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  1. Guns_Donovan

    HMS Fiji vs. The Luftwaffe: Naval Stories

    Love my Fiji, defo the go to ship for fun and craziness.
  2. Its not a good enough reason to push forward with a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it. !!
  3. Guns_Donovan

    ANV is recruiting

    Still recruiting
  4. Guns_Donovan

    Looking for clan

    lol, no disrespect intended but you probably need to get more than 25 battles in b4 looking for a clan. that said there MIGHT be a clan out there for you, good luck
  5. Guns_Donovan

    which premium ship?

    Lol yes but if domen3 who is a very good player (Unicum) were to expand on what he is saying he will probably say its a good ship to be in once its upgraded, I personally would NOT jump the Colorado to North Carolina, I think its a very important training step in that tech tree, domen3 has similar stats on his Colorado as I do on my Colorado, the Colorado once fully upgraded is a very capable ship though difficult to play, further, for me personally I kept it and still play it on occasion, the North Carolina however was booted as soon as I got to Iowa, which was also booted as soon as I got to Montana, and I played what I consider to be enough games in both to give them a fair chance, even after I purchased the next ship in the tech tree. My personal experience of the North Carolina was not a good one, My personal experience of Colorado when I first got her was also not good, but once fully upgraded I would rather play the Colorado than the NC, which incidentally can take on an NC in a one on one engagement and be/is the victor more often than not. Personally, I have experienced many an NC or Bismarck player coming at me foolishly sensing an easy kill on Colorado only to show them the Colorado sailing off into the distance while they slide under the waves wondering what went wrong to chat rage of hacker or some stronger expletives. Colorado: 132 Battles 58% win8 North Carolina: 147 Battles 50% win8 IOWA: 138 Battles 46% win8 Of course its very much horses for courses, but I wouldn't jump Colorado, no sir, I wouldn't do that. GD.
  6. Guns_Donovan

    Available for clan battles

    lool, have some popcorn and relax dude, maybe its you that's hard-headed , , , , , , , , , , , just putting that out there Now interestingly, you say you have 15k battles in WOWS or 15361 to be exact (at 16:38 today), but according to your stats you do not have a ship over tier 9, that's a bit odd for 15k battles, therefore if you have been playing clan battles you are doing it in rental ships, past experience for me personally is once I have achieved tier 9 it takes roughly 45 - 55 games to grind the upgrades and get to the tier 10, you have a couple of tier 9's with almost 100 games or more so why do you not have any tier 10's ?? I'm always interested to know where opinions regarding tier 10 clan wars comes from when a player has no tier 10 ships.
  7. Guns_Donovan

    Available for clan battles

    obviously not as smart as you, are you a naturally argumentative person or do you practice it. or maybe you just don't see the obvious when it smacks you in the face.
  8. Guns_Donovan

    Available for clan battles

    would you like to try and explain this again in an understandable way, wondering why you have referenced a university lecturer.
  9. Guns_Donovan

    Available for clan battles

    Oh man, I almost peed myself when I read the lets be serious line, lets all have a chat while the torps are coming in, oh yes very good, reaction time is relative as is manoeuvrability, my opinion is your opinion is flawed.
  10. Guns_Donovan

    Available for clan battles

    I agree a simple point on map can alert someone, but there are so many twats that randomly click on the map in random games its instinct to not react as quick as one might do, that having been said clan wars are diferent as its a dedicated team, so please don't jump on me regards this, but a player wanting to play clan wars that doesn't use voice comms is just plain dumb.
  11. Guns_Donovan

    Available for clan battles

    No TS or Discord, no clan, 3 hour post no replies Imagine the clan match, by the time your commander notices the torps and tries to communicate with you in chat, your dead ! and who is this Chad Pearson ? does he play ships ? (rhetorical)
  12. Contact Doomsday2 in game or PM him, dooms is our grand negis and may well be up for it after ranked is done, we play against TAW now and again in training rooms so we do do it. Guns.
  13. Guns_Donovan

    looking to change clans

    Benjico87, join us at ANV, Chat is currently quiet while Ranked is on but generally a chatty bunch, 31 current members, Scots, English, German, Sweden and a nugget from the midlands, a hardcore of around 20 that play most days, 19 slots open.
  14. Guns_Donovan

    Looking for EU English speaking clan

    Looks like DIY would give anyone a kicking for not very much, lol
  15. Guns_Donovan

    ANV is recruiting

    Currently 9 spaces left