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  1. Nov_A

    Why are some players hiding statistics?

    This user's comment is private.
  2. Nov_A

    Weird...two things

    You get a super container at access level 8 as a new player.
  3. Nov_A

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    Who could guess that it wasnt the CVs, the subs, the superships or technical issues - it was the playerbase all along!
  4. Nov_A

    Favourite Premium

    Me like Graf Zeppelin and Löwenhardt
  5. Nov_A

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    B-But "WG bad" man sad it is OP?!
  6. Nov_A

    Show CV's some love

    Dis gon b gud
  7. le angery content creator faec Like, comment and subscribe, dont forget to follow his onlyfans.
  8. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    "Its okay, but the usual suspects are just better"
  9. Once I saw my second account online, even tho I am the only one with access. Very spooky.
  10. Nov_A

    Narai and the State of Operations

    Narai is still the top spot for grinding T7 if you dont want to go into randoms. I have grinded out every T7 (except DDs and the new Rooke) in this game by playing it and got no regerts. Compared to other people I only play in an organized group, which maximizes the XP yield on cruisers, while BBs are comfy mode to play. It can get brain numbing when played too much, but usually I watch a podcast or something on the side.
  11. Nov_A

    T8 prem CV for ranked/cb

    It is the same as usual. Dont have/Cant get Enterprise? Play Lexi or Shokaku. Has to be a premium? Get Kaga or Chkalov. Chkalov got nerfed recently and you can definitely feel it. Since you plan to play ranked mostly, I would personally recommend Kaga or just go with the tech tree ones. Chaka was and still is very good at farming bad players, people stuck nose in, etc. but this is less the case in ranked. You are also quite bad at keeping targets spotted which does not really make up for the dice roll on HE bombs when it comes to DDs. Kaga has the somewhat same struggle on her HE bombs against DDs but it is on the more reliable and less "0 or 8000dmg" side, while you can keep them spotted, go high IQ with the torps or just resort to Zeros. Hornet is definitely the worst choice, even tho a certain 48% player in the forum (and in his own forum, lel) claims otherwise. The gimmick is nice and all, but it does not make up for the general shortcomings you have to the other T8 CVs. Saipan is a mixed bag, some people love it, others hate it. Personally I would like to love it, but I cant make it work and I would generally not advise it as first premium CV, same for Indomitable and Aquila. If you are conflicted on what to pick, I would highly recommend to just do some Lexington or Shokaku games in ranked if you have those available and T8 CV ranked comes back on.
  12. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    He is still grinding the Ryujo.
  13. Nov_A

    "Which Cruiser?" For Completing Campaigns

    Generally, any cruiser line will do. The issue is, some missions require your T8-10 cruiser to have torps or be of a specific nation, others are just quantity and can be sped up by having good fire chance, kiting ability/armor, etc. Overall, I think the IJN cruisers will do, but you will need USN high tier cruisers to finish the campaigns, if you go that way. Since Buffalo and Seattle are kinda meh, Des Moines seems like the best choice.
  14. Nov_A

    WG don't want you to see this.

    I clicked and got a virus.
  15. Nov_A

    Summer Days Event

    I do not understand this event and cant be bothered to read it up. Also I do not care and wont spend any money, dubloons or community tokens. less gooooo