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  1. Updated. Fix for missing commander skills.
  2. Carousel Filters or Banner switcher / Campaigns in port / Lootbox collecting & opening. Not sure how Aslain split it.
  3. They never will, because your stupidity is their profit.
  4. I'm not responsible for Modstation updates. All other things you can find in the first post.
  5. Does not work with the latest version. Ignore.
  6. OlliN

    [12.0.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    <style> <left value="342px"/> <bottom value="0px"/> </style>
  7. OlliN

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    Not sure if trolling or sarcasm.
  8. Another proof that WG thinks CV players are not smart enough to play the game. Simple fix: remove subs.