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  1. Ragnarox


    Omg kick him WG kick him, kick him for telling the truth.
  2. Ragnarox


    I followed flamu for few years, he gave excellent reviews of ships I wanted to buy or not to buy. He thought me some things in wows so I have much of respect for him. He maybe little toxic lately (cause he loves and plays the game more than any wg employee and i understand him completely) but he was telling the truth, new commander skills are garbage, CV are OP, secondaries are garbage... WG can do what they want but their mistake is not to listen their community cause they live cause of paying customers, if you bite hand that feeds you than you know whats coming next. I have little or no interest to play anymore like I used to, many players feel the same way. Only one streamer left which is ok is Flambass but hes gradually also losing interest cause of this revamp... so if ppl losing interest whos fault is that?
  3. Ragnarox

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    Too late for some players that left game already. So the income has drastically decreased i suppose?, wg should know better and listen to their gaming comunity. Graphic update will bring some back if combined with dead eye removal, except if the new skill will be op again. Replace dead eye with secondary buff skill and ppl will brawl again. Cant wait to play pommern again if that happens. But I dont trust wg.
  4. Ragnarox

    Fun is no more, BORING!

    So the income has decreased drastically that they are removing dead eye....saddly most of ppl turned away, they better put that graphic update with that dead eye removal so ppl can go back, but damage has been done.
  5. Ragnarox

    Poll: Ignis Purgatio vs Hizen

    I wish I had missouri.
  6. Ragnarox

    Thunderer bugged?

    Its not bugged, you must be in 10-15km range to get fires working, sniping from 25k doesent work cause shells lose kerosene and dont explode. You should fight closer like 5-15km.
  7. Ragnarox

    Cruisers no longer have a role

    Well he took 2 kills from someone else cause those targets were like 1000 hp left and he rammed into someone and he said everything is fine, cruisers are fine, deadeye is fine xD logic :D
  8. Ragnarox

    Cruisers no longer have a role

    From what ive seen you came closer your azuma gets filled with 20-30k dmg, and you stayed at 24km sniping everything? so you call that good? 3 kills with azuma, took someone elses 2 kills and rammed another one. :)
  9. Ragnarox

    Cruisers no longer have a role

    I tried to play with my alaska or agir, if i play sniping it is soo boring if I come close I get torpedized by 4 DDs every game or I get sniped to death by thunderer, jean bart x2 every game. I played pommern and Georgia as brawler and now i just cant brawl i die before i even come close to anyone. I just give up, this game become crap time to pause for 1 or 2 years until wg loses money and change their stupid update.
  10. I have massa , pommern, agir and georgia, played them with secondary build cause I bought them for that, and now i need to play as a sniper while they were advertised as brawlers. So what now WG? You practically sold me garbage. You advertised something and then what, took it away, this is false advertising. I hope you go bankrupt this year.
  11. Ragnarox

    Rollback when ?

    guys they dont care, they will now give us shiny little sniping BBs or DD's with 300mm guns for reasonable price of 50-100€. They already took enough money with december lockboxes :)
  12. Ragnarox

    Garbage gameplay

    Yes you destroyed brawling, enjoy snipe fest and russian sniping kremlin balance. I am out.
  13. Ragnarox

    Commander Skills Update

    So Agir will have again standard secondary range of 7KM? or its still only garbage at 5KM base?
  14. Ragnarox

    ARP Yamato, your opinion

    actually I dont care about p2w or p2L....there are 3 types of ppl playing this game: 1st: usually grinders that grind for everything and complain for every ship that came in wows shop. (70% ppl) 2nd: ppl who plays casualy and here and there buy some ship that they seem to like. (20%) 3nd: ppl who dont have time to play 24/7 to grind for any kind of ship and they pay with their money for a ship of their choice thus supporting game development. (10%) I am 3rd type of ppl. I would like more perma camos for cash if possible WG. I have the money. (bring back Iron Cross for pommern, would gladly pay 20€ !!)
  15. Ragnarox

    Accuracy of Thunderer vs Georgia

    georgia has 6 guns, mostly will overpen everything and you must aim carefully or you will do 1500 dmg shots often. I dont like the guns. too rng.