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  1. Tiger1940

    Should i go to Yamato or Montana first?

    First congratz on getting to that high tier! How long did that take and with premium probably lol.I think it is completely up to you. Montana looks badass, has 4x12 cannons, Yamato is pure history and badassness. I'd personally get both XD. But if It was up to me I'd go with Montana first. I have great memories from navy field 1 with it.
  2. Tiger1940

    ETA on 0.5.1

  3. Tiger1940

    Split from Supertest Needs You!

    Good old MoH Pacific Assault memories shooting down torpedos! Although yea it seems highly unrealistic if you think about it. Sure it was epic in that game but this is a different game. The only think you can do to avoid torps is basically whether if you see front of you torps in-coming is basically slow down and turn but i think it is obvious.
  4. Tiger1940

    North Carolina newbs

    Trust me, it's not connected to the North Carolina. That is a pretty decent ship, and if you happen to find bad players using certain ship, it's the players not the ships. Every "bad players" can use any ship so it wouldn't only be the NC.
  5. Tiger1940

    Much bigger explosion when BB die

    Ya I think so too it would be nice to you know have a nice variety of sinkings + bigger explosion, but obviously it would happen all random like not always.
  6. Hey there! Just a little suggestion, and I'm telling it from experience. Try to make some sort of confirmation to sell a ship before you actually sell it, like in World of Tanks where you have to write the amount of money you'll get, into that box. It is a really useful feature. It can be real nasty if you do sell something by mistake, but you can't really do it with this feature on.
  7. Tiger1940


    Just as others said above me. You can't do it, it is impossible to change servers. There completely different. If you don't have much battles really, then just install the NA version of WoWS and register there and there you go.
  8. Dasha for in-game credits plox
  9. Tiger1940

    Germany folder in WoW

    Bismarck plox!!!
  10. Tiger1940

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Been testing it for a few hours, it looks nice. However there are some things which i don't like but small things, when we upgrade ship, it doesn't says it anymore at what time, like for example WW1 dreadnaught might have 1913 stock, and could upgrade it to 1943 version, but it doesn't say it anymore, I liked this thing. I like the new camouflages as well, they do look awesome. I think camouflages should be made permamently unless the owner removes it, like in wot.
  11. Tiger1940

    The bitchin' stops here - time to test it......

    GUYS, It is up!! The Public Test server is up!! it is finally working!!! Let's get on the adventure lads, shall we?!
  12. Tiger1940

    The bitchin' stops here - time to test it......

    C'mon how long more still couldn't connect to the server and it is 3:39 PM.
  13. Tiger1940

    E3 info: OBT starting end of June

    Well i dont know, how accurate is that source is, but I just hope it is coming very soon, as possible Can't wait to grind on my fav ships
  14. Tiger1940

    The bitchin' stops here - time to test it......

    Yay promotion
  15. Tiger1940

    The bitchin' stops here - time to test it......

    I think the Tier 2 Mikasa BB won't be the highest premium ship available in testing just hoping for Bismarck, if there'll be that would be a huge surprise lol