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  1. Paimentaja


  2. Paimentaja

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  3. Paimentaja

    How long will the 10 guinees deal be available in the shop?

    Are you logged in to the prem shop?
  4. Paimentaja

    Something for girls and boys loving numbers

    Hi, interesting data. Is this overall data or some interval? If this is overall, can you do same kind of chart from the past month or 3 months ect?
  5. Paimentaja

    Arms Race - a Failure or not?

    I liked it because it was fun and most of the ppl I met in those battles, were also having fun. It definitely has problems, but so does the other game modes. I find it a bit problematic too for some ships (Henri, Hindy ect) but I did not manage to play enough battles in it to be sure, that you cannot get the most of those ships with the bonuses. I learned that DDs were the sweet spot and some low detection cruisers. It was unique, fun and a welcome option to mess around and other players were eased up.
  6. Paimentaja

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    They both had the same treatment.
  7. Paimentaja

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Just before the nerf, I made a brief topic out of this matter and now it really is what ppl then told me it is ; A long range HE spammer and even not very good at it. Before that it could've been played as a brawler but since the nerf, there seems to be another aspect that got changed as well, the armor. When WG tweaked the AP shell mechanics regarding water pre-fuze thingie (and some other stuff too), Hindy seemed to take a lot more damage when in close range. 'Till then it was very, very hard to citadel that thing, but now it really is no problem anymore. Even the legendary module it has is encouraging a long range gameplay. I was kind of OK with all this, but, the Zao buff specially made Hindy pretty much obsolete. It is somewhat nice that the balance changes slightly from every now and then, but this whole cruiser "balancing" schebang went too far. Before anyone tells me that it has OP HE, they should play this ship first and more importantly, to hit with the HE to the max range. A lot. It is no problem for the Zao or the Moskva. The 1/4 penetration does not matter if you can't hit ships consistently like the Zao or Moskva does. It still has this opportunist thing going on, but it is increasingly hard to utilize if you are running legendary module and / or with all the IFHE ships around it. Pretty much this. Cruiser gameplay is a lot different now and not just because of this nerf and some buffs to others, but also because the other new ships. Harugumo is a nightmare, Stalingrad laughs at Hindys armor and so does the Alsace, no matter the range. Totally agree the 180 degree turn. Really liked the intense brawling gameplay it had..
  8. Paimentaja

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    I voted for Frosty, St.Patrick's and Space camo (which is twice in the list btw). Space camo can look appealing to someone but to me, it has some characteristics that affects the gameplay a bit. It is harder to tell (if you don't have torps in your ship) if the ship is moving forward or backwards, fast or slow and the fire effect really is not that clear too. The others I voted just make my head hurt. There are a lot of good looking / not-making-my-head-hurt ones, but not that many. Most of the permanent ones and some historical are very good in many different way.
  9. Paimentaja

    Do you want a coal / free xp destroyer?

    Yueyang is already in game, but agreed that the freeXP DD could be USN one. That Porter-class Balch definitely looks tempting too.
  10. Paimentaja

    Bonuscode 45k limit(?)

    THX! Worked for me.
  11. Paimentaja

    Do you want a coal / free xp destroyer?

    I would love to have a freeXP DD.
  12. Paimentaja

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    As a fan of cruisers, I would definitely like any new branch of cruisers. However, there is a "slight" chance of things going horribly wrong with it...
  13. Paimentaja

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Wiii... this one was much harder than the previous one.
  14. Paimentaja

    Arms Race - is it possibru?

    Hmm, true. That is a bit odd. Specially when the Arms Race mode is for high tier only.