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  1. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    Turns out WarGaming is an even bigger potatoe then their playerbase.
  2. LemonadeWarriorITA

    How do you use radio location

    It tells you the direction of the nearby enemy ship. The more you play this game the more it will tell you. It is easy to guess the exact position of the enemy ship and which one it is with the help of RPF. This is easy and valuable information that you can use to act upon. With all the information combined you know where the enemy is and which enemy ship it is. So you can have your guns ready, radar, run away, dodge torpedoes or whatever. I have even used it on my Montana in Ranked. I am lazy, and because Randoms literally surprise me by the dumb positions people get into.
  3. Must be lots of fun to get sunken by 38% WR bot/WG dev account.
  4. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Seems that Wargaming staff have stopped commenting on submarine threads.

    The never ending CV rework is garbage, but they are trying really hard to do the same with subs. Guess it's a cultural thing. Same is happening in the east. They are their own worst enemy. Props to art department though.
  5. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Over Penetration more or less HP

    Over penetration does less or the same damage as a penetration. Depends on what part you hit and/or caliber of your guns... As Mirage mentioned check out the wiki: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships How it works series by World of Warships is easier to start with I think.
  6. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Seems that Wargaming staff have stopped commenting on submarine threads.

    You mean if a Balao fires a torpedo at you: 89 knots 2,4km detection 2400/(89*2,6) = 10,37 seconds till impact. Can you teach me how to dodge homing torpedoes in a battleship? "And honestly, homing tops don't do a lot of damage". So because homing torpedoes don't deal a lot damage the mechanic is okay? An example of them being OP is that you can just launch torpedoes at a smoke screen and ping the heck out of it.
  7. LemonadeWarriorITA

    i still think Schlieffen is wrong ship ...

    The damage a shell does on impact and the ribbon it displays tells you what is happening. HE Shells: Shatter = armour too thick, aim at a different part. Check armour layout when the game is over. Citadel = maximum damage. Best part to hit obviously, but often impossible for HE. 1/3 shell damage = Most damage you can do without hitting the citadel. 1/6 shell damage = The part you are hitting is saturated. Move to a different section. 1/10 shell damage = Complete saturation of the ship part you are hitting and ship hull. The same happens when you hit a turret. It inflicts 1/10 to the hull and 1/10 to the turret itself (turret HP isn't visible during gameplay). At least it is possible to outplay secondaries... Looking at you carriers with AP armament and submarines with homing torpedoes... 2/3 of your HE shells didn't do any damage.........
  8. LemonadeWarriorITA

    what is Over Penetration ?

    Elbing has 150mm guns. You need 150/6 = 25mm of armour to arm your shell (water also arms the shell). Most destroyers have 19mm of armour. Arccos(19/25) = 40 degrees. Elbing has improved ricochet angles as well. Whether your shell will detonate inside the ship depends on the fuse time. A few years ago battleships could penetrate destroyers with AP. Montana AP does 13,500 hp damage per shell. Assuming it hits only 50% the destroyer will take 13,500 * 6 * 1/3 = 27,000 hp damage (in reality less due saturation). It was easy to wreck destroyers who made gameplay mistakes for 10k per salvo. WarGaming decided to buff destroyers and introduced the "280mm+ cannons cannot penetrate a destroyer with AP armament" rule. Submarines get this special treatment as well. Back at Elbing: HE does 1,700 per shell: 1,700 * 1/3 = 567 AP does 4,100 per shell: 4,100 * 1/3 = 1,367 To make up for one AP penetration you need to get 2.4 HE shell penetrations... Let me add to this that an overpenetration does 410 damage. Six HE pens will get you 3,402 damage. 5 AP overpens and 1 pen will get you 3,417...
  9. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Except for the idiocy that is CVs, convoy is great.

    Leave the games with carriers in it?
  10. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Get rid of the Bl@@dy stupid mercy rule in co-op

    While we at it, also for Randoms.
  11. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Interesting Drachinfel video collection

    He produces a lot of amazing content!
  12. LemonadeWarriorITA

    weekend gameplay sux

    While watching a serie. At least in Coop they angle