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  1. uocat

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Preloaded potato launcher. Also served as reactive armor to protect the bridge.
  2. uocat

    Can't Connect to EU in China

    Hi, gariter! Thanks Conway to bring me in. As far as I know, the reason you can't connect is mainly because the most major ISPs route the connection to EU through one single gateway into the submarine cables, thus it is crowded as hell and leads to packet losses. Chinese players use gaming network boosters to solve this problem when playing on EU servers. The boosters take a de-tour, for example, via Russia, thus the lag and packet loss is relieved to some extent. As recommended by my clanmates, Lonlife is the best of the boosters. And fortunately, it has English version now. 1. Website http://www.lonlife.cn/en/index 2. Official Tutorial http://www.lonlife.cn/en/howto 3. Some correction from myself The screenshots in step 4 in the official tutorial is outdated. I will do a small guide below. 3.1 When you finish the installation and launch the booster, the starting page will look like this, you need to press the login button on the top right corner to sign in with your account. 3.2 After that, press the big square with "Add games" to choose the game you want to accelerate, to find World of Warships EU server, type wows in the searching area. Now it is the tricky part for non-Chinese speaker. You need to find 欧服 in the five given results, which means EU server. Then press Add Game. 3.3 Now you will be returned to the starting page with game added, just press the big blue button with Accelerate on it and launch you game client, hopefully you can play with around 180ms latency without packet loss if you have done all right. 4. Notes 4.1 As stated in the official tutorial, you need and have to buy the "Oversea“ membership to use the booster to connect to EU servers from China, which costs 97 CNY/~15 USD for 1 month. No refund available. 4.2 There could be still occasionally unstable network situation due to the performance of your local ISP or emergency situations of the servers on the de-tour routine. 4.3 The booster with Oversea membership can also work outside China when you have a good network but poor connection to target game servers due to cross-regional issues. Hopefully I have everything here in the post, I will try to help if you have any further problem, tho might be slow reply :) Good luck and hope to see you in the high seas on EU server soon!
  3. uocat

    Server clash EU vs Asia

    Maybe because as a cross region coordinator of this event I know teams from both sides well, tho I didn't expect OST did 0-3 :P
  4. uocat

    King of the Sea IV - The Summer King

    In case you can't find your favorite teams' VODs on European language streamers' channel, following are my VODs on first weekend of KotS IV:(Mandarin ALERT) Day 1 OP vs WGP2W Game 1: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12772189/#page=1 DELTA vs MR: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12772189/#page=2 AAO vs TWA: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12772189/#page=3 MR vs UFR Game 2: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12772189/#page=4 TWA vs WGP2W: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12772189/#page=5 MR vs T3X0: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12772189/#page=6 Day 2 MR vs DELTA: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=2 MDIVX vs KIMO: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=3 MR vs DSW: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=4 TTT vs WGP2W Game 1: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=5 MR vs OM: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=6 WGP2W vs UFR: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=7 OM vs TWA: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12815123/#page=8
  5. uocat

    4x4 Tournament

    Day 1: EZI vs UFR: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12243159/#page=1 HYPER vs OM http://www.bilibili.com/video/av12243159/#page=2 Note: Commentary in Chinese
  6. uocat

    Season 5 - Show off your High Scores

    Just kind of "High Score" R18-R1
  7. The Final has resulted in a 4:2 win for Maiden Tea Party. Congratulation to Tea Party for the victory and the 10k CNY award! Also thanks to F3 for their great performance during the whole pre-season matchs and please enjoy the 5k CNY award as the 2nd place team! Both teams are invited to the DST S2 Major. Thanks for the great casting by iEarlGrey and Bloodlegend! You can find the VOD of today's Final at iEarlGrey's youtube channel later. DST will see you soon!
  8. Ahoi Captains, The battle of EU-Asia-China is just over, but here comes more for you to enjoy! Maiden Tea Party and F3, the 2 eastern teams you know from the previous showmatch, are going to have their duel in the Final of DST S2 Pre-Season. So, don't miss the show at 1400 CEST on Jun.18(Saturday)! This time, iEarlGrey will join Bloodlegend to be our English Commentary: http://www.twitch.tv/deepseatournament http://www.twitch.tv/iearlgrey For those who are interested in Chinese commentary, here is the link: http://www.panda.tv/373220 As 1st place of circuit stage, F3 will have already a win counted for the BO7 Final. So Tea Party has to get 4 wins in 6 games to earn the title of the Championship. We can expected an tough but aggressive gameplay from Tea Party. Can F3 defend their advantage and secure the final victory and bring home the 10k CNY reward? Let's wait and see on the stream! Deep Sea Tournament http://www.deepseatournament.com/ info@deepseatournament.com
  9. The 1st matchday of the showmatch is over. Tea Party won over Kaper Kommando 3:0. The VOD will be uploaded by Crysantos soon, and then we will update the link in the thread. Next match will be played on Jun.16 1400 CET. Stay tuned!
  10. Ahoi Captains! We are glad to invite you to watch the Deep Sea Tournament EU-Asia-China Showmatch. Two strong European clans send out their best fleets to face up with the challenge from the two Chinese leading teams in DST Season 2. They will meet on Jun. 14 and Jun. 16 at 1400 CET. Vod available at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Woschdbrot Crysantos and Bloodlegend has been recruited as our field reporters, they will deliver the first-hand live battle report from the engaging territorial waters. Captains, please adjust your radio frequency to the following coordinate so you won’t miss the ongoing intense fight! http://www.twitch.tv/deepseatournament http://www.twitch.tv/crysantos http://www.twitch.tv/papedipupi (KKTM Player PoV) On Jun. 16, 1400 CET, the flames of battle continued to burn between Tora Tora Tora and F3. Tora Tora Tora fought fiercely, especially in the 4th battle. Although, F3 made a almost perfect 2-way push on Tear of the Desert in the last game and secure a 3:2 victory of the serie. Tora Tora Tora is the Top of the ladder of Team Battle in EU cluster. Consist of mostly Scandinavian players, the viking blood flowing in their veins makes them a brutal force on the High Sea. F3, a fleet based on Asian Server, is a lover of cruiser Moskau. Hence, they seems to be inspired with the spirit of Russian warships: Attack! F3 will seize every opportunity to do rapid push, oppressing their enemy to the corner of the map. As it says in the well-known ancient The Art of War, speed is the soldier’s asset. Both teams are strongly offensive. Will their battle turn out to be a short-range brawl? Let’s open up the streaming channel on time to see which fleet has the shaper spear. On Jun. 14, 1400 CET, the first battle has been played between Kaper Kommando and Maiden Tea Party. The BO5 resulting in 0:3 in favor of Tea Party. Kaper Kommando’s fleet, led by papedipupi, carries the glory of Deustch-Marine. They are well-trained and determined. Their steel fleet can pierce any opponent’s defence and bring the victory to the Vaterland. Maiden Tea Party is the first WoWS team in China which sets its own goal to be a part of a diversified E-sport club. They have unrestrained ideas of tactics and strong execution power, featuring the brave and creative use of cruisers. Their only weakness currently could be distraction from Overwatch. Each team also have a world-class CV player, their struggle against each other over the sky will be a too exciting scene to miss.
  11. Good day, captains! Deep sea tournament is an e-sport competition featuring the game World of Warships. For the moment, the event is held on CN server, but we are trying our best to communicate with WG EU to bring it here. Currently we are doing the pre-season of DST2. If it is possible, we hope you can pay a visit to our official streaming channel on Panda.tv. We will have games go live from 19:30-24:00 during May.21-22 and May.25-Jun.7 Beijing Time.(Or 13:30-18:00 CET) http://www.panda.tv/373220 http://www.panda.tv/10643 You can get more information from our website: http://www.deepseatournament.com (currently only in Chinese) Here is a trailer made by us, a mix of DST replays and WG CGs. Enjoy!
  12. Hi everyone, Today (April.23) at CEST 10:00, the Finals of Deep Sea Tournament will be held on CN server and streamed at: http://www.panda.tv/373220 http://www.douyu.com/deepsea The commentary will be Chinese, it is free for any other language broadcaster to restream. Deep Sea Tournament is a competition with a form of 7vs7 battles. 8 teams are invited and 4 of them will survive the Point Race stage and enter the Finals. Semis will be BO3, and the Grand Final will be BO5. The maps are Ban-Picked by team captains. The 1st season is zoned on CN server. But we are expecting to expand the tournament to EU, ASIA and NA. So stay tuned!
  13. It is a Hiei Mental Model, which means it can only be used on Hiei, the T5 Kongo-Class BB. :/
  14. My guess: 1-1 Haruna mental model 1-2 Haruna 1-3 Kirishima mental model 1-4 Kirishima Completion: Hiei 2-1 500k credit 2-2 Iona mental model 2-3 None Completion: Hiei mental model
  15. Actually, I'm posting to complain a bit. So if you are not feeling well about this, close the thread. This is what I posted in Public Test Feedback thread: PS. I don't understand why there is not a stand-alone thread for Aviation feedback even it is a big part of 0.5.2. So this is in "General Feedback". It is surprising that 0.5.2 hits live so fast, and what is more surprising is that this deathPenalty is just hits live unchanged. I mean, DEV puts that parameter for each plane module so that they can balance them out in specific, and it turns out they just won't do it. Is it just cuz of Xmas is here and the version 0.5.2 has to go live before the holiday, thus DEV has no time to do that fine tune for balance purpose? Come on..... To me, it is so obvious that 2x and 3x deathPenalty is set based on T10 CV performance, but why again, you balance the top tier by hurting the lower tiers? Even you have set a path by yourself to do a nice and polished fine-tune without hurting anything? And if any of you think this is a right suggestion to go, please spread this around and let's make some changes happen.