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  1. This sums up pretty mutch what I feel WG's respose to players and cc's is. dolphins = cc's :)
  2. After spending ALOT off money these past few years I've also decided enough is enough. I was considering buying the Congress about a week ago but recent events ("Miscommunication", WG treatment of cc's, lootbox after lootbox and laughable apologies from WG) have made my mind up to close my wallet for the foreseeable future. WG would have to pull some serious miracle PR stunt for me to even reconsider buying anything again. Well done WG you've just killed another whale.
  3. SplendidFox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Game was very close to a lose, So i had to put my big boy pants on and go ham in the Mino and it actually worked. Sank a Minnesota, Moskva and another mino is very quick succession. Also Mino best t10 torpedo boat apparently. Added the replay if anyone is intrested 20210815_133419_PBSC110-Minotaur_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  4. SplendidFox

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    I damn sure I dont get what you are saying, but as others have said lets keep this discussion on point and not go over every racial slur that exists.
  5. SplendidFox

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    Whats that got to do with his use off the N word, also did I say that only black people were made victims of slavey? My point is that non coloured people will NEVER undstand what it meens to be called the N word. A non Chinese person will NEVER understand what it meens to be called a C***K etc. stop trying to siderail the discussion
  6. SplendidFox

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    From his twitter " I am terribly shamed by my remarks. It was silly and childish. My cultural ignorance took the best out of me and my frustrations are vented wrongly, despite being posted on private chats ". how can some people be so flocking childish in this day and age is beyond me, As if it being posted in a private chat somehow vindicates him and wtf does cultural ignorance even mean, he's never seen or heard of a diffrent coloured man/women in his life? ... Easy unsub on youtube. lets hope scum like him disappears from the game.
  7. SplendidFox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The one shell that could. funny thing is that I was giving him full broadside from about 6km away to aviod a swarm of shima torps and he fired a salvo at me for only 10k damage :P rngesus giveth and taketh away.
  8. SplendidFox

    Is Agir Still Worth It? T9 Gneisenau?

    I think she's an exellent ship, alot of people say the alaska is better ship but me personally, I've had better results with the agir and enjoyed playing her more. She relies on AP more so then the alaska or azuma but once you find your playstyle with her she can be quite rewarding to play. Do beware though that despite the fact she has turtleback she can still be fairly easy to citadel from bb's and high pen crusiers but overall the armour on her is good. play her safe in the beggining off the matches and she can be a great force multiplier in the later stages off the game.
  9. SplendidFox

    Torpedo Aiming Issue

    Just wanted to add that hey stil haven't fixed the bug that causes one or more of your turrets doing a 360 through your ship, leaving you with a turret or two less in a fight. A bug I first noticed in CBT and then there is the lock sector bug where you lock your guns with right mouse hold and they all spin to the other side of your ship.
  10. Destroying a ship with a grand total off 0 damage.... what?
  11. SplendidFox

    Brawls - no mission?

    I wont be playing this joke of a mode after being put up against a full tryhard unicum division with a CV (ours without) you can guess the result, its just a clubbing mode for full clan divisions. Avoid if your solo
  12. SplendidFox

    Time to brag

    Records Damage 345 788 Hindenburg Destroyed warships 7 Lion Experience 5 596 Kidd Aircraft Destroyed 100 Massachusetts Warships spotted 12 Kaga B Damage upon spotting 232 724 Halland I also still hold the number 3 spot for highest dmg in the Bismarck (EU) back when secondaries where a thing at 313 374k
  13. SplendidFox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    So I tried to use AP more in the Lion, was pleasantly surprised.
  14. SplendidFox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yes, no, maybe, I dont know, can you repeat the question? seriously though why cant I use any ship If i so choose to? I not a big fan of cv's but I dont private msg them after every game when they take a dump on me, at the end off the day I will play what ship I want regardless off personal honour and other hackusations
  15. SplendidFox

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not the best achievement ever but the private msg I got after the game gave me a laugh, the thing Is I kinda off agree with the guy but should I not use the Thunderer because off personal honour? hmmmm