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  1. LemonadeWarrior

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Would have been a win if it wasn't for the enemy carrier :(
  2. LemonadeWarrior

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    Would be nice if they introduced a couple of credit sinks into the game. For instance a premium fee on restoring your ship. Players that pick the cheapest option get a ship that looks like a rust bucket, those that spent more credits on it get the ships we have now and those that go all in get a freshly painted ship every time they go into battle. And perhaps also a bit more like this, an upgradeable port and etcetera.
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    CV's in Ranked - Post-Mortem Discussion

    Had a couple of games we were winning, but got decarried by the enemy carrier, just because our carrier was a pleb. As a surface ship you can make up for your surface potatoes, but it is impossible to do this for your flatdeck potatoe friend. On the other hand I had some nice hard carries while playing Hakuryu myself. CVs feel like a handicapped class, made easier for players who don’t want/cant learn the game mechanics. So I happily abuse it to get myself some steel. Should they be in Ranked? Obviously not, they shouldn’t even be in this game. @veslingr We all know how right you are. We can see it by who is upvoting your comments. Now relax buddy.
  4. LemonadeWarrior

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    Hakuryu quad torps I am mediocre at CVs, but Minotaur is the only ship in game currently I struggle to kill when I play CVs...
  5. LemonadeWarrior

    Is it time to limit BBs in Ranked

    He is trying to make his cancerous class look less cancerous. He kinda failed, as usual.
  6. LemonadeWarrior

    z-52 unsung heroes

    There are multiple topics about the flaws of the current exp system, so WG should know about it by now. Previous Ranked seasons had the same issue. My advice is to get gut in Hakuryu and rank out.
  7. LemonadeWarrior

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Or give the top 8 players a star.
  8. LemonadeWarrior

    Chung Mu nerfs and YY buffs

    What does short mean? YY can have 30s radar time with fast reloading guns, so ship wise I would say it is a very decent duration... Overall YY needed the nerf, but not as hefty as she got... They should have nerfed the Chung Mu on the same date, but they never did. However upon today both nerfs are questionable, since in the current meta smokeless destroyers are not so effective in carrying. The CV rework is basically the biggest nerf the PA DD line got for their gimmick radar... In the mean time, while WG is still testing carriers, it would be nice to give the YY .5s of her reload time back. That way she becomes a bit more enjoyable as a traditional DD, which is only option for the current meta. When WG manages to balance carriers, thus seeing more smokeless destroyers again, we can look into how to balance the PA DDs around their gimmick.
  9. LemonadeWarrior

    The Twelfth Ranked Season Results

    I tried it with Rentals to R5, after that I played my own tier 10 ships. I almost dropped back from rank 3 to rank 4. At this point I was done with Ranked and went potato mode on my Hakuryu. CV is just easy mode when you have a basic understanding of the game. The regular surface ships aren't dominant enough compared to CVs.
  10. LemonadeWarrior

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    No, not really.
  11. LemonadeWarrior

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

  12. LemonadeWarrior

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    Stop fooling yourself, bud.
  13. LemonadeWarrior

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    Amount of times my match was lost due to a CV: a lot. Amount of times my match was lost due to rentals and/or clueless teammates: zero.
  14. LemonadeWarrior

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    The only way of playing against CVs is by playing a full AA spec'd Minotaur, since that is the only ship that doesn't give a darn about carriers. But we have been over this multiple times and you are still kinda clueless...
  15. LemonadeWarrior

    What makes a ship OP?

    I've had the same, but I guess it is my own aiming that makes this happen. If I recall it correctly the SN BB's have a T shaped citadel, so if you aim at the waterline the odds are high that a few will go into the citadel and the other shells will arm before hitting the citadel. To get better results I guess you have to aim a little bit above the waterline, so that you get most of your shells in the upper part of the T shaped citadel. At least, this is what crossed my mind after last time I played this game, so I still need to test it. Regarding the topic itself I thought WG called a ship OP when a player overperforms in said ship compared to his other ships. Kinda what the entire CV class does compared to the other classes.