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  1. Buff Siegfried torps to 12km, change 380mm with 420mm guns, 24 sec reload, 14k dmg. I dont need secondaries.
  2. Ragnarox

    How good is game with CVs and subs... ??!!

    This game becomes the crap, I needed to dodge torps from dd and CV and now i need to worry about another torp crap, why not give nuclear strike also?.....lol good bye game.
  3. Ragnarox

    did they broke Siegfried?

    Well from what I've saw this patch they broke Siegfried guns, terrible dispersion, my Alaska has better. 380mm guns now feels like I am driving a Pommern.
  4. Ragnarox

    did they broke Siegfried?

    Well I am playing only Siegfried for months, but I noticed very bad dispersion, but shells go no where near I aim for. I can compare shell dispersion to Pommern, and that ship has really bad guns....
  5. After this patch I am getting weird BB dispersion shots all around. Did they broke our guns? Never seen such bad dispersion and accuracy in this ship.
  6. Napoli is here. Buff Siegfried secondaries, torpedos to 10k range, buff armor. Its freaking research ship and so underwhelming compared to your p2w ships.
  7. Ragnarox

    Reclassify Siegfried

    or give 12km torp range, that would be new and fresh :P
  8. Can we get this camo someday for Siegfried? It would look good on him.
  9. Ragnarox

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    DDs have higher impact yes, put smoke, spam fire, you won. Cruisers can be deleted faster than any DD. Never seen someone oneshot DDs but seen and did oneshot cruisers alot.
  10. Ragnarox

    Just wanna share my progress

    Well after grinding for research b. I just dont like slow shells and high arcs of usa cruisers and I just play with Agir cause I will buy Siegfried soon. German shells are so much faster and I hit things better. Alaska is really good but I just cant get used to bad arcs and slow shells after 4x researchimg same 2 tier cruisers.
  11. Ragnarox

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    Yes, and 8 cruisers, Cruisers are op, nobody plays them cause they are easy.
  12. Ragnarox

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    I would give them 20k base range and 50% increased velocity and 16 torps each side. And then we all can play them.
  13. Ragnarox

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    Yup, dd's are balanced and underpowered that's why nobody plays them. Buff dd's more.
  14. Ragnarox

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    My problem with DD: They can shoot from smoke being undetected - seems broken. Smoke should be defensive ability not def and off ability. 4,5 DDs per t9 match. They have too much concealment. Torpedoes torpedoes everywhere, in 90% cases DDs are hunting cruisers and that should be other way around.
  15. Ragnarox

    To much destroyers in ranked?!

    DDs are problem in ranked and unranked, in ranked you can get 2,3 in unranked 4 DDs, and mostly of my time I am fighting ghosts in mist and torpedoes.