage. So what next? So it wasnt hitting from above or hitting that particular part of the ship? Is it pure RNG or is the game not telling me enough information about what actually happened? Hitting a salvo for 5k dmg and with the next salvo one does 200 damage to the same area of the ship just doesnt make sense if one doesnt get to know "why" the results were so completely different. Either we arent being given enough information (and even then it might be useless information, if we cant access it at our leisure - such as - if the game told us that we did 1k because we hit some internal module it would be no help if we actually couldnt inspect ships for example in the hangar to see where the modules actually are, what their HP/armor or whatever is and what the mechanism is that makes it receive 1000 or 100) or there is simply too much RNG.