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  1. Filipin00

    Offtopical Disco

    What do you guys think about the new Sabaton album the great war? Attack of the dead men is probably my favourite song from the album, especially if you know the background story of the event it sings about.
  2. Filipin00

    CV Rework Discussion

    Was the Kremlin alone? Perhaps near the end of the battle when most of his AA mounts were gone? Those would be my only explanations because I have Graf, with all the skills and modules for plane survivability and......I can't even....
  3. Filipin00

    ST, changes to Graf Zeppelin

    I have to add something here Dive bombers are severely underperforming - I find it disturbing how an almost same priced Enterprise can do a whooping 15-20k damage per drop with all the citadels while Graf Zeppelin struggles to even connect bombs let alone do full damage, losing 8 planes to do 700 damage is a bad risk/reward ratio you know......? And people paid money for it, I expect at least being able to do what tech tree counterparts can(shokaku hits more citadels than Graf Zeppelin)
  4. Filipin00

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yea...I feel like you can't really influence the outcome of a game as much as other classes can. Which some may find unbelievable, you can spot, yes, but like....8/10 games when I play with carriers I lose simply because I get the worse team and no matter what you do you just lose and can't do anything about it. Risk/reward ratio is very VERY unbalanced, especially when uptiered and tier 8 carrier has to attack a bunch of 5+ tier 10 ships simply because they refuse to split up..... I have much more success with the surface ships and feel like I can contribute a lot more than in a carrier
  5. Filipin00

    CV Rework Discussion

    For me the only reason is constant uptiering. More often than not I can't be bothered to actually use brain and tactics....
  6. Filipin00

    CV Rework Discussion

    Is it just me or is it less CVs in random matches lately? I took a break from them as well since it got frustrating a bit....but I'm seeing a whole lot less other people playing them.
  7. Filipin00

    Abandon Bismarck?

    I have no problem with Bismarck, he has good secondaries, good at close range with full secondary build and a hydro...seriously I don't know if there are any other high tier battleships that have hydro except germans.... Multiple times I was brawling with tier 10 BBs at close range and with combined main and secondary batteries I was able to shred people like nothing, I remember one instance with Republique for example I did die at the end because he wasn't alone but I took something like over 60% of his health in couple of minutes with secondaries, fires and main guns.... The only thing it suffers from I would say is if you don't think and focus then you get HE spammed to death by high tier cruisers...if you're not paying attention, but that would be player mistake, not ship fault.
  8. Filipin00

    CV Rework Discussion

    I really don't have any problems with CV gameplay in the current state except for the uptiering(but hey, what else is new, all classes suffer from this). Everything else regarding CVs is balanced imo, saying as someone playing (almost) all classes. The only reason I may have more CV battles than in any other class is because I have 2 premium CVs for making credits And since I do make a lot of credits with them, and heck, even with non-premium CVs counting prem account, economic flags, I really can't complain all that much. It's the same thing going on with CVs as with any other class, situational awareness as in knowing where you are needed, leaving fighters, calculating damage and battle impact with plain losses etc.......there is no domination of the CVs at least not when I play them, only skill....
  9. Aaaaaaand....Ark royal? Can't wait to get friesland tho....maybe......
  10. Filipin00

    EU server issues compensation - 11/07/2019

    You've been having a lot of these recently... What's going on?
  11. Filipin00

    Up-to-date Aircraft Carrier Guide

    Umm...I could can't remember if it were tier 10 fighters or not but I actually could outrun them.
  12. Filipin00

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Dive bombers on GZ do have jericho trumpet but it's silly, only JU-87s afaik had those jericho trumpets, maybe JU-88s not sure tho Ta-152's certainly didn't have them It's just....the JU-87 is a symbol of blitzkrieg, the lightning war....which is ironic considering their speed compared to Ta-152s
  13. Filipin00

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    You know what else I saw in the game files? HE-111P bf 110 C And they use....Ta-152?
  14. Filipin00

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Getting JU-87s back on Graf Zeppelin comes to mind