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  1. domen3

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    Nope..I haven't. I was actually one of those that "noticed" how unreliable missouri's guns were compared to the iowa, but now they seem to be quite alright. The only logical explanation I can think of is that I became out of touch with how to play iowa class battleships and slowly got back into it. Maybe the same thing happened to you.
  2. domen3

    Advice needed, tier X and some spicy soup

    Oh my sweet belter friend...that's just how it is. Don't give up. Personally I didn't really like GK because of its size and poor firing arcs, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Just keep on trying. I'm gonna let you in on my dirty little secret....My favorite tier 10 BB so far is the (oh so weak, pls buff WG, such crappy citadel) yamato. But seriously though....you shouldn't play tier 10 just because it's tier 10. Play it because you enjoy it and that means finding a tier 10 ship you like. I suggest going to the PTS next time it's active. There you can usually test many different ships.
  3. domen3

    Uncover the truth mission

    Well this is interesting
  4. domen3

    Russian destroyers concealment/HP

    Well, IJN gunboats are completely overpowered when compared to other DDs, so yeah...not much point in discussing them, that being said, I never really had a problem with kiev's low HP....I find it to be an amazing ship, tashkent even more so. Trust me, if you like this playstyle, you'll love the kiev. The only thing I'd do with soviet DDs is improving their torpedo range to 5km to make them at least somewhat usable, and giving khaba 8km because....6km at tier 10? Seriously?
  5. domen3


    It's possible that it's a clan base discount
  6. domen3

    Few things from the new player

    There is also a mod that reduces texture quality even further for low end PCs
  7. domen3

    TST is a drama.

    Why not get more silver then?
  8. domen3

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I find the CV 2.0 to be an interesting concept. At first I really didn't like it, but after I got the hang of it, it became really fun...Certainly a lot more fun than the old concept. I like the new AA. I like that it isn't just RNG but you actually have to dodge flak bubbles to survive. The plane gameplay (aside from torpedo bombers) is quite fun and requires you to carefully choose the type of plane you're going to use to attack the target. It is extremely confusing at first though (it took me several games to realise Ryujo actually had DW torps), but I got the hang of it after a couple more battles, at which point I started liking the concept. The balance is nonexistent ofcourse, but that isn't the point of this test. The problems however are quite numerous. Firstly, you can't control your CV directly if your planes are in the air. This makes it almost impossible to survive being spotted, also the CVs are far, and I mean far too vulnerable to any sort of damage (but that again is a balancing issue). The next thing are fighters. While useful, you can't provide cover to your allies, unless you decide to send your bombers their way and activate the ability, therefore wasting your time, which you could use on attacking instead. Also, the view range for returning empty aircraft should be either reduced or removed completely, because you can spot pretty much the entire map with just planes that are returning to your CV. One more thing: Maybe, just maybe it would be nice if we were actually told how to use the AA sector system. I just happened to figure out that you can activate it with cedilla or O from some random notser video I happened to stumble across.
  9. domen3

    CV Rework is the killing blow

    Well, you are using stats (which are all completely irrelevant to this whole discussion) to try and counter other peoples' claims. In most discussions this means you've run out of arguments. Acting like an arse doesn't help either
  10. domen3

    CV Rework is the killing blow

    The actual difference in power between Iowa and missouri isn't that different and is also irrelevant as you'd need to grind the free xp for missouri even if you didn't have the iowa. I honestly don't remember montana getting nerfed (though if it did it was probably deserved), I do remember it getting buffed though. Again, don't remember the nerf, I do remember the buff though...And it is still a very good ship. Hakuryu/midway are both still OP in the right hands and useless in the wrong ones, so....not much has changed there. If you think that worcester makes des moines obsolete, that means that you've either not played either of these, or you just don't know how to play the DM.
  11. domen3

    5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Oh yeah...a pitty I didn't have any high tier IJN DDs at the time
  12. I think they just need to make the port UI less messy (not like that's gonna happen any time soon considering their past dealings with the UI). By itself the port is actually really simple to understand, but it does throw a lot of information at the player at once which can confuse them. Better grouping of different informations (like missions and news) would most likely make it a lot easier for players.
  13. domen3

    Relearning the game

    If you want to get some good beginner videos on youtube just search for "world of warships tutorial" or something similar. One of the better types of videos is the Ichase's "Captain's Academy", so try watching some of these videos. Some may be slightly out of date, but they are still relevant. For example: Here's a list of pros and cons for different ship lines you might want to take a look at. If you're not comfortable playing battleships, I suggest trying cruisers first. The best ones to start with in my opinion are the Japanese cruisers. They have decent guns, armor and concealment for cruisers at all tiers. The second line I'd recommend would be either the German line or the US heavy cruiser line. Both can be good for a beginner. If you try playing destroyers I suggest you start with the US destroyer line. They are the most well rounded of them all. Decent torpedoes, guns and concealment. They're right in the middle of it all. The lines to avoid at first would be: British light cruisers: They have absolutely no armor, or HE shells. They rely on their smoke very often and require the most skill to play out of all cruiser lines. Try to leave these for when you have more experience. Soviet destroyers: Can be a pain for new players because of their horrible concealment. US light cruisers: Though very powerful, their slow shells require quite a bit of skill when aiming at moving targets past 14km. At the moment? The "more resources" ones, as I'm gathering my coal to buy a tier 9 or a possibly tier 10 coal ship. Otherwise I almost always take the more consumables one as it saves quite a bit of credits, with the ocasional try your luck. Also a bit of shameless self advertisment: If you happen to be looking for a clan in which you can recieve clan bonuses but do not require to do anything clan related (like clan battles) other than contribute some oil once in a while, be sure to let me know.
  14. domen3