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  1. Nov_A

    Naval Station....

    Newport is really bad with randoms or multiple people that dont know what do. I played it a few times to test out a T6 when it was available and to get the full reward, but overall Narai is the much better option for grinding. If you are interested in having a few successful runs or just get the 5 stars, check out the ingame channel for operations. They mostly play Narai because of previously mentioned reasons, but sometimes you also find a competent team, willing to help. For Newport itself, stay inside the bay area as a BB and make your salvos on enemy cruisers count. A competent CV will provide constant spots on approaching enemies, until the Izumo shows up. Cruisers main job is HE spam Izumo in range, counter DDs and like the CV on regular targets, slowing them down with torps. (Bots try to dodge hard and will change their course). The most difficult part in the OP is to not let bots enter the coastal area and the most time groups fail because cruisers dont manage their HP and either die or need to retreat out of effective range for repairs. For CV, provide spots on the spawn locations and pick off low HP targets that are close to enter. Turn faster ships off their course with torps, forcing them to broadside and delay their approach. As soon as Izumo appears, start setting fires and floods, until she gets into range of your cruisers.
  2. Also saw him a few days ago in a group of friendos playing T5, I was in the opposite team.
  3. Nov_A

    WTF random battle.

    T3 to T5, unusual times or low player count online. Had a game like that yesterday, did 60k dmg and got a high caliber. Nothing that strange, once I had a 3v3 during night times. 1 CV, 1 BB and 1 DD. T4 is an absolute mess.
  4. Used the tokens from the directive, 4 tries - no sheep. I was not even disappointed because not only am I not interested in those ships, I also was not expecting any or had some kind of attitude of deserving one by RNG. It is free, it is nice to have, thats about it for me. I will surely finish the directives by regular activity, if I could wish for a ship, it would be the T7 to finish the specific missions in Narai and get everything from the event, without additional effort.
  5. Nov_A

    wrong ship purchased by another family member

    Probably no chance, especially since battles got played with it. Customer support is often very tolerant with restoring wrong purchases (as long it can be restored) from the armory or a current example, wrong boxes bought. Yet they only did it for unopened boxes and unplayed ships. Try a ticket, but as already mentioned, I dont think this is going to work.
  6. Nov_A

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    People dropping Missouris and here I am, sitting on a stack of Zulu flags. Had a daily resource container that turned out to be a SC, also two SCs from the personal campaigns.
  7. Nov_A

    AA gun sounds

    yamato_gun_sound. mp3
  8. Same. My goal was playing as much as I like and hopefully get the Gorizia to do some additional missions for containers and the free T6 with her. For the PR grind I never expected to get the ship, I don't even want it. My goal is the mega crate and 3 days of additional premium, everything above is just nice to have.
  9. Nov_A

    WG clearly dont get role of CV in naval warfare

    But there are fighters on T6 and up. They are just a bit useless and don't really provide cover.
  10. Nov_A

    Ark Royal is it the best T6 CV?

    I did not like her at the start but after a few games she is actually pretty enjoyable and manages to keep up well.
  11. Nov_A

    Need some help for optimal CV commander skills

    brb reskilling 95% of my Captains
  12. Nov_A

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    To get a bit back on topic, due to some WG shenanigans I played on my other account as a new player, mostly BBs like Ishizuchi and Scharnhorst. Realizing I was not really fit for higher tiers I kept on T4, playing around with some nationally different BBs. It was quite fun, had some guys taking me by the hand and teaching me the game, but it went downhill fast with the massive increase of CVs and that phase of multiple Karlsruhe bots per side. (Not WG-Bots, real bot accounts in randoms) The games were no fun and quite unbearable, so I switched to T5 and T6 but the game constantly told me I was missing basics because in most ships above T4 I got whacked. It was really frustrating because I actually wanted to learn the game, watched tutorials, streams, asked in the forum, etc. but in the end I was trapped in this cycle of either learning it the hard way in thousands of higher tier battles, or enduring the pain in T4. After 50'000 games in WoT I was definetly not up for that and the final straw was a free Kaga from the "Fly, Strike & Win" event. She was fun to play in Co-Op and as the wallet walls were already broken I bought an Enterprise on my original account. Sometimes I played here, sometimes on the other account but in the end I decided for myself that playing CV was much more fun and I would keep going on there. Sure, it is kind of cheeky to say T4 meta is bad because of the CVs - and then play them myself. But I can absolutely relate if other players, be they good, bad or whatever do the same. The game has a big learning curve and the current meta for beginners does its best to make it as painful as possible. Some skip by money, others endure - and some just switch to CVs.
  13. Nov_A

    Your favorite captain...

    From the weeb captains I only have the free Azuma and Hood, both more on the pleasent side of listening to. Some of the others seriously tend to be a bit annoying or distracting from what I heard in the voice settings and streams/vids.
  14. Nov_A

    Wacky Premium ideas.

    I have a super silly one, a CV with no torpedo bombers, a bit faster planes and a steel deck.
  15. Nov_A

    Indomitable in the shop

    I have all the premium CVs, yet the Indomitable really does not look interesting to me. Maybe next Christmas.