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  1. Iowa, its hull & is it worth it?

    Iowa is one of the best BBs in the game, both for its tier and as BBs go overall. It is an amazing ship but it's not without some drawbacks. It's quite accurate for a battleship It's very vast Has good AA if you spec into it Decent armor when angled What you have to watch out for though is that it's a lot bigger than the NC and therefore much less maneouverable. When I first got it I hated it, but it soon became one of my favorite BBs in the game.
  2. Tier V now what

    Go for the heavy cruiser line (the pensacola one). I believe theh are much easier to play, especially for new players because they have slightly more armor and much better guns I can't speak for the dallas or the helena, but personally I find cleveland to be really crappy, especially if you don't have IFHE, while all heavy cruisers are amazing due to their monster AP damage.
  3. Match results delay

    I haven't encountered that problem myself, but then again wows is about as optimised as a car is optimised for sailing on water so it's not really suprising, although I did have a really weird experience today. The port lag for some inside job reason decided that I clicked to join the eagles even though I clicked on the sharks, so there's that.
  4. I'll be ignoring ships from tier 8 and up since you're a beginner, but for me personally the non premium/non event ships that I consider to be really good are: Clemson = The little monster that can fire 6 guns at a target at tier 4 can outgun just about anything it meets, plus it has preferential matchmaking. Kongo = A fast battlecruiser with massive range for its tier and decent accuracy. Myoko = A heavy hitting cruiser with quite decent armor actually Mahan = An all around good gunboat Also yeah, I suggest you steer clear of any british ships until you gather some more battles. Their cruisers are a pain in the butt to learn, so they aren't really beginner friendly, while their battleships tend to teach you the wrong playstyle if you choose them as your first full line.
  5. Shell weight

    Damn I'm so stupid....what came over my head lol?...Honestly I don't even know which ship I meant...maybe it was the hindy or the zao yes, my bad
  6. Chime sound

    Could be the one that indicates your guns are loaded...I think...but it tends to just basically become background noise so I usually don't even hear it
  7. Shell weight

    The heavier the shells, the less speed they lose mid flight. Compare Des moines to other cruisers for example. Most have the same caliber guns and a relatively similar HE initial shell velocity, but on the DM the shells are considered to be really slow.
  8. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Well, at least our arguments hold truth in them
  9. Question to BB players

    Well? You spec into a full secondary build....the fireworks are what makes it all worth the terrible guns
  10. Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    I haven't met any cheaters in my....what... 3? years of wows experience
  11. My WGC doesn't work

    What about checking the game integrity like Aragathor suggested? Or rather reinstalling the game center instead of the game
  12. My WGC doesn't work

    For a temporary workaround you can just launch the game directly using the exe file.
  13. Freemium Ships

    I believe Alaska is going to be a freemium soon.
  14. Sharks and eagles camo

    Yes, it will