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    The problem with this game is...

    So for me thats it. The amount of luck (and thats nothing else, no matter how often you tell yourself) in this game is unacceptable for me. Neither your opponent nor yourself knows what those shots in the air will do.. almost no dmg, maybe a oneshot or just 50% of your health, hell maybe they will just hit the water infront and behind. Im sure there are people who like that and others who enjoy it while thinking its their "skill" or whatever but i got more games then i have time and as long as this stays a heavy rng game i will spend my time and money elsewhere. Some rng like in wot is okish but wows goes over the top by alot. Maybe if a normal ap hit does for example 2k and a ammo rack hit (or whatever) does double the dmg it would be ok. Note: im complaining about ARTILLERY luck (dmg and accuracy wise).
  2. Wykin

    how loang will this closed beta last

    Pretty sure he doesnt asks for release but rather is curious for how long he will be able to play the cbt.
  3. Wykin

    The problem with this game is...

    Yeah with WG i count with rng but right now with artillery i dont feel like "not 100% sure what will happen" but rather "at best 20% sure what will happen".
  4. that it feels extrem rng based. 1. The damage of Artillery feels like a gamble. No matter the enemy or the ammo used. I lost 2/3 of my HP in a cruiser to a battleship by a single salvo. Yet i never see that happen, even with my battleship and in a (in the end) good round with around 2k points i see dmg number pop up of around 400 up to 5000 but 20k never. When i give a good broadside most of the time i do like 1-2k dmg. 2. Artillery accuracy is also a complete gamble. Sometimes a hole salvo even lands up to a kilometer to short (bug in the aiming system?) and most of the time the shots spread so much that you feel lucky if one of those hit where you aimed and your glad if you hit the enemy at all. It feels like its about praying to the rng god instead of good aiming that decides the fight. I shot salvo at a carrier and hit and water infront and behind him but not the carrier. I really try to like the game and overall it seems to be good but those 2 points drive me into madness. Especially the dmg, i got a t4 for every class so played quit a bit and i all the time tried different things like using different ammo hitting the hull or waterline or the stuff on top of the ship. Even tried to aim for ammo racks under turrets but it all doesnt help. After those hours i put into the game all what is left is that hitting where you aimed and the amount of dmg dealt is a gamble.