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  1. barbarousse

    0.9.2 PTS - General Feedback

    Hi there, Could explain to me and us ; why the cruisers, DD and others can sink easily a Yamato by fire or just shooting at it. It's like the Yamato is big blob of butter where anybody can fire at and get sure to get it!! Where's the Yamato who could brawl at close quarters ??? you buffed it really bad due to some " cry babies" tx. It has become the first target to sink for easy XP!! Please do something about it on the next patch, because everyboby gonna play invicibles and OP cruisers !.
  2. barbarousse

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    hi , I would like to know how a Yamato at less than 8 km, couldn't sink or citadels a Smolensk, midlife full broadsided ??!!!not even a overpen!! Are you gonna ifx that with "cruisers OP? TX
  3. Hi,

    i'v been  banned again from the tchat in the game. Again been banned, and i did not insult anyone !!! i keep myself reasonnable.

    Noticed that, when u got a bad game , or player not beeing happy for the way u played ur game, they just report you for having bad manners in the tchat!!!

     Is there too many "cry babies " in the game now ???? i've never experienced such a bad community or tchat in game, since the last few months.


    Hope, there will be a solution to that issue, because i'm geting worried for my future collaboration in Wargaming. ( i 've already quit WOT !)


    Yours Sincerely,




  4. Salut à tous, Encore impossible de se connecter...est ce du aux "fameux porte avions britanniques"'?? Cela fait plusieurs que j'essaie de me connecter, avec une grande impatience....j'ai besoin de ma dose de "WOW" !!! Du coup, je me suis rabattu sur "WOT" sur lequel je ne jouais plus depuis un bon moment...et grande deception !!! l'esprit du jeu d'eaquipe n'est pas du tout la meme !!!. Au lieu de prendre plaisir à jouer et me detendre "WOT" me rends en rogne à chaque fois. Depechez vous de fixer les "issues" du jeu !!! PS: à quand les "cuirassées" Russes ????!!!!