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  1. I think subs should have their detection ranges other way around in comparison to surface ships. Surface ships have bigger detection by sea than by air, subs should have bigger detection by air than sea. That could work...
  2. Filipin00

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Actually it could work, I've been rekting DDs with Kaga, and she has something like 700-800 m arming distance on her torps(almost double the german CVs) with lower torp speed...
  3. Filipin00

    Offtopical Disco

    Man I'm addicted to this band
  4. Filipin00

    Offtopical Disco

  5. Filipin00

    0.9.4 - General Feedback

    Yep, I can confirm these bugs as well.
  6. Filipin00

    The premiums that time (Updates) forgot

    I only definitely agree with two grafs in the list, since I don't have the rest of the ships (I have blyska but I think she's fine), though graf spee still is fine and can work, but as for graf zeppelin I agree - OOF
  7. Filipin00

    Really, wargaming? -__-

    Great, then I want stukas on Graf Zeppelin, tier 8, as well
  8. Filipin00

    Offtopical Disco

  9. Filipin00

    Really, wargaming? -__-

    I was casually checking something out and found these among pictures on the premium shop page for Graf Zeppelin.... Does Graf Zeppelin really have Ju-87 and bf109 aircraft in game? I think not! This should be false advertising in my opinion
  10. Filipin00

    ST - German aircraft carriers renaming

    Wow, that's.....that's amazing. You're listening to your player's feedback. I'm almost stunned.
  11. I've literally never heard that such coupon for this or any of the wargaming's game even exists
  12. You are funny....I'll give you that nothing in this game is free
  13. Filipin00

    Offtopical Disco

  14. Filipin00

    ST - Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    Not to burst your bubble but....Enterprise has been pulled from sale for a reason
  15. Filipin00

    ST - Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    Seriously, along with everyone else with a bit of common sense, I urge Wargaming to think about including Ju-87s on german CVs, it's only logical plane type to use for dive bombers - for tier 6 CV in top configuration and tier 8 CV in stock configuration, use any other planes for other squadrons but give Ju-87s with same jericho trumpets GZ planes have. Please listen to your community, it's not even something huge that we demand from you, just that aircraft.