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  1. New version available. Fix for Carousel Extended problems. 
  2. New version available. Small fix for MainCrew.
  3. Kind of. If you, except 'NextShipXP_WinRate', delete all XML files and their corresponding entries in the 'uss_settings.xml'.
  4. This bug/exploit exists since the begining and was mentioned 6 months ago by youtubers. How can you expect a fix that fast?
  5. OlliN

    Notice-Big Hun Event "Engineer of the Future"

    So it did not make it to 0.10.3.
  6. "Friedrich der Grosse" "Grosser Kurfürst" Nicht euer Ernst.
  7. New version available. Just some filename changes and some compatibility adjustments for mod pack creators.
  8. New version available: FIX: Carousel Extended - issue with InfoTip No update required, don't know why it is not in.
  9. Updated for FIX: Carousel Extended - overlapping issue of filter rulers with exterior and equipment page EDIT: Crew in training room broken at the moment. EDIT2: Crew in training room fixed.
  10. New version available: FIX: Carousel Extended - issue reported by Leo_Apollo11 FIX: Crew assign - issue with assigning crew already in retraining FIX: Next ship XP in carousel - issue with alignment of PVE frozen message
  11. OlliN

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Of course if you are lucky enough to get good teams and manage to win them in a row. Just saw it, 13 wins are required now.
  12. OlliN

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Ridiculous, now there are even more wins necessary. 9 was already too much. Pre-rework only required 1 win.
  13. New version available: FIX: Crew in training room - issue with expand/minimize button FIX: Carousel Extended - issue with overlapping of filter rulers when lots of banners are active/expanded UPDATE: Stingy by Default - ship sell dialog included FIX: Crew assign - issue reported by Odo_Toothless