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  1. Filipin00

    Offtopical Disco

  2. Filipin00

    Congratulations, WG...

    Okay, I'll cut the sarcasm, I'm talking about the nerf to graf zeppelin and a pathetic excuse for a "buff" that they apparently applied in the form of 15% faster aiming of the aiming circle which helps as much as drinking sea water when dehydrated.
  3. Filipin00

    Congratulations, WG...

    Bad joke, man, bad joke....
  4. Filipin00

    Bismarck historically accurate mod

    Japanese did it.....I guess so....
  5. Filipin00

    PT - 0.9.7 Balance changes

    Still waiting for you guys to say "just kidding" and actually buff the Graf Zeppelin.... If you're serious about the changes....
  6. Filipin00

    Congratulations, WG...

    ...you have (somehow) managed to make the worst(AND most expensive) CV in the game even more worse than it was before(even though nobody thought it was possible).
  7. Filipin00

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

  8. Filipin00

    PT - 0.9.6 - Balances changes

    You said that, not me.
  9. Filipin00

    PT - 0.9.6 - Balances changes

    Dude.....I give up You do you, and ain't nobody got time for this bull again
  10. Filipin00

    PT - 0.9.6 - Balances changes

    If we're talking about TX CVs perspective, yes. But some of us like to play TVIII (premium) carriers that get devastated by such (in your words) "mediocre" AA. There are more sides to each story. Try to consider all of them...
  11. Filipin00

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    Guys, graf zeppelin is not nerfed....what are you all talking about?
  12. Filipin00

    PT - 0.9.6 - Balances changes

    VIII Graf Zeppelin, VIII Graf Zeppelin B: Aiming reticle reduction speed increased by 15% VIII Graf Zeppelin 7000 5800