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  1. Ruffnecks

    Match making with Winrate

    Oke so the thing you say now means everyone who does not has a winrate of 50% played in not equall teames! so all who are not 50% is not Skilled that diff? And why to change the mm, Because a lot of people rather play against or with a team who is same skilled like them or better then them to get better and to learn and not to play 80% of the times with or against a team who are very poor skilled. They should play their own MM and get better their instead of being punished by every hit. And grind Up slowly. But yes the seal clubber who dont whant this because of his win rate. But if youre good you also win also against same skilled opponents
  2. Ruffnecks

    Match making with Winrate

    dont know why not, If you give every team 1 player with 60+ win rate, 1 or 2 players with 55-60% winrate, then the most like 6 of them round 50+, and the others below 50, or maybe 1 player above 50% wirate and all the rest between 45% and 50%. on both teams then it would be better ballanced and skilled. no you got a team who got all or nothing these days
  3. Ruffnecks

    Match making with Winrate

    No i dont think so if youre good you will progress ans stay on the top, And i know youre all afraid of youre win rate but who is good will stay good only they have to work for it now. And who is bad stays bad and some will improve and get better and some will lower then they needed to be. but this would be a more spreaded mm then what its now
  4. Ruffnecks

    Match making with Winrate

    I disagree a bit, true what all will come much more together but people can learn from it if better players are with them and also players of same skill against them now its or lost in 3 min or win in 3 min. But i know youre heading protecting the 10% base execcelnt player. Because now they come across players of their skill 2 so it makes sense for both i think to fight each other. These days its simple if you got good platoon with desecent or good players on youre side most of time you will win easily nobody learn from this yes the good players because their win rate stays. I Think this will be the best mm, no one will be protected anymore and everybody had to do his skill to win. also for players with very low win rate its better if yhey play aginst same so they can have also fun and nog being destroyed in 1 shot by making a mistake. Btw this is how i see it and i know everybody have and other idea of mm
  5. Ruffnecks

    Match making with Winrate

    Hello fellow captians, i wonderd why doesnt WG make the MM with just only the Winrate perameters of everybody so the both teams goth the same winrate guys. I know they have complicated system know and some find it oke some find it bad. They will also make laugh of this but why. Ruffnecks
  6. Ruffnecks

    Wij van U-F-G zoeken leden

    Goede dag sailors. Wij zijn een nieuw gestarte clan met vrienden aangezien de vorige clan niet mee groeide aan onze verwachtingen willen we het nu zelf proberen. We zoeken leden die ons kunnen verder helpen met clan wars, we willen niet te groot zijn in het begin dus iedereen een kans geven, ook spelers die enkel tijdens de clan battle seizoenen willen meedoen zijn welkom. Heb je een winrate van of rond de 50% en heb je ervaring met clan battles, dan kan je ons altijd een invite of ingame chat sturen. We will voornamelijk eerst kijken naar NL - Be spelers en later als we zien dat dit niet haalbaar is naar internationale talen. Ruffnecks
  7. Hello fellow commanders, We belgium and maybe other country player have the issue with the belgium goverment that loot boxes are forbidden to be sold. For now ith the second year in row we cant get those nice deal about the blakc friday 11 containers for 250 doubloons each wich is a great deal for what you can get. I hoped after last year WG would do something about this problem but i can still be dreaming WG wont help his community with this problem even if the Solution is very simpel. For all the country where this is a problem add New tokens, We can buy with the amount needed for the container like now 250 doubloons and we get 1 token or so, with that token we can start to unlock the containers. Problem solved i Guess. We know now what we get for our money tokens so for the gouverment the problem is solved i quess we dont buy straight ahead loot boxes what they see as gambling. Ruffnecks
  8. Ruffnecks

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    The only solution Wg can add for Belfium and other players who have this problem is to add tokens what we can buy with the amount for 1 container and after that we can exchange those tokens for the rewards on that way Wg avoid the rules about lootboxes because i know what ik get for my money and that are Tokens.
  9. Ruffnecks

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    Sure i can buy but why should i do that is there is a chance i can get one from 250 doubloons? And why should i spent more money at ridiculoius pricez if they cant help to find a solution for this
  10. Ruffnecks

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    Dear captains, We as belgium players and maybe other cant buy those loos boxes for 250 doubloons because our goverment ia against the loot boxes, i can understand. But Why dont WG make a possibility that we can buy them on a other way like we now can buy ships for doubloons or something. This is a problem who is already their for more then 1 year and WG dont do anything to help our playerbase. I find this absurd that such a big company cant find a solution for this ruffnecks
  11. Ruffnecks

    Send Message after battle

    Is there a possibility to add the screen send message after the battle inmeaditaly instead before adding them to the contacts list first. Greetings ruffnecks
  12. Ruffnecks

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    I don't know if you play this long but yes its true youre a flooting duck against dd's and cv's in a bb but those you can shoot when spotted or do something against, in this way you cant do a thing against subs they should give all a methode to shoot at the subs, and in a bb you can defeat a dd by changing direction constant but you don't get that I think and against cv you can protect yourself by staying together. On this way the Subs are now it not balanced to get them in random game
  13. Ruffnecks

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    Good morning Like many of of you all would know or have seen, its not recommended to unleash this in random battle. Hopefully they will add a new mode for this but atm even in a new mode it is not ready in my opinion to go online. When youre dd's of light cruisers are killed you are doomed it isn't possible to kill those subs anymore if they don't come to the surface. Or you would give all sort possibility to kill the subs or only let them in a mode with other subs and light cruisers. Second of all a battle takes very long know if you have 1 or 2 subs who aint visible and only run, you have to wait till the time run out or to complete the cap points. A dd can also run but mostly you know his last know position or a cv could spot or find him what is nearly impossible with subs. And least the dmg they can do without notification or spotted normally when a ping whas activated a ship would find him through sonar so they would know he is around now we don't get any warning. Also the dmg they do against the dmg we can do against them with those Depth charges is completely unbalanced. You need to much Depth charges to do any damage. The game play of subs is nice I like they did well but they are overpowered I would not recommend them in random battles without having all ships the possibility to find and shoot at them. Also when they ping I think the ship needs to get a short info but nothing more, or the located image. Then you should also better let mines into the game to counterplay them
  14. Ruffnecks