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  1. Radar in a cyclone

    So, as a closure : Radars will spot enemies in their max range, no matter what the view restriction is atm. The view restriction applies to your allies only. Example : You play Moskva, there is a cyclone going on with 8km reduced range. Suddenly, you get spotted. You pop the radar. You will see the enemy (ofc, he (DD) must be in 8km from you) but the enemy starts to kite or is going the opposite direction where you were. Your distance gets bigger than 8km; You are still able to see the enemy untill your distance to the enemy is greater than your radar range, 11,7km or the radar runs out of time. All your allies will see her in the minimap, but visually in screen only if they are in 8km of that enemy (or whatever the reduced view range atm is). Hopefully that clears it up. :) Happy hunting!
  2. Radar in a cyclone

    Just read the wows wiki page. I'd be happy to link it, because this is important matter and don't want to sound that I'm just saying things that I think is true, when it is a matter of mechanics.
  3. Radar in a cyclone

    I cannot link to the wows wiki page, where this is explaned very thoroughly because I'm on a Computer that will not allow me to, but the mechanics in reality work in a way I just explained. It does not matter are you in a cyclone or not, the radar will anyway spot visually and in minimap in its max range to the user of radar. EDIT : It says in detail that it will also extend your view range aswell and that is also what I'm experiencing when playing high tier radar ships.
  4. Radar in a cyclone

    This is incorrect information. You will see enemy ships visually and in minimap regardless the reduced range, when using radar. Restrictions applies to your allies only.
  5. Radar in a cyclone

    The 8km (or which ever the reduced range atm is) applies only to your allies. So if a DD is in 8km from your allies and you are able to spot it with your radar, your allies will see it. The radar range you have, applies only to you no matter what the reduced range atm is.
  6. Loss of free XP on Cleveland

    All ship XP stayed with the tier, so your XP is now in the Pensacola.
  7. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    I guess it is nice when they bring some new stuff to this game but no one really saw these new legendary modules incoming. It gives some ships something new but atm at least CCs are stating that the ones really work, they just buff the things that those ships were good at before it.
  8. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Now you just make an utter fool out of yourself. I've seen long range HE-spam. But not a bow tanking long ranger, such style as Moskva. (As it was stated earlier in here and that is what really bothers you, right?) That is all you really had to say but seem not to understand. If you do not have anything to say to this matter, why do you even bother posting? You are free to choose what threads you read. Hilarious is that you do not have the ship this thread is about and still you are just sh1tposting complete BS to it just, because someone write something you do not like or agree and contribute zero input in it.
  9. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Very true and that may be behind all this; Hindy overperforms in there? And they want that to change... But if I understand correctly, they would have to change many other ships too in order to make Hindy much worse in that kind of environment? IDK because I have not any experience in those game modes. Moskva is on its way with some changes, but I doubt it will be enough. Zao recieving 12km torps will probably mean nothing in competitive? Only in randoms it will, since someone ofc tries to play her as a stealth torper and without any other changes, that may be as good as brawling in Minotaur.
  10. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Wows stats, but only for the ranked. https://wows-numbers.com/season/id,9/ EDIT : Rest I admit, that it's just a hearsay from CCs and other threads in other forums. That is why I'm interested in ppls own perspective because there is no stats from KOTS, CBs ect. At least I don't know where those could be seen.
  11. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    So we agree on that one. Argument earlier made (not by you) claimed that that is how she is played atm and I couldn't disagree more or simply not believe that is to be true. Competitive stats vs randoms stats indicates that there is a massive gap between the two modes. I personally do not have much exp in competitive. I like her in randoms and in this season ranked. AA thingie, every TX cruiser has the potential for excellent AA, there is no denying in that. I never have complained about AA in TX's. I was happy to learn this also, when I got all the TX cruisers. German AP still requires a lot of opportunism. It has good alpha but it lacks in penetration in every range. Because it has pretty flat trajectory, it cannot even exploit the plunging fire that DM or HIV can. So it really works only on pretty perfect broadsides and that I call choosing your targets -type of gameplay. US BBs will penetrate her citadel from 12km ->>> and occasionally even from closer range. Montana being the most feared ship for me as its concealment allows her to get pretty close for that first salvo, that is the one ruining your day. I do not complain about it. Like you said, every cruiser gets blapped. But Zao for example has the ability to dodge those salvos even from a slightly closer ranges. No but zero to one is not really enough too when you are exchanging experiences. I do watch videos of every ship before I go to play her. It gives you an idea what to expect and what are the fundamental things she could do or not. Still there is a lot of ships that have been very different in my own hands. May it be the general style of my gameplay or the ones who made the video. Or the experience (or lack of it) in competitive gameplay. You don't perform quite well in her. You have insane stats in her. You also seem to have a lot more experience in competitive gameplay and a relatively large clan to play with. You have surprisingly excellent stats in those 4 games you have played solo in her. Winrate ofc is a lot better when you team up, but your avg dmg drops down a quite bit. This may not mean anything. I'm not sure about the arguments and them being wrong. I and some others have stated our opinions in here and nobody can be wrong in them? Arguments that I've stated in here are the AP penetration being the worst of all TX cruisers and if that table has not changed recently, it still stands, and, WG stated that stats are showing that Hindy is overperforming when wows numbers ect states otherwise. On the other hand, stats in the competitive play states the exact opposite. And that is what I'm interested in, why it is so. And most importantly ; Is this nerf going to do anything to it? Will it require changes to other ships too? There has been some very nice posts regarding this matter. And real conversations. Would like to see more of that. EDIT : What I forgot to menton is that I think, only think, that Hindy has a different role than the other cruisers in competitive gameplay. DM has its own as Moskva. That biases the stats very strongly. In some CBs I've watched, DMs role has been sitting behind island and utilize the radar and thats it. One really do not have to calculate much, which one will get better average damage in that kind of gameplay ; Sitting radar cruiser or the mighty Swiss army knife which is being used to play in the open more or less HE spamming.
  12. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    The few games I've watched CB and KOTS have indeed had the camping nature, maybe more in the CB than KOTS. But I guess that the competitive is about a lot of calculations and executing perfectly timed, chains of actions. I'm pretty average and this applies to me. I like JoaT type ships but DDs too. I like to play DM too but sometimes it has no consistency in randoms. Hindy can adapt to virtually any kind of map and ship combo's. That is why it is now my go to ship. I do play a lot in other cruisers too (TX) but Hindy has the best potential to not ruin my day with a certain map or combo of ships in your or enemys team. True. I'm interested in all the content this game provides. Some are more interesting than the others. Some are more entertaining than the others. It just has been the most interesting and entertaining for me and you can perform ok when playing solo. Other ships (may)have greater potential when played in divisions. But they may not be as entertaining. I'm very satisfied the variety of ships in the game atm. I'm just not very satisfied with the lack of variety in gameplay, in some maps, in some ships. This competitive gameplay makes it very hard for them to change ships in a way that it will not affect the other modes. (too much) Yeah, 1 sec is probably not going to be that much of an issue for the long range HE shooters, but you've nailed it when it comes to the closer range AP stuff. Couldn't express it much better by myself. I'm undergoing experiments atm regarding this exact matter. Is it going to change the ability to get the hard-to-time AP salvos done effectively. You can try it out in the PTS, it is already in there. It gives you 9,7s reload (so 0,9s more to be exact), with the reload module. But that is very true, that you will need pretty perfect broadsides to land a good dmg salvo in her.
  13. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    I'm sure you're missing the part that claims she is good in long range HE spamming, bow on. I'm learning that it is used because her abilities against some BBs. I have no experience in competitive gameplay and this is what I wanted to know ; Why she is so good in there, but not in randoms. Why there is so much difference in stats. No, she cannot. I'm not sure what you mean by this? Montana for example is very good at deleting Hindy from longer range. Hindy is so sluggish, that even if you know what you are doing, it still gets blapped very hard every now and then. It is very different story with the Zao. No, but you have to have her to see how you personally will perform in her and to see what it takes to make her work. Which fights are for her (and you) and which are not. When I did not have the Neptune or Minotaur, I was also sure that they will not citadel Iowas from 15km away, but I was wrong. Don't get me wrong... I know. But to have some experience based conversation about what one ship can do and what not, you really want that the other person talking about it, has her too. I'm not against changes. Not at all. The justification in this matter just seems a bit... I don't even find correct words atm. "Luckily" they are changing some other ships too at the same time. Maybe the upcoming Moskva change will bring some new breeze in the competitive gameplay? With the new bow armour it sounds to be more efficient in what ppl are using Hindy. I do not see the Zao change to bring anything new to that tho... Even when the stealth torping becomes possible. Maybe in randoms ppl will try to use her like that. I don't know. I'm happy that the game is evolving constantly, but recent changes are taking course to something that we have not yet seen. The upcoming amount of radars can be very hard for DDs to adapt. It changes the way they must approach to the caps. All this has a collateral change in playstyle, in general. Some ships become more efficient in stuff A and some ships are more or less useless in stuff B.
  14. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Couldn't agree more. The times I've been out dpm'd by a bow tanking DM or longer range Zao.... I guess the lack of fundamental weaknesses is one of the reasons for this nerf. In some forums ppl claim that atm the Hindy has such playerbase, that it kinda biases the stats. I don't know. But it seems definitely to draw certain kinds of players, specially in to the conversations for against or pro her.
  15. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Well, the upcoming Moskva buff should change this over once again. So that there will be a ship designed to do what ppl are doing in Hindy atm. I'm kinda ok on the 1 second too, but not the reasoning behind it. My initial point was like if someone else would agree that if Hindy's long range stuff is the problem and they want ppl to play her more as a brawler, I'd like to see at least some improvements to hers close combat abilities. Changing secondaries to 128mm would be a good start and maybe a touch of range too in them.