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    Game menu bugs

    I don't know if some of these are known, but I've encountered a couple of bugs in the main menu (where you have access to port, tech tree, modules etc.): in the first one, I left a battle because my ship got sank and when I tried to launch with another one, I couldn't do it because it told me I was in battle with the vehicle and I cannot launch into battle before the other one ends. Secondly, after a few more battles, I've unlocked the access to missions, so after I finished a battle in random battles (I was trying to do the one with 2 victories for 200 000 credits or so) I tried to go into another random battle and it didn't let me. I had access just to the co-op ones.......These bugs disappeared with a restart of the game, but they may get very annoyingly if they repeat frequently. This is what I found so far, and I will look for further bugs........
  2. Insanerobert

    Getting stuck on cliffs due to wonky collision.

    I did this too yesterday.......