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  1. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Suggestions thread

    Achievements should give signal flags, e.g.: when you get detonated you get 10 anti detonation signal flags, etcetera. Right now it is pointless to farm detonations...
  2. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Another Middlefinger from WG. Thank you!

    I am intrigued by how fast WarGaming is at fixing bugs. "We fixed lock-on bug" 01/04/3256
  3. This resulted in some Captains playing IX Missouri more often than they planned. Arguments like these show complete lack of integrity. Yes, the sun is shining today at the Kremlin, so we buff Kremlin reload to 18 seconds. Why I don't rate this game over a three. They make bad game decisions for the more experienced players and they cannot communicate like adults.
  4. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Two fires from 52 Thunderer HE shell hits

    Share replay
  5. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Rank Qualification, high tier sucks immeasurably.

    You get punished for making mistakes in the higher tiers. Try to learn from your mistakes by using YouTube, wowsft.com, armour viewer, wows wikipedia and these forums when needed :)
  6. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Finally an explanation why flags from achievements were removed

    Pretty cancerous gaming company if it turns out that this is the official reply
  7. LemonadeWarriorITA

    so i finally unlocked yamato

    Terrible ship indeed. [/s] It is one of the best BB’s in this game, perhaps even the best. If it was Russian it would have been OP with it’s overmatching block dispersion guns. Share replays and we will help you.
  8. LemonadeWarriorITA

    New content gets released, bugs remain ....

    I visited the LCF a couple of times and also went on a tour with her sister during a family day. If these bots were actually improving the game, instead of downgrading it every patch with features and bugs I would have bought more ships, like Ise, Tone and Weimar, but now I see no reason to. Especially now WarGaming is starting to abuse the "if deemed necessary, balance changes may apply". Currently only playing Ranked, because nowadays it is a very relaxing game mode for me (as long as there are no flatdecks).
  9. LemonadeWarriorITA

    New content gets released, bugs remain ....

    I am also Dutch and I really feel the need to get that stupid Dockyard ship because I love the name so much. Will probably be the last thing I buy, because the mission attached to it are usually boring.
  10. LemonadeWarriorITA

    WG its time you fix the "shells are landing short" bug

    I'd be kinda embarrassed as Game Studio if the core of the game is point and shoot and it doesn't work. I am certain that they are unable to fix it, but it is still a major bug which deserves attention till they hire someone who actually responds to bugs, suboctavian where are you?
  11. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Rework ramming mechanics

    I like how tactical it is. Dumbing it down because the full hp player made a mistake is only making stuff more boring.
  12. LemonadeWarriorITA

    WG its time you fix the "shells are landing short" bug

    It is weird how WarGaming has this policy of ignoring difficult bugs. Guess it’s a cultural thing to do.
  13. LemonadeWarriorITA

    ST 0.10.7, changes to commander skills

    You wait and see. In a couple of years we will have what we need.
  14. LemonadeWarriorITA

    ST 0.10.7, changes to commander skills

    Added 10% 10% + 35% = 10% in Russia? Why don’t you add something so we know when a skill is activated? With all the bugs and translations errors it is really difficult to tell atm whether the activation skills are working..