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  1. Torsp0

    The stat whores have arrived

    Nice site. I have been waiting to see my daily progression. Too lazy to keep it tracked by myself.
  2. Torsp0

    Finnish captains/ Suomalaiset kapteenit

    Finnish captain here
  3. Torsp0

    My other ship is TOG

    18k battles and 1950wn8 in wot. Before I got the wows beta key I was in a stage in wot where I started the client every day but just could not press the battle button. Past 30 days played 10 battles wot and 736 battles wows.. Everything is fun and new again.. Unfortunately not many of my former wot friends (and irl friend) have followed me to wows. Luckily the forumites channel is stronk in wows too.
  4. Torsp0

    How many are in-game and on forums as well?

    I am lurker and poll clickerer most of the time. And playerer too. Also visiting the ingame forumites channel in wows regularly (Expect last weekend because was drinking heavily )
  5. Torsp0

    Please let somebody change something with Nagato

    My results: Fuso: 51 battles, 14% hits 42,5k dmg (139,7k) Nagato: 52 battles, 25% hits, 47,3k dmg (138,7k) Amagi: 27 battles, 22% hits, 60,5k dmg (176,9k)
  6. Torsp0


    The more I play the more i like domination. In tier 7-8 I don't get domination that often anymore. I had very big streak of draws not so long time ago and that was not fun. Of course many of the draws where also my own fault but still. Now it is getting a little bit better in that matter also.. Maybe because I have played more in division ending up with less draws..
  7. Torsp0

    Way to burst my bubble

    It is in. You have to select random battles instead of co-op battles.
  8. Torsp0

    Please include option to invert mouse y-axis

    You can do it manually. Edit: Not sure if that works, dont use it myself. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7316-option-to-invert-mouse-y-axis-please/page__hl__%2Binvert__fromsearch__1
  9. Torsp0

    CBT Access for Pre-Order?

  10. Torsp0

    Detailed Bug List

    I could not get the screenshots open so was not sure
  11. Torsp0

    Unable to type in chat whilst spectating

    I have this bug every time I watch someone I am in division with. When I twitch to another ship the chat works.
  12. Torsp0

    Detailed Bug List

    Island bigger than it seems or an invisible wall in the map Islands of Ice.
  13. Torsp0

    300 MB Patch

    They fixed it.. Sims is a tier 7 DD now
  14. Torsp0

    Hard to read font

    first time I even notice those texts..
  15. Torsp0

    North - draw again?

    Noticed this myself too.. 5 draws in row now. Playing 4 tier 7 ships so getting this map a lot too..