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  1. Mydgard

    The fun of reaching Rank 2... 5 or 6 times

    From R2/0* you have to play all games as that should be the last. Every star is a treaseure. Play when you are calm and fresh, chose ship what's best to save your star, take a break if you don't feel the force. There is any mistake if you were 7x R2 finally.
  2. Mydgard

    Ranked matchmaking - thank you Wargaming!

    Today I left ranked, it was enough. WG don't want my R1, I got more times invisible walls from them, stucked for days by a rank. I was ~70x lose 2nd XP, but usually CVs saved their stars. There are more problems with this system, this season was really toxic. Who reached R1 I congratulate him, who is still in fghts I wish good luck. 07
  3. Mydgard

    Ranked matchmaking - thank you Wargaming!

    Well I also did my jump up and down in this season, I did not keep the unwritten rule, if I lose 2 games without starsaving, I have to finish ranked. R6 -> R10, R5 -> R7. MM is strongly manipulated this is my opinion, because it's not normal when you got a 8-10 lose streak and after come a same winning streak. What is you real feel, games don't depend on you, you can do anything if that's a lost battle then you will lose. I started and started new and new games to check this system work and really I wasn't able to prevent losing. If WG decided, you will lose. Only question will you be able to save your star? In this meta only some ships and ship types can do it. CVs, Henris, Conqueror, some good BB players.
  4. Mydgard

    Ranked stars - My idea

    I have 53.5% WR with T10s after ~1400 random battles and yes now in this ranked season I don't reach 50%... Why my performance much worse in ranked?! Good question. I was 2nd XP at least 60x in loser team, I am at R4 with ~430 games. In previous season I reached R1 with 139 battles and 60% WR. Yes I became frustrated. Idk why so low my WR, but in most battles I really try to do everything for victory, but it's very not enough.
  5. Mydgard

    Ranked stars - My idea

    Mental... Many times lose top XP earner do more serious performance like half of winner team.
  6. Mydgard

    Ranked stars - My idea

    I think need more generosity and balance for players in loser team who try to do everything for victory. I mean first two XP earners let safe their stars somehow.
  7. Mydgard

    Ranked stars - My idea

    It's also good. Well I should be R1 long ago if loser 2nd should keep his star. I was 2nd at least 60x in loser team. So I do my best, but many times not I am the best.
  8. Mydgard

    Ranked stars - My idea

    Well I think it should be a balance and motivation in winner and loser team too. Winner team: - Worst XP earner lose 1 star Loser team: - Best XP earner win 1 star - 2nd XP earner don't lose 1 star
  9. Mydgard

    Ranked - Stalingrad play style

    Stalins sucks because lack of AA, in R5-R2 bracelet you almost always get CVs.