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  1. Sharkey1993

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Well I think she should be tier 8 as shes more comparable to the Bismark,KGV, Amagi and North Carolina tbh. and a formentioned prem ship is missing from that tree too lol
  2. Sharkey1993

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Last I recall the Hood(admiral class) was going to be tier 8 same as Bismark and the lion class tier 9 or 10 not twice as the second version will be a hull upgrade?
  3. Sharkey1993

    So WG wrote that HE were nerfed 10-15% across the board?

    Well if you look closer your see you did do a lot of damage by fire like the cleveland can do 18ks worth by fire thats not bad
  4. Sharkey1993


    ah just practice shes a great ship an surprises a lot of people when played right like I had my whole team go in chat RIP sharkey then I take about 4 ships out from B be point an I just say you said
  5. Sharkey1993


    She Had 550 meter turn rate before the nerf its rudder shift time thats nerfed on all ships which is completely unrelated to the turn radius the rudder shift is how quickly it reacts to get to that turn radius. another words the time between when you press to turn an the rudder reaching its maxium angle to do the turn radius has been increased causing her to feel less manoeuvrable
  6. Sharkey1993

    So WG wrote that HE were nerfed 10-15% across the board?

    From my experiences I feel HE hasn't changed much as its still annoying with the constant fires and module damage but at the end of the day HE is there to damage modules an AP is there to dish the damage out. so saying HE isn't effective isn't right as it is more than effective at taking out modules an being an inconvenience's to BBs so it most likely is a bug with the Montana an Iowa armour profiles as its pretty effective against all my bbs no matter what tier its just the Iowa an Montana I haven't tested yet Plus if you learnt anything about naval history then try an keep your distance in a cruiser making it easier to dodge an get those vital plunging fire hits in. the amount of times ive seen cruises come in close an aim at the 330mm belt armour on my warspite an fail is hysterical HellSpunk, on 09 June 2015 - 06:31 PM, said: They're so rare it's practically a non factor, which is why I didn't consider it. I've personally never observed a BB gun blowing up a CA in such a way. I've done it twice to Cleveland in my warspite but ammo racks are pretty much down to luck
  7. Sharkey1993

    The game hates me

    amen to that. its all a big learning curve for us all new or old WG gamers. at the end of it all its about having fun and enjoying what a fantastic game it is. plus if we all didn't do stupid things every now and again then it might get boring not being able to laugh at each-other
  8. Sharkey1993

    The game hates me

    Agreed. always learn something new every day. plus we all get reset at launch and possibly get reset for OBT
  9. Sharkey1993

    The game hates me

    If you play any class in the way its ment to be played you can have a high influence on the outcome of the battle. i played CV,BB,CA and DDs during alpha. to try out my hands in what i felt comftable playing now i only play BB's and CA's but i can still keep a good 54% win rate. its down to how you use your ship and how well communicated with your team mate you are. one match i was in my Fuso and teamed up with a cleveland and completely cleared the right flank together and then finally knocking out there air support
  10. Sharkey1993

    The game hates me

    Don't feel so down guys. it happens to all of us. Since CBT I got my win rate up to 64% and was averaging around 4 kills across the board. some weeks I win every game and others I can land up with a weeks worth of games contiuesly losing maybe wining 1 in 4 games in that time. it happens just do your best and with these weeks of losing its dropped me to 53% its a bummer but thats it really do all you can.
  11. Sharkey1993

    Torpedos over powered?

    Wow they use to be OP but they arnt now so stop moaning and learn to evade simple as that good luck
  12. Sharkey1993

    Can WG confirm beta weekenders are automatically in CBT?

    Weekend testers have to download a new client tomorrow your current Weekend test client will not update
  13. Sharkey1993

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    HMS Hood in all her beauty
  14. are the alpha clients already up to date with the CBT version then ?
  15. Sharkey1993

    I will miss you...

    Agreed, its been fun and a great time