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  1. Raider_

    Unified account

    I believe the accounts will be unified. Also clans will be the same for all titles - WoT WoWS WoWP - (I dont know abiout WoTG) Good point about the gold - but I am not sure about the tank offered. Tier 3 with a tier 1 gun???
  2. Raider_

    What to do with the Piasters

    I still have no idea what to spend my piasters on. Love the good ideas here. And we are all insane
  3. In some ways it makes sense. I just cant wait for the game. Of course I would like British. But maybe they will be better and more interesting if not released first ;)
  4. Raider_

    HMS Sheffield Sinking

    This is a sensitive subject for sure. With the lack of aircraft carriers for another few years, I hope the RN does not incurr more losses arent incurred from a lack of AEW aircraft. *Salute*
  5. ROFL The first ships to South America found colonies of penguins, and feeling a little peckish they slaughtered a few (50,000 I think!) and preserved them. They put them in the hold, and set sail again. The story goes that problems soon set in. What the sailors didnt know was that a worm lived in the penguins, but wasnt killed by the preservation process. This "worm" ate through everything but the iron bolts. The worms particularly liked the wooden hulls. The sailors were soon shipwrecked as their boats fell apart around them. Therefore I nominate the the "worm that eats everything but iron bolts".
  6. I passed her on the train on the 23rd July, you can clearly see her above the Portsmouth sky line. I will see her again tomorrow as I pass the other way. I wish I could stop and see her! News Article to her last return home: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2014/july/22/140722-illustrious-final Original post (archieved) http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/1733-british-aircraft-carriers-hms-illustrious-to-be-retired-or-scrapped/
  7. I am not totally sure my WoWS account is working properly. I keep getting logged out, when I am logged in!

  8. Good post! well laid out. I like it :) I also like the links to wikipedia, so that I can get more info if I want it.
  9. Raider_


    I nearly had a tear in my eye .... What a great story! Have you written this yourself? It would be awesome if you added some references to it. Great work though!
  10. Raider_

    Razzle & Dazzle me

    Brilliant article, I certainly learnt something! In fact quite a few things! Well laid out too!
  11. Raider_

    Imperial Japanese Battleship 'Yamato'

    Well done for an interesting post, but as others have said there are duplicate posts about the ship. Please dont be dis-heartened. It is an easy mistake to make. Also you included information that I didnt know about, and I (and many others) have made the same mistake before. You can search the message boards with the search box on the top navigation. Welcome to the forums, and I look forward to reading future posts.
  12. Raider_

    Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

    This is very likely to be true. If the British Government could, they would probably pull out of the contract. BAE and Thales knew they had to have a water tight contract. The british government likes to "over order" and then cut the order back to "save money". They have done this for years!
  13. Raider_

    USS Gerald R. Ford

    Good video, and I cant believe the size. So one nuclear power plant isnt enough?
  14. Raider_

    Spanish ship "Real Felipe" (1732)

    Lovely, there is a certain "romance" with this type of ship isnt there? But I bet the conditions for the 1152 men were not great on board ....