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  1. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    Stop changing avatars, I need to update the meme again.
  2. Nov_A

    Controversial, but...

    I think most people actually like "the game" but generally dislike WGs backside cactae shovings.
  3. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    Guess that makes premium CVs a good investment?
  4. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    Do you also throw 40-50 planes at a specific player and ignore everything else? It was about the ability of personal player harassement/focus and not plane factories.
  5. Yes. No. Maybe. You can basically get the T4 to T7 for free with an additional camouflage for the latter, barely making it for the special camo on the T8, depending on your additional missions. This also means you have no free access to the T8 and T9, because you cant earn enough tokens. The only way to obtain them is by luck via your first random drop for 1500 dubloons, which includes the possibility of spending real money. If you dont care and only pick up what you can on the side, the offer is pretty good. In evey other case it is just a pretty shady and vicious business practice.
  6. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    *teleports behind you*
  7. Nov_A

    Poll: Ignis Purgatio vs Hizen

  8. Nov_A

    General CV related discussions.

    Where to find Unicum CV footage? Preferably solo Shokek, YouTube and Twitch offer little to nothing, Replays are bugged beyond madness anyways.
  9. Cant they put the graphic designers in charge of balancing and gameplay?
  10. Nov_A

    Henri IV worth the grind?

    I heard this the second time already in combination with the Henri, what the hecc is a lighthouse build?