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  1. LemonadeWarrior

    quite strange - cheater

    Unicums be like:
  2. LemonadeWarrior

    Is there something glitchy going on with aiming

    I have had the same a couple of times. This is a new one. Really nice all the aiming bugs. We lost a clan battle because I couldn’t hit a reversing Stalingrad with 4k hp in my Venezia.
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    How to dodge rocket planes?

    The Jervis gets a ton of smokes. Once your smoke screen ends the next one is ready in like 30 seconds. ;)
  4. LemonadeWarrior

    Modified game mode idea to make DD lifes a bit easier

    I think the speed advantage destroyers have will still play a major role, at least in Random Battles (where 1 ship can scare away 3+ ships)... Also with the current version of carriers battles seem to be mostly played at range. At least at the higher tiers. Subs are like carriers just another nuisance for the regular ships. I love it so much. I always close my eyes and imagine I am fighting a decent opponent when I receive the free damage.
  5. LemonadeWarrior

    PotatoAlert/Match Making Monitor

    Just ignore the trolls. Is it working yet?
  6. LemonadeWarrior

    Incapacitations - WG what did you do???

    What is the issue? If Gneisenau can penetrate your turret armour then I don't understand why your turret shouldn't get incapacitated or destroyed...?
  7. LemonadeWarrior

    T8+ pan asians advice please

    PA smoke is pretty great. Decent reload and duration. So I’d say take smoke in the current meta with all the CVs. Imo the tier 8 is kinda meh, but the tier 9 and 10 are nice ships.
  8. LemonadeWarrior

    Post-IFHE rework experience

    Some cruisers are too tanky imo, eg: Des Moines
  9. You mean CL; Alexander Nevsky ;p
  10. Being CV main feels like cleaning the sewer. It sure is appreciated, but still a crap job. Competitive itself is just boring right now...
  11. LemonadeWarrior

    HE fire probability question

    I misunderstood, because you said: "And there is RNG". I see you mean with "RNG" = "Fire RNG" = FRC · ( 1 - DCM1 ) · ( 1 - FP ) · ( ( FCB · IFHE ) + DE + Σ S ) So "RNG" = "Fire RNG" = Fire chance... Why dont you just call it the way it is...
  12. LemonadeWarrior

    HE fire probability question

    Can you explain to me what RNG is in the scenario you are describing? Afaik there isn't any RNG...
  13. LemonadeWarrior

    HE fire probability question

    Not if you hit a ship that is using dcp or already burning on the spot you hit. Your average is correct, sadly the data sample is way too small.
  14. LemonadeWarrior

    My shells are not normal

    What is the issue?
  15. LemonadeWarrior

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    I think you can get a 60% wr in any ship when you are a good player. A good player will recognize the strengths of a ship and use those. Staying alive and contributing to a 1,000 points is key.