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  1. https://share.wargaming.net/f/be8718dd91974a5a96df/
  2. The disappearing continues. The following ships are all missing in the latest SDK version: Saipan, Enterprise, Arizona, Missouri, Texas, Albany, Marblehead, Indianapolis, Smith, Warspite, Campbeltown, Gallant, Dunkerque, Scharnhorst, Emden, Prinz Eugen, Giulio Cesare, Kaga, Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Katori, Tachibana, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Aurora, Diana, Murmansk, Oleg, Krasni Krym, Okhotnik and Anshan.
  3. Weltraum-Gefechte

    Liest sich aber nicht so und ist missverständlich. "Die mächtige Alldestroyer, die schöne Paris und die elegante Hellcarrier werden verfügbar, wenn ihr ein Gefecht mit einem Flugzeugträger bzw. Schlachtschiff der Stufen VI bis X gewinnt."
  4. Weltraum-Gefechte

    Laut Beschreibung müsste es aber BB = 2 Weltraum BBs + 1 Weltraum CV sein.
  5. Kapitäne mit besonderen Eigenschaften

    Verringerte Turmdrehzeit!
  6. I can has UHD user interface?

    Sobald WoWs für die Konsole erscheint, denn daran inkl. UI wird bereits gearbeitet.
  7. So you are saying it's impossible? If so, the OP might be right and this mod deserves a ban. Missing arguments make you getting personal?
  8. "last known position" to calculate the distance with the minimap, then aim for the same distance displayed in the crosshair.
  9. Oh yes, you have. The whole minimap is a distance meter, you know the size of each map and its quadrants. @WG ban the minimap too.
  10. Another video showing the 'effectiveness' of the mod at a range of 3km. Impressive You have Y coordinate in vanilla too and so you have the same info as with X mod. It's called distance meter.
  11. So WG should remove the map circles? They are there for 'informative' reasons. And without mods they would not even exist.
  12. For you edited to "game developers."
  13. The same discussion took place 10 months ago on the Russian board with its introduction in the map mod. It was stated by the game developers that it's legal, doesn't give any advantages and no real evidence of its influence on battles were provided. History repeats itself.
  14. The OP is, because he wants a ban for a legal mod. That's not a discussion, your question suggests already that WG doesn't care.
  15. What's the point of this discussion? It's posted on the official WG forum, so the mod itself is legal. Period. Vote for close.