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    Bug Reports

    1. Description: When playing the Langley in Co-Op battles (could not test Random Battles yet because everyone is trying to queue with CVs), the controls are extremely jerky and imprecise. - Aircraft sometimes fly a circle or an S-shaped pattern for no reason and without being steered to the left or to the right - Aircraft sometimes don't react to left/right commands, either via mouse or via the keyboard - Aircraft sometimes fly to the left or right (sometimes even a very hard, perpendicular turn, camera stays perpendicular to the aircraft) without a command - Aircraft sometimes react to left/right steering commands with a delay - Aircraft sometimes react to steering commands too little - Aircraft sometimes react to steering commands too much - Lead indicator for rockets and torpedoes is often inaccurate 2. Reproduction steps Play a Co-Op battle with a Langley. Observe how the aircraft controls work 3. Results Langley almost unplayable in Co-Op battles 4. Expected results Controls should work smoothly. Langley should be comfortable to play. 5. Technical details Ping and FPS are completely OK.
  2. Destroyers are HORRIFICALLY OP... especially against players who can't dodge torpedoes even if they are fired from near-maximum range BTW: This could have easily been 100k damage. It's just that the last battleship I engaged actually knew how to dodge poorly-fired (I was n00bish enough to fire them right into his path as he was sailing directly towards me) torps...
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    Matchmaking fail

    It doesn't matter who won. This report isn't about one team being unbalanced vs. the other, it's about T4 ships without a division being put together with T7 ships without a division.
  4. BigBadGunner

    Matchmaking fail

    The funny thing is, the enemy team even had a T7 ship which wasn't in a division at all. So it's not even an "average tier" of a division which was calculated...
  5. BigBadGunner

    Matchmaking fail

    So, that's how a maximum tier difference of 2 is supposed to work? Matchmaker, go home. You're drunk. Before anybody screams "FAIL PLATOONS!!!": No, tier 4 players not in a division don't belong together with a division with a tier 7 carrier. This would make the tier 7 division a "win platoon".
  6. Hello, I've recently downloaded and started playing WoWS and noticed a particularly nice soundtrack which is played when the "port" tab is selected. I also noticed it is usually played after you took part in at least one battle.I find this soundtrack really great and tried to find it on YouTube, but to no avail. Does anybody know if this music was newly added in 0.4 and that's why I can't find it on YouTube? If so, does anybody know where I can download the soundtrack or how I can extract it?