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  1. domen3

    KOTS Code

    So uh......how many battles am I supposed to win?
  2. domen3

    KOTS Code

    Nice one, ty
  3. domen3

    Exeter - Last stage

    Well I just had @RAHJAILARI complete my last achievement for me so all's good....But yeah, WG isn't good at designing missions and this latest mission marathon just confirms it.
  4. domen3


    They have better armor and a turtleback and faster shells with very good AP shells but have quite terrible HE and the same or similar reload for their CAs. Their concealmet is also worse.
  5. domen3

    New and bold!

    One more thing: If you ever have any specific questions about anything that has happened in one of your battles you can send us a replay by going to the game folder and then the replays folder. Upload that replay here, we'll take a look at it and try to explain stuff.
  6. domen3

    New and bold!

    Anytime, just remember that wows forums are a "give and you shall recieve in kind" sort of place. If you're polite you'll get helpful answers (usually), if you're not, you'll get eaten alive by forum piranhas.
  7. domen3

    New and bold!

    When you buy a new ship you can choose to either buy a new comander or buy the ship without it. They can also be moved between ships but they will have to be retrained if the ship they're moving to isn't a premium. Captains level with the ship. For every ship XP you get you also get 1 commander xp. After the commander levels up it gains one point which you can use. You can upgrade it. Go to "modules" tab. You need both xp and credits for that. You can also click on the "upgrades" in the modules and buy additional upgrades. Possibly....you can see what tier they are by holding TAB ingame. Also some ships have better concealment or have concealment captain skills/upgrades Buying tier 8 premiums as a new player is a bad idea....Especially asashio....its torpedoes can only hit battleships and carriers so I recommend you set it aside for a bit and learn the basics first. Otherwise you'll only ruin the game both for yourself and others. Yup, a couple of things first: Go to settings and then controls. Make sure to set: Collision avoidance system: OFF (completely worthless...usually causes you to crash into an island not the other way around) Alternative interface mode: FULL (displays ship name, health and player name all at the same time in battle) Tick DISPLAY TEAM LINEUPS Tick SHOW BOTH MAIN BATTERY & TTs LOAD INDICATORS Tick SHOW SMOKE SCREEN BOUNDARIES Tick SHOW SMOKE SCREEN TIMER Tick COUNTER FOR DAMAGE UPON YOUR SPOTTING Tick COUNTER FOR POTENTIAL DAMAGE When in battle use + and - to change the size of your minimap. Hold down CTRL and click on the cog wheels next to it and turn on any ranges you deem necessary as well as last known position markers. Use SHIFT for quickly zooming in and out Use RMB to turn the camera without moving your guns Press 3 again after selecting torpedoes to switch between wide and narrow spreads Also note that some of the mentioned features can be hidden until you reach a certain level. You can check that under the "Profile" tab. SHIPS: (note that some of these variables (especially regarding AA) may or may not be out of date as I haven't updated the list yet) CURENCY: DAILY CONTAINERS: CAMPAIGNS: MODULES: EXTERIOR: GAME MODES: BATTLE UI: AMMUNITION AND CONSUMABLES: CONCEALMENT AND SPOTTING: And hooly fuk this was extensive....I hope it helped (and yes you other forum warriors, I know there are a few outdated informations in here, but it took me a while to piece this together anyway so cut me some slack).
  8. domen3

    so no more crowns to get?

    And all of this was announced...regardless of how stupid it is
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  10. domen3


    A lot more than in coop. The more stars you get, the more xp you get. Earning 5 stars is equivalent to a good victory in random battles + you get some nice operation specific rewards.
  11. domen3


  12. Well, Notser showed with his latest video that he has no idea what the heck he's talking about, but he did make me think of something else...These premium ships aren't that much of a problem in random as they're too rare. The only places they truly become OP in are ranked and clan wars...So why not leave them alone but ban then from ranked and CW? Couldn't that be done to eliminate teams full of GCs ,stalins and Belfasts?
  13. domen3


    Sort of...they're not the best, but they're not the worst either. They are very fast and relatively squishy, but they have quite decent guns, fast turret traverse and long range torpedoes. For your first cruiser line I'd recommend either US or Japanese as they don't have any gimmicks, but frenchies aren't a particularly wrong choice either.
  14. They're trying to force them to move away by dropping fighters or making it seem like they're about to.