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  1. Seriously? What a stupid idea to make money...better report this directly to WG, not just forums
  2. I'd say Baltimore and Des moines....(since they're basically the same ship)...Right now I'm just rushing to get those 100 battles in the Balti, to finally show up on the top 15 players for it
  3. ---Double post because of server lag---
  4. Nah, I see Alabamas driving around and radaring people....and taking citadels from clevelands....Don't you?
  5. Let's all watch "Down periscope"
  6. Worth a idea then. Try contacting support...or just launch the game without game center client
  7. Try changing the installation folder.......just for the heck of it...or running it as an administrator
  8. Nice londoneese.... Now onto the point: If you can't adapt to the situation, that's your fault not the game's. Secondly, you have your biased opinion about italian ships because you are italian. Nothing more. This isn't a realistic game and was never meant to be. Also if you haven't noticed, the italian tree is coming relatively soon™ so stop crying. Why don't you make the ship models and implement them into the game? Oh and you want 18km secondaries? Well about less than 1% hit ratio for the guns? You have almost 11k coop battles and a sub par performance in PvP, if you can't adapt to a certain tier, then maybe you should play lower ones (even) more. You are just like those UK fanboys who were crying "HURR DURR UK had the greatest navy where are my BBs" a while ago.
  9. Well hey, at least you didn't have 2 dds on your a bot that went to J1 and the other one followed him, stayed there for about 10 min and then torped him
  10. I did meet skybuck on my team a few days ago.....tbh he didn't do much
  11. I don't think you can....Except maybe if you were to copy the entire game into steam's game folder and someone told you the steam_appid file number (though I can't be sure that'd work or not)
  12. Riiiiiight....Honestly it's this kind of comments that make me wonder if it's sarcasm or genuine stupidity
  13. I seriously doubt you can play the PC version of wows in an Ipad
  14. Seen much worse