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  1. Lexmechanic

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    That was very nice! Thank you, WG!
  2. Lexmechanic

    Collector's Club Launch

    A full ship line is about to be released and a whole new one + a split are coming soon :)
  3. Lexmechanic

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    That video doesn't mess around. WG went full weeb.
  4. Lexmechanic

    The Asashio; Not a Hack ship.

    The Asashio is quite good: stealthy, hard-hitting guns.. all that on top of its insidious DW torps. It's much less situational than HMS Indomitable for example :)
  5. Lexmechanic

    Collector's Club Launch

    I wonder what the difficulty is in adding another 1 or 2 tiers of the Collectors Badge. Could @MrConway chime in again?
  6. Lexmechanic

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    So wait.. this is an EARLY ACCESS event (as in, everyone will get the ships for free NEXT patch) and people still whine that they may not get a ship in the FREE bundles? I understood a lot of the PR frustration but this is idiotic.
  7. Lexmechanic

    Accurate guns of the Poltava

    Sometimes Stalin smiles upon me and Poltava hits like a brick but more often its guns just troll me mercilessly with their crap dispersion.
  8. Lexmechanic

    How to Play Smolensk Review Guide

    Unless your aim is Super Unicum, there'll be a steady number of shells hitting the main deck + bow/stern of cruisers. That alone makes IFHE feel worth it.
  9. I would never pay 175k coal for him so I'm glad I snagged him before. He's good so I would consider shelling out a lot of doubloons but not a rare resource like coal and in such an amount.
  10. Lexmechanic

    Collector's Club Launch

    With all respect due to the number of tasks on everyone's plate, adding another badge doesn't seem too hard. As I see more and more people with the 250 ships emblem (and they're perforce some of the staunchest WG 'supporters'), I must not be the only one who would appreciate emblems for 300 or 350 ships to work towards.
  11. Lexmechanic

    Submarines are Coming

    I'm just here to say this is a terrible mistake. Submarines will change the pacing and the unique nature of combat in WoWs to its detriment. Now, do your worst.
  12. Lexmechanic

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was so proud of achieving 300k damage in Narai before coming here. Oh, well. Back to school for me ?
  13. Lexmechanic

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    In my limited PvP experience, RU BBs are often perceived as stronger because they really do push more and thus have an impact on the game. Yes, they're well equipped for pushing but they do die when flanked. Their stats don't seem that special either. But the bigger picture really is that the game has to keep introducing strong (if not outright stronger) lines because of the nature of combat in WoWs. I've got 254 ships in my port right now. That's a nightmare to balance, even with MM brackets.
  14. Lexmechanic

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    In cruisers I still fear even a moderately skilled player in a Bismarck but other BBs really do seem stronger.
  15. Lexmechanic

    So whats the next step regarding CVs ?

    This is actually a good question. I remember the graphs shared by WG at the CC summit showing that the new CVs are more popular but only just slightly, now that the novelty period is over. What, then, if the lines close even more? What if the new CVs, after all the effort and drama? Become as much of an odd duck as the RTS mode? I personally liked seeing multiple squadrons of planes over the battlefield as someone who didn't feel the need to play CVs. Operations were also more fun with multiple formations of planes. Is there any chance we can get the RTS back if there's no difference? I'm only asking as someone who didn't need to play the old CVs and was fine with how they worked.