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  1. The game was a lot easier and simpler in Beta and release. Look at DD Gameplay and it's obvious, same for CA/CL. If you compare it to the beginning there is no way it got dumbed down....I really don't see the point of those discussions.
  2. slow_hand

    Detectability Issue with FPS and Graphics...

    I could imagine that the smoke from ships funnels is not rendered/displayed with low graphics settings. And this appears usually before the actual ship is rendered. This tells where to shoot before you can actually see the ship and maybe gives your opponents the headstart with shooting.
  3. slow_hand

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    I generally like cyclones. They change teamplay and tactics. Now you are forced to play coordinated with a lot more ships than usual and apply flanking in a much more confined space. The better your team is able to move together without blocking lines of fire/torps, the better will be the results . And at the same time scouting is very important. Maybe you don‘t like it, because you have to rely on average joe much more than the usual 2 - 4 decent players or your division to carry it and control 2/3 of a map. But I as an average joe like it and I think it is good for a refreshing gameplay experience. Not all the same all the time.
  4. slow_hand

    Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

  5. slow_hand

    Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    Bismarck is 50% reduced in price next weekend. Maybe you can afford it without selling GK.
  6. slow_hand

    Stagering Salvo keeps firing untill ammo is changed

    Noticed the drag to islands too. You can disable it in your: Settings -> Controls -> Collision Avoidance System -> drop down menue - off.
  7. You will keep your 4 skill points. All it does is setting the experience (like you would need to get from 1 skill point to the next) to 0 (if you retrain him for free, to 50% if for 200.000 credits, or not at all if you retrain for gold). Option to retrain appears when you assign the commander to your new ship. The already selected skills will not work fully untill your commander reaches 100% experience again. Edit: If you play WoT, it is a bit like there. Already selected skills are not lost when you retrain, but it takes some time to get your crew up to 100% if you don't retrain for gold and they are less effective untill they are back at 100%)