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  1. ScoutMkoll

    Submarines are Coming

    I'm just here to say this is a terrible mistake. Submarines will change the pacing and the unique nature of combat in WoWs to its detriment. Now, do your worst.
  2. ScoutMkoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was so proud of achieving 300k damage in Narai before coming here. Oh, well. Back to school for me ?
  3. ScoutMkoll

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    In my limited PvP experience, RU BBs are often perceived as stronger because they really do push more and thus have an impact on the game. Yes, they're well equipped for pushing but they do die when flanked. Their stats don't seem that special either. But the bigger picture really is that the game has to keep introducing strong (if not outright stronger) lines because of the nature of combat in WoWs. I've got 254 ships in my port right now. That's a nightmare to balance, even with MM brackets.
  4. ScoutMkoll

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    In cruisers I still fear even a moderately skilled player in a Bismarck but other BBs really do seem stronger.
  5. ScoutMkoll

    So whats the next step regarding CVs ?

    This is actually a good question. I remember the graphs shared by WG at the CC summit showing that the new CVs are more popular but only just slightly, now that the novelty period is over. What, then, if the lines close even more? What if the new CVs, after all the effort and drama? Become as much of an odd duck as the RTS mode? I personally liked seeing multiple squadrons of planes over the battlefield as someone who didn't feel the need to play CVs. Operations were also more fun with multiple formations of planes. Is there any chance we can get the RTS back if there's no difference? I'm only asking as someone who didn't need to play the old CVs and was fine with how they worked.
  6. ScoutMkoll

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Audacity is great and free for recording and audio editing.
  7. ScoutMkoll

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Touche. People's names.
  8. ScoutMkoll

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Thank you, Crysantos! I'll keep my fingers crossed for something more comprehensive down the line.
  9. ScoutMkoll

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Currywurst or Le Horrible and so on. My objective here isn't to go after people mispronouncing difficult ship names either. My point is that there's no verifiable, official reference on how to do it properly IF someone cares. Just like historical camos and the Armada videos exist next to the Space Battles, I'd like there to be a resource we can easily refer to WHEN and IF we want to. Surely, if it's worth creating videos about turning paper ships into in-game models (very cool!), it should be worth creating a guide on how to pronounce the ship names. I'm all for being inclusive in the game, much like there's a toggle to disable anime camos at will, giving the people who care knowledge on how their ships are really called won't hurt anyone's ability to Republique the Republic.
  10. ScoutMkoll

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Google Translate is very bad at accents and pronunciation isn't always correct, especially for non-standard words like peoples' names. It's a start of course but hardly a complete resource.
  11. ScoutMkoll

    Recommend me a Battleship line

    I would highly recommend the Soviet BB line. Those are powerful, fun ships that do well in brawling range. To clarify: they're not brawlers per se but predict the enemy's intentions, turn & shoot = RIP. But overall, every line has ups and downs.
  12. ScoutMkoll

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    I'm in love with this ship!
  13. TL;DR Nobody knows how to pronounce ship names. Wargaming should show us. Let's face it: nobody knows how to pronounce all ship names correctly and it clearly bothers people. Every other video or stream has the content creator apologizing for butchering the name of a ship. Even Wargaming struggles as between the Full Ahead videos, the How it Works and official streams, a single ship can have 4 different pronunciations (Fuso anyone? ). Some youtubers tried to make tutorials for single ship lines but it's all a bit disjointed and not exactly high quality. Wargaming: you're a global company. Besides, the cost of a voiceover round of 300 words, split into several languages, is nothing to you. Please, create an official reference, a video or a soundboard, that teaches us both the correct pronunciation and accent. Is it YAmato or yaMAto? And so on. Why? people care a lot about history and trivia about the ships we play, surely knowing how "Henry Four' was really called will be interesting some people just want to keep learning and speak correctly; learning languages through videogames is fun it will make WG look good if your own company releases use correct ship names we'll stop hearing CCs apologize for not knowing how to say 'Duguay-Trouin' I used two French ships as examples because I myself struggle with them but there are many more troublemakers in the bunch, with Worcester still sparking debates on Discords once in a while. With the release of French DDs, some with really cool LOOKING names, it would be a great time to do something like this. Heck, enlist your own staff and CCs as native speakers, record this professionally and release it. Thank you in advance! cc: @Crysantos@MrConway
  14. ScoutMkoll

    WG screwing Overchicken Dude

    It's a misunderstanding stemming from your misspelling of his name. It's not Overchicken, it's Ovenchicken.
  15. ScoutMkoll

    The Kremlin Thread

    Now that the Soviet Battleships are fully released and the Kreml has been renamed to its western name of Kremlin, I would very much welcome some advice on how to play her. I started with the regular damage mitigation/survivability build but depending on the map, sometimes getting into (and staying in) range is a struggle. Enemy BBs usually comfortably outrange me and being tanky doesn't help when I can't shoot back. DDs and CLs are very effective in helping the Kremlin's ideal targets stay out of effective (not to mention preferred) range. Should I just charge in and then worry? Any thoughts on the Kremlin's early game?