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  1. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    18 SC's : 15k coal 50 gamescom camo (50% credits ones) 50 anniversary camo 50 anniversary camo 100 india delta 100 zulu 100 sierra mike 100 india delta 50 la fheile padraig camo 100 sierra mike 50 anniversary camo 100 november echo setteseven Huangmeh 15k coal 1000 doubloons 50 valentines day camo 50 anniversary camo 15k coal Thanks WG for free stuff and congrats to all who had some epic loot
  2. Anniversary Event

    Nice, thx WG!
  3. Every ship that has a perma camo from missions/campaings (and some from line splits, so mainly T6's and T8's) in it and the ones in T9 I enjoy a lot, like Fletcher, Chung Mu, Roon, Yugumo ect. And some nostalgic ones like Königsberg.
  4. Kicked out of battle?

    I just managed to log in and when I was gearing up my ship for a battle, I got kicked out again and since then not been able to log in again...
  5. Kicked out of battle?

    I did'nt get kicked out but cannot sign in anymore. Game got stuck in the after match screen loadup and signing in is disabled.
  6. Match results delay

    Sometimes it indeed takes a longer to sign in, but that has happened since I started playing online games so cannot really say in that regard. But now I'm having this "last frame freeze", when the match ends and the screen goes hazy / b&w, it just sticks there for maybe 5s and then drops straight back to port without the post battle screen at all. Straight drop happened occasionally before this, but now it is more of a rule than anomaly and that last frame freeze did not occur.
  7. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    Ok. Did you "try" it in PTS?
  8. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    `Just wrote in the "Match results delay" topic and thought to put my experiences here too; this is not really any better than before. Or has someone got any better results with this recent patch?
  9. Match results delay

    Now after playing a while in this new patch, this thing got a lot worse than in the patch before. Anyone else?
  10. Demolition Expert underpower

    This is exactly my Z build too. I do not have the same in any other DD tho.
  11. Demolition Expert underpower

    I seriously doubt it, but I'll have to get those ships first and test them to see, what build would suit me best. ATM I do not have DE in any DD iirc. I used to, but not anymore. Choosing BFT over DE is building towards winning the caps, not building towards maximum dmg. OFC BFT helps you to get more dmg in games, but in my builds it is mainly for the base dpm over other cap contesters. DE would be in my build if I wanted to get max DOT. In my personal experiences I've got better results in cap contesting with BFT than DE, but everyone can and will have their own point of view.
  12. Match results delay

    Had some very occasional delays earlier but with the recent patch, almost daily.