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  1. Premium shells in WOWS

    NO! no ! NO! no! its F@%# joke !?? Wot sucks because of gold spam
  2. balance Update 0.7.7

    Really ....
  3. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    sure easy for DoY but not today.... RNG says no my friend you not going to complete this mission because no fires you will get . After 10 hours its impossible to done this mission , i had play kutuzov . cleveland hipper and martel after 100+ 2-3 fires and no fire dmg Duke of york 7 fires 1000 fire dmg or 2 fires 15k fire dmg , there is time when you do fires and dmg you lose because team is suicide
  4. potato patch

    Waiting for the weekend to have time to play and puts you to lose it all the time, Then you have a weekday where again make you lose then when you have to play ... OK lose 1-2 maybe in row but not 6-8 is like MM trying to screw my day , Lately there is unbalanced MM Games that favor one team to gain easy game ...
  5. potato patch

    this happens and today is worst 90% defeats because players dont want learn to play they dont want to win ... Its random or RNG picking MM idk...
  6. Ranked Season

    Is there a mechanic that give you bad day or what i got stuck in 15 and its impossible to move once i got 14 next battle gives that ridiculous enemy team got 1-2 radar ship and 2-3 hydro ships and ours nothing to counter them and its 100% defeat... how the F@#%#^% is this random picked and i dont want talk about other players who play like in random ... (sorry my English is crappy )
  7. over pens

    1 game with missouri i got 14 citadels 6 from 20+km to cruisers and 8 to bbs from 6-10 km from angle and next battle broadside monarch from 12 km 4 salvo 10k dmg overpens and pen with no dmg ,Hell all game 100 hits for 40k .. RNG Fails...
  8. What has happend to the Missouri?

    that RNGesus is F#%@ crap... When you shot broadside Yamato from 10 km and get 6 over pen !!!!!! for 2.7k dmg sure is work normal
  9. for 8k maybe more bonus like more free xp or commander xp
  10. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Why not make fast patch to fix this why need to wait for 7.3 who make that stupid decision ...
  11. Matchmaking Chart

    MM is really big crap... So many bad players screwing battles with high tier ships is unplayable
  12. How many French BBs did you get?

    ZERO even after baying 7 containers ...
  13. Matchmaking Chart

    Well MM really epic today 10 battles 9 defeat 80% off players are playing like zombies...
  14. Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Great WG again ...