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  1. There is if you are using PnFMods.
  2. I'm pretty sure you cannot. Btw, is there a link to the most current version? Most of the download site claim it was updated, but it's still the version that was released in July.
  3. At least some progress. This is how the game adds the portraits: <bind name="style" value="'backgroundImage'; 'url:' + crew.baseUrl"/> <bind name="style" value="'backgroundImage'; 'url:' + crew.overlayUrl"/> But I haven't found a way how to import 'baseUrl' and 'overlayUrl'. As far as I understand it is necessary to import 'CC.ownShip' to get the crew id for usage with 'CC.crew'. All I get NULL. <bind name="controller" value="lesta.unbound.controls.UbInteractiveController"/> <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'shipOwnEntity'; CC.ownShip; shipID; 'evUpdate'"/> <bind name="watchDH" value="'playerShipInfo'; ['shipOwnEntity.ownShip.evUpdate', 'shipOwnEntity.ownShip.evCrewChanged']; shipOwnEntity.ownShip"/> <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'crewEntity'; CC.crew; playerShipInfo.crewId"/> <bind name="watchDH" value="'crew'; ['crewEntity.crew.evBasketChanged', 'crewEntity.crew.evLevelUp', 'crewEntity.crew.evExpChanged', 'crewEntity.crew.evShipChanged', 'crewEntity.crew.evSkillsChanged', 'crewEntity.crew.evResetCostChanged', 'crewEntity.crew.evAdaptationUpdated', 'crewEntity.crew.evChanged', 'crewEntity.crew.evRecentnessUpdated']; crewEntity.crew"/> <bind name="watchDH" value="'crew'+'Retraining'; ['crewEntity.crew.evRetrainingUpdated']; crewEntity.retraining"/> 'shipOwnEntity' has 4 variant how it is imported by the game in different XML files: <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'shipOwnEntity'; CC.ownShip; shipID; 'evUpdate'"/> <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'shipOwnEntity'; CC.ownShip; _shipID; 'evUpdate'"/> <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'shipOwnEntity'; CC.ownShip; selfPlayer.shipId; 'evUpdate'"/> <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'shipOwnEntity'; CC.ownShip; _selfPlayerShipId; 'evUpdate'"/> Another variant I tried: <bind name="dataRefDH" value="'crewEntity'; '$dataRef.ref'"/> <bind name="watchDH" value="'crewId'; []; crewEntity.crew.id"/> <bind name="primaryEntityDH" value="'crewEntity'; CC.crew; crewId"/> <bind name="watchDH" value="'crew'; []; crewEntity.crew"/> Any ideas? Help is welcome.
  4. Still don't get why you want to append a directory to sys.path. What's wrong with __init__.py and from . import * to import subdirectories?
  5. A - diffuseMap AO - ambientOcclusionMap MG - metallicGlossMap
  6. Any ideas for removing camos for specific ships?
  7. Nach Monaten endlich wieder einen bekommen und nur November Foxtrot drin.
  8. Will this screen ever be properly implemented into the game instead of using the browser function?
  9. Wie erwartet. Zwar letzte Woche übersehen, aber damit kann man arbeiten.
  10. Gibt's irgenwo für die Flaggen auf dem Bild Quellbilder in höherer Auflösung (also nicht nur vergrößert)? Den Hund hab ich, leider finde ich keinen passenden Hintergrund. Vom Kapitän in der Hängematte gibt es wahrscheinlich erst eins nach Start des Sommerfests, aber vom Rest? Was bedeuteten die Schriftzeichen auf der Drachenboot-Flagge? "Drachenboot" bzw. "Drachenbootfestival" (端午節 oder alternativ 忠孝節) ist es jedenfalls nicht.
  11. Does anybody know what font is used in the "loot_boy" and "wg_fest" flag? What's the source of the wave in the "community_contest" flag? What is written on the "dragon_boat" flag?
  12. Gibt's schon Infos über den nächste Woche erscheinenden Patch? Schon 0.6.6 oder eine Zwischenversion?
  13. Yes. For camo_1_tile, etc. it's the same.
  14. Add empty camo groups to the end of the file, e.g.: <camouflage> <annotation>Camo remover</annotation> <name>camo_new_year_3</name> <targetShip>PGSC106_Nurnberg PGSC506_Admiral_Graf_Spee PGSB002_Tirpiz_1942</targetShip> <tiled>false</tiled> </camouflage>