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  1. ScoutMkoll

    Alaska releses date?

    My guess is that on top of it being available for FreeXP, they had some other scheme prepared (premium shop mega bundle, bundle with the Wichita or some such) and had to pull it because selling anything for money while so many people are hating on the CV rework would be a very bad idea.
  2. ScoutMkoll

    Hosho basic tips after rework

    Interesting, I came here to ask about any general tips as at tier 4 I tend to lose a lot of planes. But to your observations, I actually find Dive Bombers easier to aim with and I'm doing more damage than with the puny torpedoes :). I guess more practice is what I need.
  3. ScoutMkoll

    Chapayev - Really this garbage?

    IFHE + maneuverability were the key to my ability to enjoy the Chappy.
  4. ScoutMkoll

    Terrible - pretty much as I wrote (and even more)

    When I saw a "paid rental" offer for Le Terrible, I almost died laughing. I still think it's one of the worst premiums WG has ever released (and I've got the vast majority in my port).
  5. ScoutMkoll


    Thanks, in that case I'll stick with the DM. I hope people will forgive my silly gameplay while I learn. I may need to stick to weekends, you know, to hide among the special players.
  6. ScoutMkoll


    The Des Moines is the first Tier 10 I unlocked back in the day and the one I play the least. The reason is that its gameplay is so unique, I'd like to be better at it before I ruin people's T10 random games. But in co-op bots just charge ahead so there's no way to practice properly. BUT, on the few occasions I played my DM in pvp, I did best with a more active, less huggy playstyle. So my question is this: will the extra heal on the Salem make moving about more at least somewhat viable? Is the armor plating the same?
  7. The video is helpful but it doesn't change the fact that after moving on to the vastly superior Mino I had to learn completely new skills.
  8. ScoutMkoll

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    It's not a big deal but I'm really surprised, time and time again, that WG never bothers to translate the Russian on all 'work in progress' screens and artwork, even when they end up in articles in other languages. They've got the capacity to do it in 15 minutes for all supported languages.
  9. ScoutMkoll

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    Every time there's a 'droppable' thing (special mission, ship), it seems to me that in addition to the RNG percentage chance, WG implements a hard cap on the NUMBER of rewards (first come, first served). I won't deny, I got everything I wanted from my Santa crates and there were no 'repeat'/doubloon compensation drops until I received the very last one ship I was missing. But still, it seems that time and time again, it's easier to get something at the beginning of an event than later on.
  10. The Neptune, A.K.A. the HMS Seattle, A.K.A. Painful Grind.
  11. ScoutMkoll

    West Virginia needs some love.. this ship isnt good!

    Aaand I broke and bought her :) because Santa has been good to me this year and WV would be one of really few premiums missing in my collection. It's not horrible but I think Mutsu is more fun and I'm actually getting more good salvos in from Mutsu.
  12. ScoutMkoll

    West Virginia needs some love.. this ship isnt good!

    Yeah, the WV isn't great but I'd like them to revisit Le Terrible first. That shouldn't have been sold in the first place. West Virginia's main issue is that the guns aren't good enough to justify the rest of the package IMO.
  13. ScoutMkoll

    West Virginia in the shop

    Some ships are must-buy for me, I also don't hesitate much when a ship offers really unique gameplay. When there's some doubt, I use 'quality of life' as a metric. In the case of the WV'41, speed is a big downside and a surefire source of constant frustration. I'm tempted by the guns, I'll admit, but not enough. She should end up in the Arsenal or even in the Tech Tree doubloon section soon enough.
  14. ScoutMkoll

    Mountain Mama in the shop

    Seriously, I buy way too many ships but on this one I'll pass. Too bad, but it seems to be really underwhelming gameplay-wise.
  15. ScoutMkoll

    All the things wrong with the Black Ships

    Define waste? Technically no game is necessary for survival.