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  1. Dorsen

    Izumo in general

    I didn't play many games in the Izumo before it became too painful, and as I'm not that much into self-harm, I spent a ****load of doubloons to get the free XP I needed to unlock the Yamato. The only thing I did like about the Izumo, was its accuracy. Maybe I was just lucky for the games I played in it, but the accuracy seemed to be good. The rest of the ship, not so much! Armour? Nope! Concealment? What's that? Easy to citadel? You betcha! Can stand alone against other ships? Hahahaha! It seems to me that the Izumo is just a way for WG to make players spend money to avoid having to play it. That goes for other ships as well, of course, but it's not as transparent as with this ship. Business-wise, that's perfectly fine. They have to make money. Gameplay-wise, this ship is a waste of time.
  2. Dorsen

    Get 100,000 Free XP and 7.5 million credits!

    Damn! I haven't played WoWS for 1.5 years, and I reinstalled it just to get this loot. Now I understand why it doesn't appear in my port. It's for my NA account (which I never use). Bummer... Well, on with the uninstall, I guess...
  3. Dorsen

    What type of submarine is this?

    I'll bet they were heading for the Laurentian abyss next ;).
  4. Dorsen

    What type of submarine is this?

    If we tried hiding the oil, freedom would definately come for us! "Freedom" is the modern boogeyman . Yeah, the US submarine fleet has its second home in the Barents sea.
  5. Dorsen

    What type of submarine is this?

    Just about here: https://www.google.com/maps/@69.6025913,17.91744,12z . I was thinking about Ohio, but from other images I've looked at, the shape of the conning tower is different.
  6. Dorsen

    What type of submarine is this?

    Well, there have been sightings of Virginia-class subs in that area before, so that might be a good guess. I just thought it looked bigger in that picture...
  7. This submarine was spotted today about an hour from where I live (not my photo). Can anyone tell me what type of submarine this is? It certainly looks like some kind of missile sub.
  8. The solution I posted doesn't work after the last patch .
  9. Dorsen

    Multiple Monitors

    None of the suggestions work for me. To play WoWs, I first have to disable SLI/Surround with ctrl+s, then go into Nvidia control panel to make my center monitor the active one (my center monitor is monitor 1, so I have no clue why it selects monitor 2 as the primary one). Too much hassle for me, but I have other games I can play.
  10. Dorsen

    Multiple Monitors

    Same here. Running WoWs in windowed mode, but I have three monitors and two 970s in SLI. No servers in the list, so I can't play...
  11. Title says it all! When will the ranked battles be back? I miss them!
  12. I think I finally got this to work. I had to use Nvidia Inspector to get this done. Here's my procedure: 1: Disable Nvidia Surround (you'll turn it back on later) in Nvidia Control Panel. 2: In Nvidia Control Panel, under "Manage 3D settings", select "worldofwarships.exe" (add it first if it isn't there), scroll down to "Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration" and set this to "Single display performance mode". Click "Apply" and exit Nvidia Control Panel. 3: Start WoWs. At this point, I still had flickering in the game, but we're only here for the video settings for now. Set the different settings how you want them, including the video settings (they won't be visible later on, so you'll have to do it now). When you're done, exit the game. 4: Open Nvidia Inspector. Click the tool icon to the right of "Driver version" and in the window that pops up, select the "World of Warships" profile. Scroll down to the "SLI" section, and find "Number of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode". Set this value to "SLI_GPU_COUNT_ONE". Leave the other settings as they are. Then click the "Apply changes" button in the top right corner of the window. Exit Nvidia Inspector. 5: Run WoWs and blow ship up (pun intended)! I hope I didn't miss any steps and that this will help at least some of you. I've had to run WoWs in windowed mode until now because I didn't want to change my Nvidia Surround and SLI settings every time I wanted to play, For now, this seems to work fine.
  13. Since when was the Pensacola garbage? Stock, sure, it can be a pain, but upgraded, it's very good!
  14. Rarely do I see cruiser captains actively try to protect battleships, at least after the first couple of minutes of a battle. So how can we get those pesky cruisers () to want to stay with their heavier comrades? I haven't been to these forums for a while, so this may have been suggested before. Anyway, here it goes: If a battleship is inside a cruiser's AA range and that cruiser shoots down a bomber or torpedo bomber (this does not apply to fighters), the cruiser gets an extra XP and credit award for that aircraft kill (compared to a regular aircraft kill). Maybe even more credits and XP if said aircraft are on a bombing\torpedo run. I'm not talking about thousands of XP here, just a small amount, but still enough for cruisers to want to stay closer to their BBs. If that isn't enough, how about an award? Kill X bombers\torp bombers when a BB is inside the cruiser captain's AA range, and the captain gets the award! Are there any downsides to something like this? I sure don't see them... Maybe WG does...
  15. Not much compared with the aliens around here, but I was very satisfied with this result: