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  1. Ukainian Naval Forces >>> Wanted fighters for clan battles;) Ships 10 lvl is not required. >>> >>> Interested persons please install the "Discord" program and contact the commanders or deputy commanders of the clan;) >>> >>> Link to the chat - https://discord.gg/qv554HJ - >>> >> > The presence in Discord during the game is a must for all clan fighters !!! >>> Rules for typing in the clan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzsbzW4ZDa8 INVITE TO THE FRIENDLY COLLECTOR;)
  2. Hi) If you have a desire to play in a friendly team and take part in clan battles, get clan bonuses for pumping and buying ships)) Then the UA-NF clan invites you to us;) To do this, you need to install the Discord program and contact the commander. or deputy clans. Go to our voice chat in Discord at this link https://discord.gg/qv554HJ
  3. https://goo.gl/images/SZrErz
  4. what can you do, then at least tell how and who can create a Ukrainian section at the WG EU forum? thanks ;)
  5. We are very sorry that the WG EU server and forum have no Ukrainian language! If you look at the map Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe! The population is about 48 million. so many Ukrainian players are on the WG RU server. but with the political situation, many players leave the WG RU server and go to the WG EU server. Is it not necessary to create conditions for such games here as Ukrainian language in the game and on the forum WG EU ???? P.S. translate google
  6. Thank you for your comments. Of course, the main text here is written in English for Ukrainian players and is duplicated in Ukrainian. And when it comes to sections! The Ukrainian section, unfortunately, is not (((Create a section for us, and we will be very grateful for this. We used Google as a translator.