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  1. Matchmaking Chart

    Well MM really epic today 10 battles 9 defeat 80% off players are playing like zombies...
  2. Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Great WG again ...
  3. Too much smoke

    Excavatus .. Stop waisting your breath that player not even try to improve how you expect that he will understand game mechanics
  4. Matchmaking Chart

    world of Radar :P
  5. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    that good.. 1 - '3'star 2 - '2'star 3 - '1'star 4 - '1'star 5 - '1'star 6 - '0'star 7 - '-1'star something like that
  6. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    WoT have nice Ranked system ... WoWs have that crap balance when you see many time 1-2 radar in one side and its unfair The fun thing is in season 7 the belfast was best OP and now in Season 8 the Loyang is very OP because of hydro
  7. Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    sure , they going listen if they have active chat...
  8. Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    well players in German BB trying always to screw the game. They go broadside every time and sniping from distance like US BB .
  9. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Ranked MM is so unbalanced there is always 1-2 radar ship in once side and game is automatically lost ..
  10. Supercontainer

    the fanny is that you getting always speed boost x4 and defensive AA x3 and some flags and x2 time 50k free xp and i don't remember what else but never something big .
  11. Matchmaking Chart

    that CV thing in battles is really annoying ..
  12. Matchmaking Chart

    no commets !! 4/5 games its always 2-3 t8 ships and rest t10 but this is full retarded battle , if you get spoted ...
  13. ARP Captain Slots - Compensation

    hi.. i have complete one mision for APR ship and i did get it why ? sorry im still noob Fail i did change to yosuka port pfff
  14. Sound Improvements

    I don't know is right place or not . when I added music after few days game sound and music is turned off its like I press sound off but I check it and all in game setting is OK and PC setting is OK . Sow what is this bug?? can I repair it without uninstall / install game ? thanks