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  1. casual_scrub

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    @Crysantos I refuse to reset any ship line I've unlocked on principle. The NTC is a terrible concept for players and enables players with deep enough wallets to straight up skip the missions via freexp. Having exclusive ships is bad enough but now you are locking gameplay features for tech tree T10s behind NTC. Why is it impossible to keep the existing missions while adding the same modules to the NTC in the future? People would be fine with that. This company is really going down the spiral of death.
  2. casual_scrub

    Sea Smackdown 2.0: Mighty Minotaur

    You play any other ship than minotaur and you'll get mauled to death by T10 planes repeatedly. I don't know if i'm supposed to be impressed by this.
  3. casual_scrub

    Poll: Permacamo or special signals?

    I love collecting grindable permacamos for both techtree and premium ships. I can understand people wanting to get more temporary bonuses instead but for my inner collector permacamos are the way to go.
  4. casual_scrub

    Arsenal Changes

    Lack of space might be a good reason, however I doubt that you can check on the armor viewer on ships you don't own and not in the techtree. I'm sure your intentions are good, however I'd like to have the option to check on ANY ship's armour profile at any time in port. There is a mod called "extended tech tree" in aslain's mod pack fortunately which does this exactly. But at some point the Tech Tree interface has to be updated.
  5. casual_scrub

    Carriers - Alpha Strike

    Cannot wait to see single 15k damage rocket strikes on destroyers in the first 2 minutes according to OP's idea. At least pre rework it took effort to cross drop and there was a chance of the CV messing it up.
  6. GC's one major strenght is concealment, which is getting irrevelant with the CV rework with planes constantly flying around. I'm sincerely doubt it that in the current environment it is that much stronger than other T5 BBs. If GC gets uptiered to tier 6, I will have zero reason to play it instead of my Fuso. More health, more guns with better reload and better dispersion and higher caliber, better range, IFHE resistant deck.
  7. casual_scrub

    Supertest - Test Ship Changes

    I don't understand the logic behind Yahagi changes, 3*2 light cruiser guns with terrible reload will not be viable no matter how much the maneuverability and AP is buffed. In the rare case of the enemy is showing broadside to the ship, might as well use the torps instead of the "improved AP".
  8. casual_scrub

    Buffed BOTS!

    The same could have happened with most other battleships AP since emeralds armor profile is very weak and the bow is prone to get overmatched. Use your smoke to protect yourself, islands to get near enemy BBs and torp them.
  9. casual_scrub

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    The guns have very low caliber, thus the HE penetration values are lacking. You need IFHE for your captain as soon as possible.
  10. casual_scrub

    Armor Viewer

    For me this feature has been long awaited and extremely useful. Regarding the player owned ships being displayed: is there a client related reason for this? Since youtube and social media exist, people can easily share videos of the armor models on the internet. Other players can find these videos and get the same information as if they would own the ship. This feels like an unnecessary impediment to getting the information we want. Also similar to some model viewer in World of Tanks there could be a function to show the effective armor values of all layers to get normal penetration and overpenetration. For example if I am looking at an angled ship with multiple armor layers the game should show me that I need a total of 220mm penetration to get normal pen and over 500mm would cause overpenetration - if I would hit the ship at the mouse cursor from the camera angle.