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  1. SV_Kompresor

    for what work they take in WG a salary!!

    Oh I'm sorry, was the number 4 next to it not clear enough for you? Or whatever button you have it set to.
  2. SV_Kompresor

    Unplayable game

    There are other options too, let's not cater only to bad players.
  3. SV_Kompresor

    Unplayable game

    I'm gonna be honest. I don't think radars have been a problem for like 2 years now and CVs, while definitely a threat, can usually be played around (as long as they don't carry any HE dive bombers). All you have to do is time you being spotted by planes with you being in a good position. I do find subs very annoying though even in a DD.
  4. SV_Kompresor

    [Solved] Match rigging in WoWs? (probalby not)

    It is not. I have yet to meet someone who I could comfortably consider as using these types of cheats.
  5. SV_Kompresor

    [Solved] Match rigging in WoWs? (probalby not)

    And these cheats make those players far more dangerous how exactly? Trash players will at best get almost below average, average players very slightly above average while good players are already better than people using cheats.
  6. SV_Kompresor

    [Solved] Match rigging in WoWs? (probalby not)

    Probably should've said "ineffective" instead.
  7. SV_Kompresor

    [Solved] Match rigging in WoWs? (probalby not)

    That's not what he's talking about. You really are a conspiracy theorist. Also didn't you say you were gonna leave? What's up with that? It's not impossible that it was a sync drop, but like you said, these things are very rare. And it's even more uncommon to pull it off successfully multiple times due to the things you've mentioned. I have actually met the same division from my clan multiple times in the same day once (3 times if memory serves) without sync dropping, though not in a row. And since we won every time and one of the players in the other div was a streamer, he was kind enough to accuse us of stream sniping. I still even have the discord logs of him acusing us.
  8. SV_Kompresor

    General CV related discussions.

    But they are midway's strongest weapon against DDs. I would've assumed that someone that hates DDs would've liked them. Especially in comparisson with bombers of other lines which can struggle with it.
  9. SV_Kompresor


    Oh look, a deep_sharks's alt.
  10. SV_Kompresor

    Inflated winrates

  11. SV_Kompresor

    Inflated winrates

    In this case, that's supposed to refer to stat padding by seal clubbing, which you don't.
  12. SV_Kompresor

    Inflated winrates

    And do you have any specific examples of players here on the forum being "non "big league"" players? I'm honestly curious.
  13. Because using it as nothing but an event shp is too difficult.
  14. SV_Kompresor

    Inflated winrates

    Vs I'm pretty sure none here would consider it offensive if you did. Please do. Well...at least until you realise that the skill floor for haku is even higher.
  15. SV_Kompresor

    Mod station does not work. why ??

    Does aslain's update automatically yet like modstation does? The last time I checked it didn't but that's been a while back. If it doesn't I'll stick with modstation for now.