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  1. Mydgard

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yesterday evening, finally. It was a funny season, T9 was a good choice.
  2. Mydgard

    Which flags do you have?

    Hi! I got some new flags, I present my actual collection, :)
  3. I'm not so bad DD player and have usually good statistic with them, but I have the worst, red with Black. Those torpedos are terrible, very rare hit. The smoke+radar combo seems OP firstly, but later you see it's not a wonderweapon with his activation time and after again he's again an avarage gunboat with useless torpedos. I'm disapointed in him.
  4. Mydgard

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    Russian-soviet BBs... It's a tale/fiction category. I believe it's a russian game, but don't understand why need to force such an imagine. 😊 It starts to become joky.
  5. Mydgard

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Hi guys! I'd join to the lottery, good luck for all!
  6. Mydgard

    Ranked Season 10

    Stuck at R5 for 6-7 days and after back from 4/1 to 7/0. What can I say?
  7. Mydgard

    What ships are you taking out in Ranked?

    Few torps and they hit low damage. I just changed Z to a gunboat, 3.2s reload, 3k max AP damage.
  8. I think your WR is very important with a ship, it shows how can you play with that, how succesfuly, your playstrength to change the battle. It works by me, therefore I advice.
  9. The most important to play with those ships with whom you are the best. - check your statistic with your available ships, which has best WR% - you have to get a star OR don't lose a star, so prefer that ship with whom you're able to become top XP earner - you have to survive as long as you can, it means you can do more damage, get more ribbons, achievements ergo get more XP - say tactic or follow others' tactic - be fresh, then you can concentrate better - if you lose 2 in a row, take a break and try later - try more ships if you lose with one of them, perhaps another will be better - if you get 3-4 stars then you can stop on that day and continoue on another day, because you can start lifting and start a infinite run, up and down
  10. Mydgard

    Ranked Season 10

    R10 reached and left (I hope finally) R15-R11 bracelet. I met today with first wave a braindeads, they appear always when ranked season is starting. Now hurry to R5.
  11. Mydgard

    Whats your favourite ship for ranked?

    T8 - Akizuki & Benson, reach R10 asap and after T10 madness: DM, Shimi, Goku and just develop YY to be ready to next ranked.
  12. Mydgard

    Got Rank 1, but can now play T7 Rank games?

    I tried to join games in Super League at evenings, but max number of player reached 13 only... Wait, wait and people left after each others. So I thought it will help when WG put exact playtime between 18:00-23:00 (?), but it doesn't work again. Perhaps people can earn Super Containers, then community should activize himself. ;)
  13. Mydgard

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    I also finished this season with 422 rounds. I had some stuck and drop back (from 4/1* to 7/3* and from 3/4* to 5/3*), before I didn't experienced same. I tried many T10 ships, but at last I prefered Shima, GoKu and Yama, these were my hardcarry choosing. As above written Shima was the best spotter and didn't get in immediately to cap circles, but torped firstly enemy's usual routes and camp positions. The 2 BBs built to secondary, GoKu with 406s + spotter plane, I prefered close combats, sometimes I got 2 Close Quarter Expert achievments in one battle. Try to use my HP pool on maximum level to protect teammates, I think it's also an important task near damagedealing. So it was harder as I thought, but found the good way to finish. Good luck for players who are still in fight.
  14. Mydgard

    Game crash offen with patch

    Hi! Same was here, change game settings from ultra to high (audio), it solved the problem by me. Update: I see it has written by another guy.
  15. Mydgard

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    It"s history from now. ;)