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  1. Tuench


    I guess we can close this one here, ty
  2. Tuench


    OK lets phrase it in another way, we need to be able to hurt a class of planes that hard so it cant be spammed. Agree with that? I want to have a fight here, not a one sided slaughtering. That counts for both sides.
  3. Tuench


    Hello, It seems kind of needed so I did it. The current state of the game is risky af. And part of it is the unfinished balancing. Not because the dev are unable to do, no more because we didnt test enough on the test servers. So here we are, getting spammed by planes with limitless attacks in a rate that is unbeliveable fast. Yes, the Hakuryu torpedo bomber setup is way to strong. So discuss, suggest ways how to work on that matter. The things I see as problem and need to be adressed are: These planes are still to fast, slow them down. There are too many attacks per match, 3 of one squad and you are able to strike within the 1st 30 seconds of the match. Planes are to durable, either remove the immunity stages or reduce the HP Pool of the TBs slightly. Planes dont die so the next wave of the same class is much to fast ready in most cases from what i have seen its instant. Spamming one class? Really? Wasnt that a thing we tried to avoid? 2. could fix that already but i suggest to increase the replenishing time slightly. These 3 things are needed to be worked on, a combinatin of 3x not so much as it is right now is my personal favorite. Could be just one thing as well, but if its only one, I would probably love to see the immunity gone. We need to be able to shred a class of planes if they are limitless so the CV is forced to adjust ingame. Best argument is still all surface ships lose AA mounts over the time of the engagement, the CV should lose striking potential too. Going the other way around and make all AA mounts immune would be fair^^ but nope, that would be a nono for me. Well, activate the idea blacksmith in You and give the devs something realistic to work with, greetings Tuench
  4. Tuench

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    What is going on? Still to many DDs out there WG that scare the BB cows?
  5. Tuench

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    I have the feeling nothing changed since test 2, planes are still much to fast. by the time u adjusted ur Sector reinforcement thing the planes are on the other side. And yes, I used the ManAA. I heard ppl saying that we have a passive AA now(on live), its even more passive with the sector control that u dont even touch coz its a waste of time and it covers ur screen with a tool that feels not that useful at all. I found out its best to just let it do its 100% thing on both sides. Either the planes have to be slower or the sector control needs to be responding much faster or a combination of both. To be honest, just remove the sector control and keep the click planes thing. The fighter planes are really good now, I like it. But than again it is not easy to get CV matches on the test server, same issues as last 2 times. If we test AA and the new CV mechanics, give us CVs! I left 2 matches in a row coz there were no CVs. Oh hell, I got a 12 match penalty for that and I am forced to play coop. On the friekkin test server WG, really? It woulndt be that bad if Coop would work like the Coop on the live server, but it isnt like that. There is mirror matchmaking for every class but CVs, so u end up having a CV in ur team, but no enemy Bot-CV. lol, why? The mechanics how the planes lose HP is to spontaneous, its like all or nothing. Sometimes u dont lose planes at all sometimes u suddenly lose the whole squad. Let the planes get damage one after another, its better to control for both sides CV and the CV prey. The rocket launching planes are cool and all but need more consistency throuout the tiers, at low tier it feels to week, at high tier much too strong. Add that if ur squad is dead u automatically go back to the CV. Radio Location on planes? Combined with the absurd speed of the planes ur spotted within 1 minute after the match started. This will reduce the DD population to a bare minimum and the few that play DD will not have a good time at all. About unlimited planes, im fine with that if all the cooldowns add up. Dive bomber attacks make me dizzy. Greetings, Tuench PS: I saw 2 Midways trying to drop each other for some minutes and fail horribly, they just ate the opponents planes while standing around somewhere in the back of the map. No, pls dont make them that passive WG. :D
  6. Tuench

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Its in need for a change for a long time, why should bigger ships have a greater bonus? :D Speed of the planes is absolute mad, way to fast. AA feels sometimes completly OP sometimes absolute weak, needs more consistency. RL on planes is too strong. Auto damaCon is not cool. have a good day, cu tomorrow
  7. Tuench

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    I tried hard to test the AA on my loved DDs, but couldnt get into a battle with a CV ^ ^ Maybe add the mirror matchmaking to coop matches, add CV-bots if there are no player-CVs ingame in random queue and add freakin CVs in the training room. Other than that I tried to get into a ranked match, maybe add bots there as well. T9 ranked is fine by me, but the arms race mode turns it into a yolo fun mode, wich it really isnt. Id prefer to play "standard domination". It may produce even more salt due to forced rushes coz u need to get that bonus, otherwise ur mates go wild. Caps are good enough salt. Also, I dont wanna insult anyone, but there are loads of ppl that dont understand whats going on there. Ill promise. ^^ I got into the match after like 20-25 minutes, I dont know exacly coz I was afk, taking a bathroom break from the queue sim 2k19. Best sim ever
  8. Happy new y.... warte, Ich muss 4 Wochen den Prinz ergrinden und dann darf ich versuchen die Kampagne zu rushen? Edit: Frohes Fest Ihr Guten, Wir schaffen Das!
  9. Tuench

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Can we maybe just take the radar consumable away if that is the reason for the reloadadjustments? Maybe its time to rework the radar, not to nerf otherwise fine ships that dont even have that huge impact as others in the class and tier do have. so here are some ideas to work around that: Less accuracy on radared ships could be a thing. Simply increase dispersion on only radarspotted ships, dont forget we play mostly WW2 ships here. The technique was way worse than todays standards. Radar should not give a clear vision of the radared ship, radar is kind of a pulse, the radared ship appears and dissaperas, the vision on the radared ship is digitally blurred until he starts shooting or is hardspotted. Keep the dispersion values as they are now. Just take the radar away, make it the notser B hull with less gun reload but not a full second, more like half a second If you lower the reload of the guns, add a option of regular torpedos so u have equal chances in a DD fight and always always always always check if its possible to buff other ships on that class and tier before u think of nerfing, it maybe even beneficial for the general time playing per match.
  10. Tuench

    Directive - Earn 7 stars

    For people that dont have that much time or not like 6 others that wanna play the hard! mode of "sunray in the darkness" its just not cool. Maybe adjust mission requirements so we can do it in the OP that is there for everybody, at tier3. Its not needed, true, but still it will trigger players, 100% SURE! Keepo
  11. Tuench

    Bcuz radar + smoke = balans

    So if WG wants to buff her give it agility, give her a heal and make it somewhat a soviet trait to heal. Maybe up the torps in reload or range, its an really good boat right now with the effin best AA u can get. No radar needed. All this is doing is decreasing the DD population even more and if u play a DD why would u play another one over the ship with smoke and radar at the same time? Leave the radar at the Pan Asian DDs as special for special ppl.
  12. Ich verlange Premium auf Lebenszeit und ein T8 Premium Schiff als ausgleich weil ich 3 Stunden nicht vorm Rechner sitzen konnte!!!!
  13. Tuench

    Let's have fun again - what is thsi?

    It is the soap bubble blower for the soup bubble sceen ofc!
  14. Tuench

    Other Changes

    A change that needs to be adressed is low tier cyclone. It's a bad gamemechanic at high tiers that favours basicly just BBs, why would u do that at the low tiers now? In general the cyclone is a good idea to get the BBs off the spawn but the way it works is bad. Make it that ships dont suddenly appear out of nowhere, how about a kind of fading so u only see the sillhoutte at maybe 12km and it gets clearer the closer u get. Dont make a izumo just decloak at 7,5ish km due to the very slow render mechanic. Make it that ships that dont have a super stealth or super armor and guns, i.e. cruisers and gunboats, are not the ones that just get f&%$§ if they are spotted = sunk. It's a bit to much yolo in this atm, and than we have it at the low tiers now? NO, not a good decision for a fun and engaging gameplay. Oh, and why is it in like 50% of all matches now? It needs to be changed and less often or deleted for the current state of cyclone.