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  1. Nov_A

    A final question for moderators/CMs

    A final question for moderators/CMs: "How's that WG schmeat tasting, buddy?" jk I love the mods <3
  2. Nov_A

    Is WG milking us out?

  3. Nov_A

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    Pete would respond with "Uhm akshually" and explain how other people uploaded more data volume, which means you are wrong and he not a contrarian.
  4. Nov_A

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    You forgot the "Me" option.
  5. Nov_A

    Lets all move to Fastmotions forum

    I said no.
  6. Nov_A

    Lets all move to Fastmotions forum

  7. The mine spacing is pretty generous but sadly victim to RNG. You can have multiple, passable paths, even under pressure - or literally be walled from moving. In the PTS and ST, the mines had twice the damage of ~9200, which they halved in the live iteration but changed other aspects.
  8. Nov_A

    The solution for correct gameplay is..

    > Drops words of wisdom > Refuses to elaborate > Deletes account and leaves
  9. Bruh zone thread I heard from others that the T5-T7 are quite the stinkers, since I never played them due to early access skip, but Split is pretty decent as a T8 DD, despite the competition. I am playing her in Concealed Maneuvers and she does pretty well against almost anything. Sure you cant 1v1 a Fantasque, Kidd or Cossack, but clever use of consumables, your team, etc. yield quite the results, already 100k in with green bosters. I hope the T9 will be somewhere between Split and D A N Z I G, which I also heard a lot about, nearly exclusively positive and borderline OP in division play. Just throw some Free-XP at the mid tiers and grind the missions T8 plus. Common practice of WG to realease yikes lines with a strong T10, maybe a hidden gem down the line but they want people to be active during early access events, aka all the time or invest Free-XP to skip atrocious grinds with some dangling T10 carrot.
  10. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

  11. Nov_A

    Enjoy your new game mode :)

    Nooooo, not the heccin cruiserinos!
  12. Nov_A

    Enjoy your new game mode :)

    Today I grinded out the remaining 70k on Shimanto in this mode. Def AA and AA flag, triple div and honestly, I expected worse. In 10 games I had a single mine encounter and apparently good mine RNG because there was a straight path through the field. Otherwise CVs were not that much of an issue, good ones can be calculated or avoid me, bad ones get farmed. One game I had 56 plane kills and 2450 base XP, I got 7 to 10k per game with green boosters. The few solo games I did earlier (in Shimanto and Cleveland) were bad and unpleasant. I guess as long as I can emotionally pressure and abuse other people into concealed maneuver division cohesion, I will grind out the Allende and maybe the Split. My biggest gripe so far is the playerbase, it is fun to wipe some 38% Kikachu but once you rely on their vision because both enemy CVs at least have hands it is a straight out eye rolling bowling tournament. Twice I had a friendly CV actually smoking useful, which was nice. Big Blussi 4 out of 10 mode, unless you are prone to mouth foaming, then it should be avoided.
  13. Nov_A

    Enjoy your new game mode :)

    Technically, yes. In practice, not really. The problem is the map pool and bad CV players, some maps are too big to make NCs or Amagis with spotterplanes work, some are smaller but have the usual, convenient island in the back. Bad CV players will just reverse, run away, abandon the game, etc. which makes it more complicated and it is just more effective to not play the mode.
  14. Nov_A

    Enjoy your new game mode :)

  15. Nov_A

    Enjoy your new game mode :)

    > Convoy and Asymetric Battles, two modes heavily catered towards BBs without much inducement to play anything else I sleep. > Concealed Maneuvers, specifically implemented to test new CV mechanics without much inducement to play anything else REAL SHEET?