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I'm an Ex Royal Marine, now aged 52 so very Ex, I've been to most places in the world that can't be called holiday hotspots!!!! I also have a thing for restoring old cars so in my garage at the moment resides a Maserati Quatroporte, 1971 SAAB 96 called mavis(Now sold), 2 SAAB 9-5s one of which is the Mrs daily driver and the other is called the Godfather currently at 440BHP, Porsche 912, E-Type Jaguar MKI(currently being put back together) and a 1969 series 2 Landrover. I have been playing wargaming titles since closed beta of WoT. I'm also a member of possibly the funniest clan in the northern hemisphere DAFT. We have quite a few ex servicemen from all countries over europe, we have some lazy student types, and also have members from the North East of England(Who you can't understand as they don't speak English very well) ;) and of course we have the Irish element in the form of Blondito who's a legend in his own lunchtime. Looking forward to meeting you all.


See you on the high seas.