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  1. Paimentaja

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    I see, I see...
  2. I did not do the math this thoroughly yesterday but had similar observation while doing it. Very nice post for everyone to read, thank you.
  3. Paimentaja

    Fletcher's torp angles

    Also check ”some” of the designs, there seems to be a lot of BS ships in the RU tech tree.
  4. Paimentaja

    Austin vs. Bourgogne

    You need a Yamato caliber or greater to overmatch 32mm. When Properly angled, it is possible to bounce all others. Still, there is spots to shoot with other BBs. After all, without SE she will be deleted by two citadels and one overpen / pen by almost any BB.
  5. Paimentaja

    Is auto bot farming still exist in this game?

    Raw math will not fit in these accounts, as most of them can be decent ~50% wr guys, but botting 90% of the time. That explains a lot of the deviance we find when checking out these people. Some of them bot more, some less. Some of them can be decent, some utter potatoes. Regardless, those amounts of played games strongly suggest a heavy abuse of botting.
  6. Paimentaja

    Most fun ships banned in CBs

    Pommern cannot overmatch 27mm. You’re right on the dispersion tho.
  7. Paimentaja

    Sound bug =(

    I tracked this down to be game related issue with the drivers; I manually removed all audio drivers, manually installed a generic USB drivers for this hardware only and then the sounds are working ok, but only for sometime. If windows manages to install the actual drivers during gameplay, issue comes back. I tried too switching back to my old headset but had to remove the old drivers manually. For some reason the game is still on 7.1 mode and cannot be adjusted from anywhere. I never had this issue before with my old headset, this started in Jan-Feb with the new headset. I contacted Logitech support several times but as we can see here, it is not brand related rather than the game interaction with surround headset and / or drivers. I wonder how many other players have this issue...