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  1. Stixius

    [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    They look great. But how often do you see them around these days?
  2. Stixius

    Buff to high tier credits

    Hmm. is this the worlds most irritating gif?
  3. Had this today. Thought I'd beaten my personal best for damage in a game (or very close to it). Then i remembered a few days ago.....
  4. Not deliberatly aiming to be devils advocate here but..... Because of the general salty nature of the player base. players like the 'anonymous div.' above, probably live with a semi-perminent chat ban for because reasons. Playing in a div with team speak is probably the one way to co-ordinate some form of team play. While I freely admit I'd hate to come up against this sort of div. in the enemy side. I'd probably hate it more if it was forbidden. Hell of a punishment for being a good player that you're not allowd to play with friends (that also happen to be good). If they can't div. in top tier where could be concidered fair that they can they play together? Can't comment on if the ships used being OP as i don't have any of them. Would the OP have created this thread if there weren't ranked stats displayed in randoms? Not sure if this thread is a veiled gripe at #carrierswithunfairsquadrons or unicum divs? Although that is a good point at the mo.
  5. Stixius

    i won gaming laptop?

    Wonder why black Tipex never took off?. FFS! I had't thought about the game in ages!! Damn you
  6. Had the good fortune yesterday to be in a random team with @xXx_Blogis_xXx (who was in a 2 man div.). Did a great job of making life more comfortable for the team
  7. Weirdly, I (mostly) enjoyed the games required to fulfill the missions. I was fortunate enough to get the Gallant for Xmas gift boxes. Managed the torping missions without the need to do stupid things. Feel some sympathy for those who had to use Brit. cruisers to get that one (bad design to encorage yolo play). Not a hope in hell of doing the 90k dmg with torps. Far too many DDs in game forcing opposition to use the WASD hacks This was one of my main reason for pursuing the DoY. German and PA DDs with the Sharn's lovely cammo
  8. I too haven't played her much. I'll keep it to co op until I unlock the modules. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind the next time take her out. Budy with a speed boost can't be bad. Can it?
  9. Nothing exceptional here, not even great damage. But it's my first 1 mill. credit game (e.g. without 500k Mission rewards)
  10. Beat my personal best for damage (previously162k in a Isokaze) by 10k. But that was just the icing on the cake to what was an enjoyable random game where we managed to turn the tide (sorry for the pun) in a game.
  11. 2 stars remaining to unlock final mission. If my prefrontal lobes survive that is On the plus side, I probably wouldn't have played the Gallant that much if it weren't for these damn missions. It feels like a nice 'jack of all trades' kind of dd
  12. Stixius

    Bots and afks

    During the previous patch, I was afk for at least one game a day. And that would be for the entire duration of that battle. In that time it wouldn't matter how many times i'd re-start the game or my pc. There's only been one DC for me since the latest patch. That only required the game to be re-booted. It may be out of the players hands as to why they're afk. Rather than press [battle] then bugger off and make a cup of tea
  13. Stixius

    Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    100 Equal Speed Charlie London. 50k free XP. No spotter plane mod. Can't complain for an easy to do event.
  14. Stixius

    Daily mission madness

    Guess its time.....