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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Might as well add my name to the list. #1 Roma, LoYang or Molotov #2 Molotov #3 doubloons
  2. I did most of the tiers up to 4 in co-op. That way the battles (for me) were far less frustrating. And less re-training required when you obtain the extra capt. xp. I'll be sticking to that ship until I at least get CE on him.
  3. Captain's skills ?

    http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc this may be of some help. Otherwise, see if any of the youtubers (the usual suspects like notser, flamu etc.) have done a video of a specific ship and captian build.
  4. Thought I'd join them earler. What a queue
  5. I think I'll have to 'get a room' with the Shchors. This ship really likes me. Enemy Nagato had a good game too.
  6. Can't seem to get more than 6 myself. Most recently last night. A bit of clubbing in ArkansasB. Just for captain training (honest)
  7. 50,000 flooding damage

    On a brighter note. There has been fewer BBs because of the amount of DDs around.
  8. Hope you sent him love from the forum (in the form of HE)
  9. I'm guessing that most of said games lost go like this.. or at least in domination mode:
  10. KamakazeR, Kiev Budyonny and just started playing Shchors. It's becoming a new fave. Arkensas Beta, scharnhorst & Bismark. It's possible I may be a closet BBaby
  11. Report???

    Does seem to be a fair ol' bit of this around. On the rare occasion I have a good battle, must be cheating. Reported! (twice today from 7 games)
  12. Had a fantastic game with Leo_Apollo11 in his Farragut. Our team lemmingtrained to one side, no matter, we swept across the map capping and sinking ships as we went. Excellent job sir Great fun.
  13. Anyone still using AP?

    looks like WG have introduced Habakkuk to the game
  14. No this is not World of Batleships !

    I'm sure that I'm one amongst many who are playing more BBs than usual at the moment becuase of the Bismark missions. Normal cruiser and DD service will resume shortly.