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  1. domen3

    French Cruisers worth it?

  2. domen3

    Old NavyField player needs advice

    Not really. Tier 9 non premium/freemium ships have higher repair costs than tier 8. So if you're equally good in both ships you should make more money on a tier 8 than a tier 9
  3. domen3

    A place for everyone.

    Might aswell do a wows version of rocket league then
  4. domen3

    Old NavyField player needs advice

    Missouri>Tier 9 freemiums>tier 8 premiums/tier10freemiums>tier 7 premiums>any ship you're good at. Premium effectively doubles your profit Ibuki really isn't hard to play...it's just more of a support ship because it can't really carry on its own.
  5. domen3

    Research office

    All upgrades are demounted for free Every 3 months I think (about a month or two from now) What's EP? (XP maybe? In that case, you lose it). That being said, only the line you selected gets reset, the other one is ignored. What?
  6. domen3

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Same...I don't really get what the fuss is all about.
  7. domen3

    Selling ships question

  8. domen3

    Remove ship health status bars,

    EDIT: Nevermind...didn't know it was sarcasm... No it wouldn't be
  9. domen3

    puerto rico build

    Not defending WG on the execution of the event but, a couple of things: When has there ever been an event that was permanent? If you didn't realise it even with a friggin counter in the top right, that's your problem They did give out refunds on spent doubloons for people who were misled. Being 2 months late is probably not helping your case though.
  10. domen3

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    You alive and well down there?
  11. I mean I guess we shouldn't complain because we did get 14 days free but still....wtf WG?
  12. domen3

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Yeah but you can only collect 8 out of 16 according to the video. Or is it a two part collection?
  13. domen3

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    So if I understand this correctly, you need to participate in KOTS to complete the collection right? Yeah...pass on that
  14. domen3

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    Shush...don't let them hear you. It could be considered an advantage