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    Zao vs Des Moines

    Majorianus, on 29 May 2015 - 01:02 PM, said: This. 80% of the whining here is that some ship (or even a ship class in case of new players) does not fit their expected play style, so they complain that it's "useless", "seriously underpowered" or something similar exaggerated bovine manure. Sure, the ships are not completely balanced at every tier, but that's not even possible, really. In same cases there are real (as in truly major) balance issues, but they are difficult to see from all the whining. [edited] i had really great success with the Mogami and the Ibuki its not much different but just worse. That has nothing to do with the playstyle and the Des Moines has on every Slot better stats then the Zao´s beside Armor and Carmo that hasnt anything to do with playstyle either DarQViking, on 29 May 2015 - 01:52 PM, said: Ibuki Commander here... Closing my way to the Zao... After I got my T5 skill 12% concealment.. it has been a joooy to play 1v1 I kill Des Moines's with Ibuki 2/3 times. The thing is to see the things you do not see. fit a IJN with full camo and you can control the fight always.. I get seen with my Ibuki first at ~9,8km away, what this mean, you can Torps before you get spottet while kiting (if needed) Noow.. I know that the Zao has only 8km torps for that good reason, to avoit destroyer gameplay like.. But the Zao give you more armor more health and 2 more guns with a better firerate than Ibuki. I would say, a Good Commander with the Zao is the winner. Des Moines, is like Merica - [edited]yeaaH!!! Crazy RAW POWER While Zao, is more like smooth silent art of combat, Smooth like a Ninja ! Yeah i´m testing that too with the carmo system Its just hard to say how strong it is cause the lag of feedback u get but i dont think thats good enough for wasting all that other stats
  2. Kollektiv

    Zao vs Des Moines

    And the 5 games went so [edited]horrible thats frustarting when u invest allmost 8 Million Credits 1 Game. I thought new ship u have to learn it2 Game. 1 Broadside I (with HE where are the 140mm Armor-.-) was dead and how much repairs the skill maybe 1k dmg ? it does nothing3 Game. I realize the dmg output suck i dunno why cause 203mm are way bigger vs 155mm from the mogami but with the Mogami I deal tons of dmg more4 Game. She handles sooo dam heavy and i never can shoot when I try to doge shells torps etc cause the turrets turn even slower... and for my opinion u have to do that in a cruiserBut u are right only 5 game and i bet in 50 games im way better with her im just whiny now.U are the seconds one how said the Zao is awesome.Maybe im happy as [edited]when I get her it´s just hard to believe when I look at the stats.
  3. Kollektiv

    Zao vs Des Moines

    Let's be honest the Zao sucks hard i really hate it that I start with the ijn Cruiser Line.The Mogami is a really great ships and it was fun to play. Now i have the Ibuki and that ship is a [edited] downgrade the guns are shitty as [edited]and its handle more like a BBs.Is has way to less HP (on broadside u are dead) I hoped the repair ability would help but it does nothing ...Why I get a ship that's way worse on a Tier higher and later a ship that's completely outclassed by his counterpart. And yeah im really angry and Frustrated atm I spent a ton of Credits and Time in a ship that is useless as [edited]compare to the T8... and my next one will be the same hurray!
  4. Kollektiv

    New Orleans and Baltimore Cruisers

    i dont think so i tested it and i deal way more with the 155mm
  5. Kollektiv

    New Orleans and Baltimore Cruisers

    Then i dont understand why u think the 155mm are dealning not enough dmg as i said with a good hit usually 7/8 from the 15 guns i deal between 7-8k dmg what is huge in my opinion +the fire and the module dmg and the Torps. The Torp Angle is bad but u can use them effective the Zao has torps that a really useless with the short range and the shitty angle. I would say the Mogami outclassed the counterpart for sure but all other Tiers the US ships are better i would say maybe not the Myoko i couldnt play her so dunno
  6. Kollektiv

    New Orleans and Baltimore Cruisers

    Are u kidding me sorry normaly im on youre side and agree that the US Cruiser are way better then the Ijn one. But the Mogami is one of the best ships i´ve played so far yeah right she is fragile but fast enough to doge BBs shells and Torps the 155mm guns Dealing Tons of dmg and hit everytime when u know how to aim u allmost cant have a bad game in that ship on u dont have to fear a single ship on the same Tier or below. Do u shoot AP with the 155mm? cause the HE deals everytime with a good hit for 7-8k dmg +fire and killing guns u just cant take a hit xD The problem is its getting worse after that and the T10 the Zao cant compare at all to the De Moines in every way....
  7. I hope u are wrong and Van Bruce are right but my Brains says that u are right on stats and compare to the Des Moines the Zao looks really useless. I have the Mogami and thats a really really great ship but i think its getting worse worse after her Lets hope there will be an xp reset and i can get the De Moines for the xp i dont want the Zao i think
  8. Kollektiv

    New Orleans and Baltimore Cruisers

    I agree its just a different playstyle Ijns are good at hunting bigger ships and US are hunting DDs atm.
  9. Kollektiv

    New Orleans and Baltimore Cruisers

    Compare the Stats of the Des Moines and the Zao then try to argue again that Jap Cruisers outclass the US Cruiser. I agree the Mogami is a really really beauty bad [edited]ship and way stronger the the counterpart on the US side but it will change at Tier X.
  10. Kollektiv

    Torpedo Diskussion

    Habs einmal mit Torp Bomber geschafft nur einer der Torps hat getroffen und dann BÄÄÄÄM über 50k onehit. Das passiert aber sehr selten, außer bei den Ijn Kreuzern da kommt es öfter vor das du ein onehit bist.
  11. Kollektiv

    Fit of bad temper against the American planes !

    Sometimes it seems that american ships better in every way Ijn DD cant fight against Us DD Ijn Cruiser are way weaker then Us Cruiser and the fill the Role of Cruiser in wows way better in every part Battle ships i dunno yet Ijn Carrier is really fucked vs US Carrier with Fighter setup
  12. Kollektiv

    HE is OP

    I got oneshooted with my Cruisern soooo [edited]often cause ap from BBs so nerf AP BBs shells? Now Cruiser cant at least hurt a BBs when they have to fight them ...
  13. Kollektiv

    Zao worth the Grind?

    The problem is all stats say better play DM cause she is almost better in everything than the Zao and torps didn't compare that at all.Why the [edited]have the torps only 8km range when u have to play that ship as a glass cannon cause she cants take a hit at all and u can't ambush with her like a DD.Then give me better the stats from the DM and take my torps away cause they are useless (short range / angle to fire is shitty as [edited]) and after the patch everything can doge torps without any skill needed. Kind of frustrating to know that you're T10 will be useless and under performs in every way against every class cause I don't thing the Zao can something that a DD a BBs or the DM could do better.
  14. Kollektiv

    Zao worth the Grind?

    [edited] im already at t8 ... should i switch to US Cruiser or hope that they buff her...
  15. Kollektiv

    Zao worth the Grind?

    Yeah I agree I had yesterday a really bad day with my Mogami get one shooted 3 Times...and i don't know how u play effective every time I think that what I did in the battle a BS or DD could do better than cruiser.The Cruiser has no Role where he is good at and that he fits perfectly especially the japan cruiser.I find there are not that good at killing DDs they are not bad at it but its not a hard counter I can kill DDs with my BS as well and have a role in the game that I fit.Many ppl say Cruiser are great for AA support but this is a game and i don't want to play my cruiser just to support a BBs and escort him and do nothing except killing planes with autoguns... thats no fun at all. The new American BBs are the better Cruiser now i think cause u can brawl with them really well are mobile enough and take more the 1 torp or 3 hits from an enemy BS. Yeah dogging Torps in a Cruiser is pretty easy but if hit 1 Torp my Mogami im crippled as [edited]and cant do crap the rest of the Game.