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  1. Mydgard

    Game bugged - Clan battles failed

    Then go back to EVE Online, forget clan battles today... :) -1 premium day, gg wg.
  2. Mydgard

    Game bugged - Clan battles failed

    Sure, money for nothing.
  3. Hi! I cannot see Clan Battles option, clan chat, CB divisions etc. Anyone has same bugs?
  4. Mydgard

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    And how about Lenin and Stalin? They are also dictators and mass murderers. So? Be straight. As you said "There are plenty of things not to like about that men." But they are in the game: Lenin, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Molotov (common march of Wermacht and Red Army in occupied Poland, yea?). So when you talk about nazism let's continue with communism. But this topic is not about history, it's a developer blog and we are talking about a ship's name right? So finally I can say, Ludendorff is not worse name or person at all than Lenin, Stalin or Molotov.
  5. Mydgard

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Hey why did you rename the Ludendorff? For what's like feedback?! He was a serious german general and war hero. Do not rename it.
  6. Mydgard

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Typical "you have to lose", WG balanced matchmaking. :) Simple 0-7, after a winning row of course. 3 radars vs. 1. 2 Stalin vs. 0. 3 Typhoon league players vs. 1. Much better ranked players vs. worse.
  7. Mydgard

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Dear WG! Ranked. 3 radar cruisers + 1 sonar DD against 0 radar, 0 sonar DD. Is it a well balanced matchmaking? I only ask. Naturally it was a simple lose for us.
  8. Mydgard

    Rename ranked in Smolensked

    I don't feel Smolenks so OP in ranked battles, no need salt.
  9. Mydgard


    I have choosen Bourgogne firstly from these ships, I think it's one of the most funny and OP ship. Extreme good aiming, reload boost, 12 guns + secondaries.
  10. Mydgard

    Khabarovsk - Skills and upgrades

    Well this ship seems totally useless in this meta, weakest between T10 destroyers. If someone has any acceptable idea, I should see, if hasn't I hibernate this soviet piece of crap.
  11. Mydgard

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    Conqueror. Record damage (316k), terrible WR (~40%).
  12. Mydgard

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    Many people forget, not all players will reach R1, it's impossible. Accurate and clever people most times reach it. Many people sunk himself into endless lifting instead of stop playin ranked for a while, burn out themselves and start cry here. After many seasons clever people got the experiences how can play it with fewest frustration. 1. Find your optimal ship(s)! With whom you have the best performance and you have largest chance to save your star. Anyway fun to play for you. 2. If you lose a star without saving in maximum 2(!) battles, stop playing ranked immediately. Take a break, try later.
  13. Mydgard


    I reached R5 with 50 games. Don't play much games. Try to get some stars per a day and after stop ranked on that day. Now take 3 days break because travel to our parents, so I should like take it easy. :)
  14. Mydgard

    The Chronicles of Potato

    I am a "good" player only. To be effective: 1. You need a clear mind. 2. Start to think when your game is starting. 3. Analyze all informations what you see, map, ship types, motion, know your ship's abilities exactly and know all fighting ships' abilities etc. 4. Survive is important. 5. Learn to shot, aiming, know your targets' weak points. 6. Know your weak points. 7. Cap control is one of the key of victory. 8. Try to find partners in your team, together you are more successful. 9.One thing to win and one to be effective with your ship these aren't together always, depends what's like your team. 10. Concentrate. If you are tired or you are grinding something your statistic maybe worse.
  15. Mydgard

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I want to join to the lottery! O7