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  1. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    After a long break I've decided to dust off WoWS and give it a go again. Looking back at my work I guess I was overly optimistic about what tier the coastal defence ships could fit in, but I'm glad to see that a destroyer line for Sweden seems quite likely.
  2. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    If this game was all about calibre then there would be no point in playing anything but battleships. The late Swedish coastal defence ships have over twice the rate of fire compared to battleships of the same tier in my suggestion and are also small enough to easily dodge incoming torpedoes. And while they are not fast they have a very low silhouette so spotting distance should be almost the same as that of destroyers.
  3. Red_warning

    Swedish navy suggestion

    Never thought WG would go so far as to add entire lines of paper ships tbh
  4. Red_warning

    Swedish navy suggestion

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, Russia and Germany wont be able to field entire trees and they are already guaranteed to be in.
  5. Red_warning

    Swedish navy suggestion

    I and some others worked on this suggestion a while back http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/8524-sweden-in-world-of-warships/ m4inbrain, on 12 June 2015 - 04:56 PM, said: No, the reason being that sweden wasn't a target. The "Baltenflotte" (in addition to the rest of the small boats stationed in the baltics) in 1941 would've pretty much steamrolled the swedish navy. And it wasn't the second largest, but third largest naval power in the baltics. Now i quote: "The Swedish Navy was the third largest in the Baltic Sea. Though Sweden stayed neutral during the war, its naval vessels escorted and protected convoys inside Swedish territorial waters, at times attacking hostile submarines with depth charges." The Baltenflotte alone was the battleship Tirpitz (Bismarcks Sistership), the cruisers Scharnhorst, Emden, Nuernberg, Koeln and Leipzig, three destroyers plus torpedoboats. Don't intend to sound mean or condescending, but if they wanted, they could've easily done so. edit: that being said, the more ships, the merrier. Those ships alone would not have been enough to carry out a naval invasion of Sweden though, since Sweden had more of everything minus battleships (just look at the number of active destroyers alone). Indeed, it is thought in retrospect that the Swedish navy acted as a great deterrent of a potential German invasion during WWII, as the Kriegsmarine would have to muster a significant portion of its navy to neutralise the Swedish counterpart. With the help of a few paper ships it is likely that Sweden can field a destroyer + cruiser line in World of Warships. Spoiler
  6. Red_warning

    Poll: Should Wargaming allow the XVM mod for WoWS?

    I wouldn't mind it, I use it for WoT, but the usefulness is diminished a bit in this game because of how limited your options are while engaging.
  7. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Yeah, I know of it. It's basically a slightly faster and larger Sverige-class. A lot of these coastal defence ship proposals from 1915 - 1945 are kinda similar so it's difficult to place them on a tier. On a side note, I'm currently in contact with a naval historian at naval museum of Karlskrona. He confirmed that the 28 cm guns have a rate of fire of 4 shells a minute and that the m/98 152 mm guns had a rate of fire of about 6. The m/03 and m/12 152 mm guns are upgrades on the m/03 and while he didn't know the exact firing rate we can likely expect a higher rate of fire due to them being improvements. The m/30 152 mm guns are a bit tricky because they were uniquely built for HMS Gotland but I'd be very surprised if they had the same rate of fire as three decade older guns. The 152 mm guns on Tre Kronor had different rate of fire depending on their elevation, more elevation meant higher rate of fire, and they could aim -10 to +60 degrees, going from 10 rpm to 15 rpm. 30 degrees is a pretty common elevation for firing at ships at long ranges, so maybe one could expect a rate of fire of about 12,5? Considering how many people find the Cleveland OP and there are rumours about that ship being moved to tier 7 it would actually make Tre Kronor kinda OP at the same tier since it basically got the rate of fire of a Cleveland but also torpedoes and a minor speed bonus.
  8. Red_warning

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    During my work on my suggested Swedish tree (link in my signature) I have always though that many of the early Swedish destroyers have taken inspiration from Italian ship design, and the navy did indeed use four Italian destroyers and two cruiser based on Italian drawings.
  9. Red_warning

    Too many cowards

    Or maybe they are just smart as diving into combat head first leads to almost certain death, this isn't world of tanks where you can quickly disengage and hide behind a hill to save your life. If you are caught in the open with too many guns pointing at you the outcome is given.
  10. Red_warning

    Cz, DDz, BBz r OP plz nerf

    I will look forward to more active players and a slightly less drunk matchmaker.
  11. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Maybe they should add cammonets for world of warships too
  12. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Very nice finds as usual, that pretty much settles the destroyer tree. There are now enough paper ships to fill out tier 8 and 9 but also 10 if they wont give us the actual Halland, and plenty of potential premium and gift ships to go. What the tree really needs now are some mixed middle and high tier cruisers, preferably one at tier 6, 9 and possibly 10. Edit: Actually if the 1944 torpedo cruiser used the 1942 version of the 152 mm Bofors guns then it would have 60 rpm compared to the Cleveland's 72, but the torps would make up for the gap. So it could probably work at tier 6.
  13. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Thanks! Realistically speaking I think we'll see Swedish ships in maybe 2 - 3 years time, there are just so many navies and ships with a bigger role in the world wars than the Swedish I Also got some interesting images that I've meant to post for some time. Two coastal defence ships, not the same ship but of the same class, namely Äran. HMS Äran herself is in the top image while the ship in the lower image is HMS Manligheten (that's HMS Masculinity for you in English). I set up this image to display the quite significant changes that the Swedish coastal defence ships underwent from pre-WWI to WWII. The top image displays HMS Äran shortly after her construction in 1901 while the lower image displays HMS Manligheten ready for battle after some extensive modifications in 1941. The stem is entirely rebuilt, a fire direction system is installed, AA is installed, the 210 mm M/98 Bofors guns were upgraded to a more modern standard (M/98-36) and with better turrets. And then there is this image that displays the very nice looking ornaments on the Swedish coastal defence ships
  14. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Found a nice poster from 1946 of all the Swedish navy ships. Click to enlarge.
  15. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    They are also pretty heavy on AA compared to other destroyers. I'd love to see those 40 mm bofors being usable as secondary batteries as well.