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  1. Marine361y

    Kongo class model inaccurate

    I agree with you mate, but on past experiences they always make the Russian lines OP, WoT and WoWp are prime examples. Andy XXXX
  2. Marine361y

    Kongo class model inaccurate

    Just wait until the Russian line arrives then we'll all be screwed. Andy XXXX
  3. Marine361y

    What ships do you not want to see in future patches?

    That would be sweet
  4. Marine361y

    What ships do you not want to see in future patches?

    Furious only had 1x18 inch gun when she was commissioned, as the forward turret and barbette were removed during her build to accommodate a flying platform, eventually in the 1920's she and her half sisters were converted to aircraft carriers. Andy XXXX
  5. Glad you got into the game mate, hope to see you on the high seas. Andy XXXX
  6. Marine361y

    New Weapons ?

    Now sexy underwear that would spice things up a bit lol Andy XXXX
  7. Marine361y

    The Mustache heresy

    Here's Charlie, I think was taken when he was the skipper of the Bronington I even knew a couple of ladies in the Royal Navy/Royal Marines who could grow beards as well. @Rancid Ah Skeletor a living legend lol Andy XXXX
  8. Where you logged into the webpage with your WG user credentials? If you weren't then I suggest doing so then you can download the game. Damn Colin got there before me lol. Andy XXXX
  9. Marine361y

    Shell Shockers

    It's OK mate I was just wondering that's all. Andy XXXX
  10. Marine361y

    Shell Shockers

    Why use PTSD as part of your clan name? Do you have members who suffer from this diblitating mental disorder? I'm asking the question as I suffer from PTSD due to my 18 years of service in the Royal Marines, and I find the use of the acronym slightly offensive. Love and hugs. Andy XXXX
  11. Marine361y

    Submarine topic

    Here's a video of M2 operating.
  12. Marine361y

    Submarine topic

    I've dived on the M2 which lies in 30 meters of water off Chesil Beach, I think she was sunk because the aircraft hanger door was opened while submerged(I bet the guy that pushed the button got an almighty bollocking) I think I have some pictures somewhere I'll have to dig them out. And as a footnote the M1 was sunk in a collision with a Swedish collier off Star Point in Devon and lies in about 70 Meters of water. Andy XXXX
  13. No it's a canoe in my pocket ;)

  14. Marine361y

    Submarine topic

    You could also include the Red October as well Andy XXXX
  15. Marine361y

    Submarine topic

    The one I always remember though is U 35 which sunk 224 ships during WWI the commander of which was Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière. He was and still is the submarine commander with the highest amount of tonnage sunk during war. Andy XXXX