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  1. siera97

    Aktualizacja 0.9.5: Stocznia

    Naprawdę trzeba było zamienić litery na ikonki? Co się nie mieściło? Na jakich ekranach gracie? Minus :(
  2. siera97

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    I can agree with that. However, I would prefer subs to be nerfed and forced to more often resurfacing (as many of you guys already said) than adding unnececary depth charges to BB's. This way, we would have some kind of historical resemblance, and some divericty among the roles.
  3. siera97

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    1. Well BB's and heavy crusiers dont have the possibility, thats a fact. But if you have a dd in your team then its ok, or did you meant BB? Other that this situation, subs are very often located by dd's and CL's. 2. Im not talking about concealment. They can be equiped with the same detecting devices dd's have. Knowing approximite location, as you are closing in will definitly help, as you will be able to setup earlier. 3. Well from my experience its the other way. I had no problems killing subs as dd, and also it was very hard to survive as a sub with dd's throwing charges at me. Consumable helps, but only if you will do it ahead of time. But i didnt played all that many games, so perhaps i will change my opinion. Also perhaps it varies on ships used, maybe there are some dmg bugs, and so on. 4. Again, you dont have to know exact location to harm it with depth charges. You can do a recon flyby, and then setup to attack, when you know were it is. Its very slow when bellow the water, so you should have no problems catching it. Also, together with detecting devices akin to dd's, it will be easier, as you will get pings when closing in. In the end you have to answer yourself a basic question. Would you prefer to have depth charges? Or do you reject them, only because you think you wouldnt be able to hit anything with them. Subs will require lots of changes, and adding depth charges to CV's, is in my opinion one of the basisc ones, rather easy to implement.
  4. siera97

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Its quite simple. 1. You dont have to spot him by yourself, they are often located by dd or someone else. 2. if CV's get depth charges, then i find it obvious, that they will also aquire some form of detecting them, as they had in real life. 3. You dont have to know their precise location, because depth charges do a lot of area dmg. 4. You can do this, the same way you attack DD, that has its AA off. You know where it may be, so you prepare ahead of time.
  5. siera97

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    I was sceptical about subs, but i find them rather funny to play as, or against. I played 3 matches as Izmail, and found that subs are abig threat, but only if you go alone. Possible presence of hidden enemy lurking underwater, forces more coordinated approach. I had a good time hunting subs as a Gepard and Aigle, but i think that subs can spot dd's to reliably when safely away. My favorite part of playing sub, by far were fights with another subs. Those are completely different, and thus, refreshing. I think that subs shouldnt be allowed to recharge, when underwater, maybe apart from high tier consumable, that would allow it from periscope depth. Spoting should also be only possible from periscope depth, and i think that sub should be more visible on that depth. I think that does 2 changes would allow BB's and Cruisers to more effectivly fight subs, as it would force them to resurface more often. CV's also should have ability to drop depth charges. I think they should be availible as consumable, because another kind of plane, would render them to situational and perhaps to effective against subs. Those depth charges should deal much less dmg than normal ones. As to coments about not allowing subs at all. I think that many players are afraid of any changes. Subs, if properly balanced, will be a great asset to the game, one that can make it more dynamic, as it would force ships to move at all times, and perhaps even force them out of hiding. If we were to listen to all voices of protest, then we would propably end up without CV's. And afret that, DD's would prpably become enemy number one for most players. Eventually, we would end up with BB's and couple of Crusiers roaming edges of the map, we can already see it in some matches, when no DD's or CV's are present. More variety is equivalent to more fun, by my standards.