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    Bug Reports

    Performance issues in gameplay - before 0.7.2 i had no any issues with game performance, but now there are massive lag (no network or video card) when something happens in game. Especially when spotting enemy ships first time. It looks like game stucking for loading models or textures? - OK, that's true, I running WoWs from HDD not from SSD, but I don't realize busy/working HDD when lags happens. Exactly same OS, exactly same PC like before. DXDIAG attached with PC and OS details DxDiag-kotysoft.txt
  2. BALTA ( Balatoni Tengerész Alezred ) looking for casual players. Currently there are no special requirements (yet). Hungarian or English language only
  3. kotysoft

    Batteries stuck, unable to aim

    Just happened it again tomorrow. I just realized, when this problem persist, the camera movement was same like when keep pressing RMB. I pressed the RMB few times, and it worked again. Hardware is working fine, the RMB wasn't stuck (and always working outside game)
  4. kotysoft

    Performance lags

    It sounds like common server lag.
  5. kotysoft

    Batteries stuck, unable to aim

    Hi there, I came to report a critical bug happens me randomly (reason not investigated yet). During battle, sometimes my cannons stuck to specific direction. During this error: Can't move batteries Can't enter into binocular (zoom) view [mouse scroll and SHIFT] Details (% percentage of I made certain) Happens me with different ships, so it is not ship specific (100%) Lock/Unlock to sector/relative makes no result (100%) Changing weapon, opening big map, opening settings menu not removes this bug (90%) Bug disappears, when "a specific" ship dies in fire range (75%) Happens in server peak time, when server has minor/major lags (70%) Aiming looks like relative-locked, but the sign sometimes moving a little bit (70%) I'll try to collect and attach replay files. I hope the attached log file is relevant. The "first" one is uploaded now. 20150802_163734_PJSC005-Furutaka-1926_20_NE_two_brothers.zip