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  1. Admiral Makarov Disapperance

    It was considered OP so it was removed....and is not going to be sold again...ever............*until something like 5 years pass anyway*
  2. The only way I know of to check it is in the battle by holding down H, and I believe there isn't an actual formula...just a stat as you've said. In that case it blooms to the smoke firing range...until someone flanks you anyway.
  3. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Well yeah...it doesn't have any trade offs in consumables (just like UK CLs), but what it does have trade offs in are the guns, concealment, speed and maneuverability, as opposed to UK CLs which have a weakness in armor. That's all I can tell you....beyond that, you just have to try it and you'll understand
  4. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Okay, but I've already answered that...because even with that heal it's not realy that good of a ship. You can make it work, but not as much as you'd want to. Why do you think battleships get heal then? And they have even more HP....it's the same here. It gets heal because without it, it would be extremely easy to kill.
  5. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Because it's actually a fairly weak ship
  6. Graf Spee - Heal?

    It needs a british BB heal
  7. Missions thanks for nothing

    My god, you're right... Hahahah...first time I've seen that happen
  8. Sweden in World of Warships

    Damn...this is some next level of stupidity... Looks like zappori's oxygen supply is running out. Better get somebody to check it
  9. New line/nation to work on?

    Damn, how could I have possibly forgotten about her...I best go draw her right now...
  10. New line/nation to work on?

    Give it time....we'll get them after they run out of main lines. This is what I've mushed up together a while back....and yes I named it Portorož, cause I'm biased...sue me. A bit of copy-paste from deviantart
  11. Where do I find the Yamamoto Collection?

    It appears after you open the first container
  12. Very harsh in match TK penalty

    But then, after you got pink there would be no point in you playing in that match....what would be the point in staying in the round if you're not going to be rewarded for it. You would lose a teammate much faster this way
  13. Unable to purchase ship?

    You need to free some space...sell a ship you don't need
  14. Maybe in a few years if they decide to repeat the space battles.