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  1. AnuSuaraj

    British battleships incoming

    And yet again, I am utterly disappointed with WG's money grabbing approach to balancing their game. British BBs look like just another power-creeped and blatantly overpowered lines of "please use free XP to get it" ships. You get the stealth of a Murican cruiser on gun platform that can wipe out anything that isn't a Yamato in a single salvo, coupled with a broken "heal all your mistakes away" damage party, and agility that allows anyone with a half a brain to not get torped... like ever. Oh, and you get radar too, because why the hell not?! Although, I have to say that the funniest thing ever is the high pen HE which WG actually advertises like so: "...you can shoot at enemies with HE shells from a long distance..." Just in case you're one of those super useless sniper type of players with 43% WR yet 4 to 1 kill ratio. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Sorry for the double post, but this beauty had just caught my eye. RN CL's have a high skill requirement? And by high skill requirement you mean that they have to somehow figure out the fact that the best thing for them is to sit in smoke behind their team and/or some island and shoot at targets of opportunity? Wow, that does sound like a high skill requirement...but then again, maybe if you would just play a Mogami in a tier 10 game, you would change your definition of a "high skill requirement".
  2. AnuSuaraj

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    I agree that the impact of Battleship AP might be a bit too hard on DDs, but then on the other hand, at least you can't get citadeled.
  3. Wait, so you got owned in smoke by total noob in Stronk BB with spotter plane? Sad story bro... Come on, guys, deep down you knew this day was coming. Deep down you knew that sitting in your aura of darkness was just as BBabish as crying for stronker armor and guns that can span the globe. Sharing smoke and playing as passive damage leeches is wrong, mkay? Now you're going to have to l2p to keep them sweet stats.
  4. Don't pay any mind to SexyCroat's filthy mouth guys. He just really doesn't like it when people disturb his smoke aura. My shells say hello.
  5. Finally! I came up with this idea about a year ago, and I can say that I am truly happy that the good people at WG have finally decided to steal it from me. In your face mtm and other skill-less smoke camping plebs.
  6. AnuSuaraj


    Somebody pull up the BBaby Bingo card. And then close topic please.
  7. AnuSuaraj

    Gift shop discussion! Elements!

    I'm buying Radar and Speed boost mods.
  8. AnuSuaraj

    Metric system is annoying me

    You're wasting your time guys. That fallenkezef fellow falls into the category of biased British fanboys. Also, I suspect he's like twelve years old or something.
  9. AnuSuaraj

    Metric system is annoying me

  10. AnuSuaraj

    Metric system is annoying me

    Totally! Brits are so cool and everyone in Europe secretly wants to be one!
  11. AnuSuaraj

    Metric system is annoying me

    Damn it, indeed. People don't use the metric system because it is not British (although that is a good reason all by itself), but because, unlike the imperial system, it isn't an obsolescent, nonsensical pile of steaming dung.
  12. AnuSuaraj

    How to get rid of the socialist flag?

    I am aware of this, of course. I was just trying to insult the man. It was rude of you to interrupt.
  13. AnuSuaraj

    Does buying premium increase chances of winning?

    Introducing Suaraj's theorem: WR = Money spent on Premium time x Skill / Money spent on hookers and blow
  14. AnuSuaraj

    Does buying premium increase chances of winning?

    I feel a somewhat tender inclination....this odd persuasion...that you might be...just maybe...one drooling...and tin-foil hat wearing dweeb. I have no evidence...statistical or otherwise...I just...feel it...somehow.
  15. AnuSuaraj

    Battleship RNG

    That depends on the individual BB's gun arcs and shell speed as well. Giving less dispersion to German BBs, for example, would break the game completely.