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  1. LemonadeWarrior

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    Do you also want air ride, neon lighting, a broken exhaust and a big [edited]subwoofer?
  2. LemonadeWarrior

    Super Container

    Got one with a ship on EU server after 8k battles total. It was the Texas, just when I started playing this beta account again.
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    Aiming systems mod 1

  4. LemonadeWarrior

    Just how close do you have to get?

    You should have camped with that cap and point advantage ;p
  5. LemonadeWarrior

    Tox me baby one more time

    I am a super unicum. Suck it suckers. @Yedwy can confirm :)
  6. LemonadeWarrior

    German AP

    Well, thank you! I thought that one was trash, but it is the other way around?
  7. LemonadeWarrior

    German AP

    www.wowsft.com Artillery chart.
  8. LemonadeWarrior

    Zao - advice needed!

    There is nothing wrong with covering your DDs. Zao is best for this because she has great: concealment and dispersion. So you follow your friendly DD at a distance of 5-6km, that way your friendly DD gets spotted first. Before you open fire you start to turn and fire once you are broadside at the enemy DD. This way you will be in a kiting position when the enemy shells come towards you. When you see many shells incoming it is also a good idea to stop shooting, go dark and reposition. Does my DD need more help with the DD? Do I need to start kiting to slow down the enemy BB push? Do I need to harass the incoming radar ship? Can I surprise a broadside cruiser with an AP volley? Basically pick the biggest threat for your DD. With that single salvo you can already do at least 5k damage to the enemy DD, which already gives an incredible advantage to your friendly DD :) During the turn to dodge enemy shells you can also slow your ship down. This will decrease your turning circle, increasing the chance that people will miss you. Though keep in mind, shoot when broadside, or later (some ships have high velocity shells, so than you need to turn a bit further). Basically avoid becoming detected when you still have to show your broadside to get out of a position ;)
  9. LemonadeWarrior

    Best way to buff Conqueror 457mm guns?

    If only people with the ship itself are allowed to comment we get more ships like the GZ. Should people with a win rate of 49% in said ship be allowed to comment?
  10. LemonadeWarrior

    Matchmaking - more than t8 vs t10

    I am all in for an improved MM. Mostly what a potato team needs is 1 or 2 good player(s) who set the example. By balancing good players over both teams the gameplay will improve I think. Others think it won't.
  11. LemonadeWarrior

    Help is it me or just RNG

    If you dont know whether it is RNG or your aim than it is your aiming. I checked your stats and your accuracy is similar to mine. A tad higher actually, but you have played less battles. While Yamato is the most accurate battleship it is by no means a Zao. Sometimes you get unlucky and you don’t hit the ship, or you miss the citadel. crap happens. Overpens against cruisers can happen because your shells don’t arm, in that case you need to hit a thicker part of their armour, so when the cruiser is angled more or their belt.
  12. LemonadeWarrior

    Japanese and German T9-10 BB-s

    Mmm... you don’t need to penetrate to cause fires. Did you know that? So you just burn them down. Both GK and Yamato are pretty difficult to play well in. Yamato has weak citadel protection and GK is a giant ship with a big super structure. Sadly most recommend BB beginners to start with the German BBs, while those are really difficult to play at the higher tiers (fdg topics?). Yamato can overmatch 32mm as the only BB. So perhaps that is the reason that those are most played. There are also a few German players on this server. Could also have some influence.
  13. LemonadeWarrior

    Azuma, coal or steel?

    Steel ofc. I am guessing that the Neutrashimy, or something like that, will be a coal ship.
  14. LemonadeWarrior

    Do you find in port GUI even less responsive than usual lately?

    Does yours even respond? :o I am still stuck at the Erie
  15. LemonadeWarrior

    Where is the action in this game?

    Ocean is probably the best map to see where you stand with your gameplay. Lowering the frequency of this map pretty much proved that this map is too difficult for the average player. Which makes sense when I see the average player playing.