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  1. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    That's a good point. Not long after saying there would be no secondary cruisers, the Napoli gets a mega-buff to its magical SAPcondaries. Surely there's no reason not to restore Siegfried's to a functional state?
  2. Lexmechanic

    KOTS container ingame mission for CO-OP...

    While WG is good at managing its playerbase when it comes to activity and monetization, AND we don't have the full picture, the anti-co-op & anti-scenario stance does have many hallmarks of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  3. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    That's specifically what this thread is not about.
  4. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    Hi @Crysantos, I know the cogs of the machine move ponderously but it's been a while. Can you tell us anything, or at least, help with returning the ship? :)
  5. Lexmechanic

    Duel: The new WOWS video is magnificent, except...

    I assumed the torpedo bounce was a dramatization of a "very close miss", one of those "hoooooooly shiiiiii...!" moments.
  6. Lexmechanic

    Erich Loewenhardt is she worth it?

    She's great in Scenarios, much like the Ark Royal.
  7. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    Thanks in advance, Crysantos. I'd like to point out, however, that I realize the Sieg is probably performing well. The unique situation is that the "secondary cruiser" playstyle was suggested and then killed. So even if it's still a strong ship (possibly), I wouldn't have bought it. I expect I'm not the only one. So unless there is a plan to fix her secondaries to be viable again, I would still kindly ask that you accept the ship back and give me my RPs :)
  8. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    I appreciate all the input in the thread. To address some practical matters about the situation: By "refund" I naturally mean RPs. I would argue that their accrual actually requires both quite a bit of effort and the expenditure of other in-game resources, like rebuying ships at a loss. I'm counting on WG's good will here, I have no intention of turning it into a legal case. I sent a support ticket right after the captain rework. I received the predictable reply: rules are rules. So I decided to give WG a chance to fix the ship as they had promised to "watch all ships closely" and intervene if needed. Now that we've learned about the foreseeable future as far as skill rework is concerned, I lost all hope and I'm making a case in this thread. While I weep over the dead body of USS Flint (look how they massacred my boy!), all cruisers got hit by the loss of access to AFT. That makes it a type of change that WG should be able to make. Nor was the Flint advertised by its range. I'll reiterate that the main features making the Siegfried's case unique are the fact that its secondaries were a part of the ship's advertised features and, when it comes to the changes an entire playstyle got 'retired', expressly. That's not a game-wide or a class-wide change but something that disproportionately affects the Siegfried, an expensive ship to acquire. Since people have already cast the summoning spell, it would indeed be good if @Crysantos could take a look.
  9. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    I thought the disclaimer made it clear but in case those are indeed good faith comments, let me reiterate: I do not begrudge WG my money. The ship was a RB reward (and thus one could argue, actually pretty costly). I'm making a request for WG to take a look at this and consider a good faith gesture towards anyone in the same boat as myself, if you'll pardon the pun. I don't intend to make any dramatic pronouncements about leaving the game or not buying a thing ever again. I'm not trying to blackmail or bully anyone into anything. I think the Siegfried suffered something that has never happened before: the cancellation of an entire playstyle. Not figuratively but by WGs full admission. I think people who feel the way I do deserve their RP back.
  10. Lexmechanic

    I would like a refund please, WG

    An RB ship which has been used in battles can't be 'returned' according to normal rules. Thus, I'm making a forum appeal to look into the unique circumstances around the ship.
  11. tl;dr I believe that the Siegfried is a unique case and people should be offered an option to refund it. Disclaimer: I spend money in WoWs. No idea if it's enough to make me a whale but I suspect so. I like the game in general, it helped me get through incredibly tough times and I'm ok with compensating WG for it. That being said, I would like to return the Siegfried and get my points back. Yes, I bought it for the secondaries. I'm not minmaxing, I play for fun. Community Contributors, the WG team on official streams and even the official Wiki had the Siegfried described as standing out due to its effective secondaries. It WAS a fun build to play and I liked it. After the captain skill rework, that option doesn't exist. Am I salty in general that the Siegfried is much weaker, like all supercruisers? Yes. But this post isn't about that. After the captain skills rework, WG stated that "secondary cruisers were no longer a thing" because there weren't enough ships with that option to justify supporting the playstyle. That's the crux of my issue with the extent of changes to the Siegfried. "Boo-hoo! Things have changed before! The stealth firing nerf affected many ships!" etc. Yes, but that's a part of the problem. This wasn't a sweeping change to the entire game, with proportional impact on entire classes. Siegfried was: Fairly new Expensive Expressly billed as a cruiser with good secondaries and an option to play it as such The change was: Total: an entire playstyle was "deleted" Affected mainly the Siegfried I waited patiently for the tweaks after the rework but it's clear now that fixing the Siegfried isn't on the radar and, as was stated, there's no interest in reviving the secondary cruiser playstyle (even though it could be done with direct tweaks to the ship). I understand what the usual rules are but I believe this is an exceptional case and thus it deserves special consideration. I can't speak for other owners of the Siegfried but I'd like a refund please.
  12. Lexmechanic

    German DD split, Soon

    An even less interesting line than RN CAs.
  13. Lexmechanic

    New ranked battles = discrimination for disabled players!

    What OP is saying affects anyone with less time available to play ranked. The mode is now separated into tiers BY DESIGN. Plenty of people will never rank out in gold, ever. Myself included, most likely. There isn't a shred of 'discrimination' in this and implying that for a clickbaity topic is just.. let me leave it at that. Ranked is a COMPETITIVE mode in a game with both time & effort requirement. Thankfully, with the new setup even people with much less time can rank out every week. Even better, you don't even have to rank out to get some rewards out of it, just win games. If you can't play this week, the following week will have the same opportunities.
  14. Lexmechanic

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    The part about this being a necessary prelude to the introduction of subs really worries me but I guess it is what it is. Otherwise, I agree that the skill trees needed to be split. Too bad WG decided to completely axe an entire playstyle at the same time. RIP secondary cruisers.
  15. Lexmechanic

    Is too late for Hizen?

    Puerto Rico, Odin and Anchorage all turned out to be well-balanced ships with many happy players. Unfortunately, as of now, nobody seems to like Hizen.