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  1. I started playing the game with CBT but since i am on and off after seen some things, i don't remember if there's a Subforum, where the Developers expect the players to provide with their valuable feedback, so i am posting here for now until further notice. That being said, i know for a fact there have been a ton of good suggestions and feedback since CBT. The usual thing, that happens in most games, there are no replies or mentions on them by official lips. This is were i believe is created the quality of a game's community. Feedback is a two way street. So, i'll prolly mention things that already have been said, can't remember everything, will try to keep it brief though. (A small prologue...I am a PvE'er mainly. I do consider that PvE can have a depth PvP can never reach. Everything imo started by PvE. I was playing videogames 20 years ago in single player mode. That's pure PvE. Do ppl play Fallout 4 for the PvP? Did you all played Elder Scrolls for the PvP? I rest my case...) (These are things off the top of my head. Reason being for not thinking them through the experience i have from these Devs. So, many will be flawed or incomplete, yet, all player feedback is given for FREE, your are freaking welcome.) ► Add Missions to be completed for PvE, please! Add an additional mode were there is no capping of the objective*. ► Find ways to enhance Co-Op, meaning helping ppl to work together. A Simple example, "You get points for staying in Formation with other Japanese Ships". Also, i was wondering if it is possible (to be implemented) for a ship, when gets close enough to another ship, to use his Repair kit so to put out the fire to someone else? I think it would be brilliant and it would enhance the Cooperation in matches. It adds a risk element and of course a reward would be good too. To that, we can add the option for some Cruisers to send their fighter planes to escort someone else. Co-Op Missions that develop in stages. Razer and Curse would help there, because now they are not needed at all. I doubt many use them in PvP too . . . ► Matchmaking browser. Well, the best thing i can think of is BF4 kind of. To elaborate here, i hate this pointless open sea map, i never, literally never want to play it. I would like to have the option to not choose it for matchmaking. (*Since there are maps that offer the no cap objective experience.) And please, don't use arguments of the type, "many battles in real life took place in open sea etc". Indeed, i bet you though the sea was not so gentle the whole freaking time! Think before talking, just like me ►Something that has already been asked...is for the info while in game to be toogleable. Now we have to hit Esc, then go to Options, change Tab and check/uncheck. Is it so hard to make it a single option toggleable and why? (Toggle=you press a button and it stays that way. Then you press the same button again and goes back to what it was.) ►UI costumization. Like different color the in-game Info can appear. Most of the time i can't make out the letters. ►Would like to have an individual Torpedo tube timer. Now it's universal. ►Premium time...why does it not stop when you log out? Make it stop..... ...Many more i don't care to remember by now... gl and fair seas
  2. This game is around for long now. The purpose of a game is similar to a persons character really. To get better, to evolve by learning, by knowledge, right? We are humans, we make mistakes, we learn from them. We learn from our mistakes, not from other peoples mistakes. I watched Jingles YouTube video for upcoming patch 0.5.1 and he was all praises. As per usual ofc. I like the guy, i really do, but even when he mentions something "negative" about any game, he does it for a sec. The praises? Can go for eternity. You may say i am exaggerating. I do not think so. I really think there's a reason TotalBisquit has more than million subs on his YouTube channel only. Consumers, or costumers, pick whichever fits your playstyle... start to wake and appreciate ppl who tell them the truth, who tell them things they themselves may not notice or think about. That's how you get better at thinking. More critically even. Sharpening the knife, in a way. So i get mad, because i get sad. There's a chance we may lose ppl like TotalBisquit (serious health issues) and we'll be stuck with ppl who are trying to just being polite. If honesty and truth demand us to be un-polite, then i'll be that guy a million times. Rorschach again and again. Haven't ppl really tired of all the hypocrisy? I was thinking if i should say that i am sorry for my strong language. I am but also i am not. All kinds of Industry are just trying to exploit the naive consumers. Passive ppl who think what others tell them. Famous YouTubers and Streamers. So, backing up ppl like Jim Sterling and TotalBisquit is vital to keep the balance imo. Sorry but, I am not sorry at all really. As the guy in the movie "The Network" says, "You should get mad!".. Anyway, Feedback a Constructive Feedback, is ALL feedback. You trying to label with "positive" and "negative" feedback but it is not the case. Especially the "negative" feedback is more productive than anything. People here have made a million good suggestions for the game to be improved. There's no reason to explain anything more for ppl who watch the game, the forums and read opinions etc. In topic, in a sense, the patch brings things i really don't like. As i commented on Jingles vid, why missions forces you to use a specific tree/nation you may never want to go? Especially if yiu think (IF you THINK) that your game has F2P players that can't afford to open every single freaking tree line. Is this unreasonable? Especially if you think that many gamers prefer PvE. If you like PvE and you are F2P player...fack you pls, is the answer, really? In any case, i may still be wrong on some issues. Let me know if the Devs are actually trying to make the PvE side more compelling, reward wise and not only "money-wise". Show me the money to give you more XP, i know the trick. It's what we did 20-25 years ago and we called it "cheats", now it's normal and legal. Cheers.
  3. Heretik76

    british tech tree

    Well, public opinion actually does change the status quo. From a historical point of view and more. The argument is this, for me. The game (Devs) claim historical accuracy on the model/design of the ships, and indeed a great work they did! But, even if they didn't promise historical accuracy on the nave forces tree line, shouldn't there be? If we make a poll say, "Which Navy Tree Lines/Nations would you like to see after USA and Japan", do u have an estimate as to what people will vote, and more importantly, why? The British and the Germans were two of the biggest Navy forces in the world, objectively, reasonably, people would prefer those to be before...ehm, Russian say for example. I think, most would also like to see Russian too, but, not now. Yes, it's not a new topic. The fact though, you and the Devs should consider, is that this topic is mentioned all the time. So, we go to my previous argument...the importance in which order the Nations should appear in the trees. That's all your honor. Cheers. ;)
  4. Heretik76

    My take on DD's smokescreens, for what it is worth

    First of all you start with a fact...is it a fact in-game though? You say "USA DD's are dogfighters - IJN DD's are ninja's", is that represented or simulated in-game? At start it may seem that way but i doubt it. The small variations, IJN longer torp range, USA reload torp faster etc. , are almost lost in the game. Both can be played at the same or similar way imo, meaning a "Hit & Run" strategy. Anyone argues they can both equally played with this tactic? That means there is no clear difference to me. Yes one can play USA DD's by using guns mostly, but for that u need to pick your target carefully. Like see him from far and close in to him while you know he'll be alone. Now each game may have 20 min limit and it may feel long, but this is not a tactic most ppl use. These maps were designed with the purpose of an Arena game. Go in, kill crap, next game, repeat forever. You can be tactical, but i don't think it is worth it. Developers don't give points/rewards even for teammplay. It took a long time to bring that attitude to Battlefield franchise. They did it eventually. Because ppl asked it, demanded it. These communities here? Passive consumers. Give them Premium ships, they buy and never come in Forums, give feedback or discuss issues. Anyway, IJN has huge reloading times on torps, remember that when you say smokescreen is ok, especially when you say that IJN DD's are meant to be played as stealthy ninja's. Cause i see it all the time, 25+ now, ppl complain and the Devs go from the one extreme to the other. Why you can't take babysteps when it comes to balancing? It should be called "balancing", not nerfing. Don't think on that either... Anyway, again, most ppl play BB's, the it's Cruisers and ppl like me, who liked DD's, now will play them less and less. And there is nothing more OP than the power of stupidity i would say. DD's have become a much worst version of a CL. That's what it is atm. Yes they are playable, but they are not enjoyable to me, it is a nightmare compared to a BB or a CL, not to mention a CV.
  5. Heretik76

    Mutsuki - 6km is this some cruel joke?

    The purpose is to use in-game currency...but, to force you, without saying it, that if you buy dooublons, your problems disappear. I have a Masters degree in [edited] so i can spot it easily, no need to thank me, i'm around gaming if you need me cause bs is all around us and they keep selling it. Cheers, peace.
  6. Hi. I have a question. Is this an argument? Saying "...both WoWs and WoT have it."? They have it, it doesn't mean it is reasonable or anything close to it. It is there because ppl accept it, just like oligarchy. We renamed it to "democracy" and accepted it, it doesn't mean it is, right or ethical or whatever. Consumers have the power to change things, not the Industry, this is not a vital product to sustain life. If you think something is [edited] let them know, think, think harder, think better, then tell them it's [edited], don't buy their bs and you'll see how fast a "business plan" changes.
  7. Heretik76

    Torpedo Bug

    I would have think yes, he said there was no crit whatsoever and i thought that also meant no crit, no Citadel, no Detotation. To be honest, even if it did, it is so rare with torps, and the crit i have seen does 0 dmg literally. Personally i don't understand the point of "crits" but i haven't gone far to learn about it. I think it should be investigated in any case, 49k HP lost by two torps is overkill imo.
  8. Heretik76

    Torpedo Bug

    Hi. There was an incident that happened in a game that i would like to report. So, taking it from the start... In CBT in NA Forums there was a "Bug" Section that i found really helpful, to post and to search in general. Here i don't see one, if there is and i missed it, please link me to it and/or move the topic there, if you think is valid. Facts: I was playing PvE/Co-Op, as per usual. My ship was the default Bogue Carrier. That means: So the AI always uses the default description of every ship, right? Correct me if i am wrong. Also upgraded Torpedo planes of Bogue don't get Damage upgrade, it stays at 8,500 at all times. The ship the AI sunk with just two torpedos was Kongo. As you know and see in pics below, Kongo sits at 49,500 HP. So, it is impossible to sunk a Kongo with only two torpedo hits. The guy later went to ask me how much dmg my torp planes do and i said no more than 15k. I was confused with DD's prolly. Anyway, in every case this should not happen and ofc one can be only pissed. He also mentioned he saw the torps at a distance of 0.5 km. I guess the "Torpedo Acquisition" might help here, but i really think they haven't gone the right approach as to Commander traits. They make something weak in-game so to give a reason for Commanders to have traits that are meaningful and/or have risk if you take or not one and which to choose, but that's just me. I asked from the guy to take a screenshot of his damage report, then post it on Forums. He told me he doesn't use Forums, but he may do it and the Screenshot to a friend to post it. So, here are the screenshots to prove he was hit by only two torps by the AI. This happened to me for the first time, i have never seen or heard of it, but there you go. Again, It's against AI,Co-Op, two Torps sinking a Kongo that was on full health points, 49,500, so the max damage it should take is no more than 17,000. I took the screenshots while watching the Replay. There is a Replay faction for the game, in case you don't know it. Please, think before posting anything about torps being OP etc. I would like Developers to have something like Google Analytics, showing what is mostly used and stats about anything really. I don't know why they don't do that, adding depth and quality to a game but anyway. After playing a lot, a really lot, i think the ships most commonly used is BB, then CA, and the CV with DD's battle for the last place. Especially after the DD's nerf it seems to me less and less ppl play them. And after spending time in the IJN DD line i have to say that besides Minekaze, everything else is close to nightmare to play and lvl up. You see YouTubers and the ships they mostly play with? You can judge... Why having ships that are so bad and you can't have fun with? Well, buy Premium ships i guess. Anyway, that's another topic too, but i do think they do a thousand things wrong for every good they do. Of course i don't expect every Developer to be like Hello Games ("No Mans Sky") or Josh Parnell ("Limit Theory") were you create things out of pure love and passion, ofc not. Just saying though. Anyway, i am just trying to plant some seeds to the average consumer there, as our friend Bill Hicks used to say. Peace.
  9. Heretik76

    [Guide] Ensign Guide to Captain's Gameplay

    Nice Guide. For everyone but especially for the new ppl in the game. Personally i wish they had a Tutorial in-game, for how to release torps and the things you mention. Also, is there a "Commander traits explained" Guide, or is it possible for someone to make it? It would be great too. Cheers.
  10. Heretik76

    transparent windows in modules section difficult to read.

    Honestly, i don't think it should be that hard for them to add a slide bar for transparency, on Menus individually in Port, to the Mini-Map, as many of us have asked here and in NA forums. Premium ships are more important though, advertise those suckers...
  11. Heretik76

    Yubari Engine damage

    Ye, i played in NA OBT, i never had so many issue with Engine Damage. I made a post about the occurrence of the phenomenon. My guess is they did that, amplified the damage in some parts, so we must use the upgrades, that higher the Tier goes the more money they cost. Thus, ultimately it would be better for ppl to buy Doubloons i guess. There was a match i had Engine damage 5 times in a row, i really enjoyed it..... A solution would be, (not to buy doubloons ofc), but for them (the Developers) to have it back to normal at least for the mid to low level tier ships. Or, make the algorithm so that is less for tiers 5 and below. It make take years though, difficult process...
  12. Heretik76

    Blurry Result/Reward Screen

    Sometimes the Reward/Result screen looks blurry. Like out of focus and it is hard to read, also annoying in the eyes i might add.
  13. Heretik76

    Toggle info at alt inseatd of hold key plz

    Water? It is static, it never moves. The algorithm is one constant replay to make few waves. The effects and everything can be lowered yes but, there is no air, no weather, no nothing really. Please...
  14. Heretik76

    Toggle info at alt inseatd of hold key plz

    He said "toggle". There is a difference with the "Alternative" option in the Menu. Like in Battlefield for example, where you see options to have toggleable ...well, several things really. Toggle means you press it and it stays that way, until you press the button again and it goes to it's former state. Toggle. /Signed!
  15. Heretik76

    Torpedo Ignorance - Tutorial нет?

    It is becoming a common theme in WOWS for people to not know how to use the torpedoes. Usually, what happens in a game with new mechanics is having tutorials (duh!, you would think). I am really baffled as to why these Devs do not find it necessary at all. People are releasing torpedoes in low tiers (meaning torpedoes with ranges no more than 6 to 7 kilometres) almost from the base, when the enemy is out of sight even! And the most common mistake is when they release torps while not seeing in front of them, their teammate that will cross with their line of fire. ☼I suggest a Torpedo Tutorial. A course which will be completed in 3 stages. ►First one will teach them to check the torpedo range of their current ship, before they even start a match. Also, you may want to implement a mechanic, where everyone should check/click a little box in the ships description, under the torpedo info. Kind of like we do for EULA, you know? I have knowledge even if i don't know crap and even if i just don't care. There, i ticked it. Then the option for "Battle" is turned on. Anyway, first course, read ships description/characteristics, torpedo range etc. ►Second course. Release your torpedos only after you are certain they won't cross with any of your teammates. Try, really try and be aware of your surroundings, especially for teammates. ►Third course. "Report" option is available. Teach people how to report and have penalty that mean and teach something to mindless gamers. You, the Developers create the quality of community you want for your game. In the end, the ones that stay are the one, or the other kind. "Goodnight and goodluck"