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  1. I also would really appreciate some kinda radar evening out....and dare I say it possibly a cap sometime, had a Fletcher game yesterday with enemy team having 2 Missou, 2 Donskoi, 1 Balti, 1 Neptune, 1 Bismarck, 1 Udaloi and not to mention CV.....was not fun for me, but I'm sure they had a right chuckle.
  2. Might just see you there if I'm not away working, I keep meaning on going out more and doing sociabubble things, oh and isn't there that American style desserts place in Chatham........
  3. And not the contradiction of ''port'' being an open ocean with no port?!!
  4. I fully appreciate your points and thanks for not being quite so harsh about it lol. All i was trying to illustrate I guess is that the camping BB meta is not going to get any better with that kinda thing happening especially for ships at -2 MM, but as it goes that was in the first 5 mins and I was alive longer than the kemping Tirpitz and co so again point taken, I survived to tell the tale.... for a while at least, whereas poor cruisers don't often have that luxury. And as for the cruiser support I'm guessing they had other priorities than saving lil ol me, or perhaps were waiting for the torp bombers or something, who knows.
  5. Errrr, sorry but that's what happened, I didn't say no planes were killed I said that however many got through nuked me, perhaps the term ''to no avail'' was the issue, what I meant was despite best efforts........... Also, thanks for being so polite about your concerns, clearly an ''are you certain?'' wouldn't have been enough.
  6. I like new stuff, I like a challenge, but +-2 tier mm is painful enough against a cv and then you get AP bombed and no dodging or wasding will help, to put in perspective I was just in my Warspite pushing a cap with a couple of cruisers(tier 8) and a dd and then in come two squadrons of enterprise AP bombers, 2 thirds health gone from however many got through, all 3 of us AA focusing them but to no avail........and yes the tier 8 bb's I don't think even moved forwards.... not entirely sure what I'm meant to do about that whole situation (other than hiding at the back), at least torps you can dodge some but bombs like that don't need many to completely ruin your game with absolutely nothing you can do about it that I wasn't doing, Ie wasd hax and fighting alongside cruisers. Now i'm all up for punishing camping BB's or at least getting them to change their ways but I really don't think making the lowest tier BB's potentially one shottable CV food is really going to help do anything other than make them even more passive, I'm already wishing I'd camped at the back with the rest and that really aint my style!
  7. Not entirely sure of your point....yes they are broken....well done.
  8. Im going to add my tuppence, and no I don't play CV, never will and it has zero bearing on my impression of them or how they play. Firstly they are some situations, as are all ships in some situations, the issue that seems to affect people is that the OPness of a CV can be pretty quickly brought to bear on anyone that finds themselves without support, and I phrase it like that because you can very quickly become singled out or without support when in a ''team'' game, lets be real, singled out means just a little bit too far away from friendlies not halfway across the map solo yolo like. -Spawning randomly, sometimes completely alone, then have to chase the friendlies who are pushing away form you to the only viable cap because majority of team is there.....should they be forced to turn round to come and help with AA or should you just be sacrificed, by the time a friendly gets to you in some maps the planes are already incoming, so spawns and map design can have a massive impact on ''playing as a team to negate AA''. -What about a torp wall from a DD, that can force you to turn, and be singled out...... -Incoming barrage from BB's can force you to turn and be singled out..... -Being anywhere with a cruisers supporting you, multi citadel hit to him later later, cruiser dead, singled out....... -Relying on random team members to notice that you have had to turn for whatever reason and stop what they're are doing to wait for you to get back in the procession, sorry lemming train as it's normally called, (but because a Cv is involved it's actually sailing as a fleet) equals...singled out. What about once all cruisers are deleted and dd's are dead or even team MM has no DD's to start with, our CV gets nuked early or is still there and completely useless, I've killed all enemy ships whilst my teammates all die, I'm capping a zone with a points advantage and in theory should be able to pull a win out of my arse but, according to some, I should have no choice in the game but to die to the CV, I should be alongside the other members of the team who are dead...that sounds like a fantastic reward for playing well. Any other ship class would have to come and potentially get shot in order to save the game....not CV though, that just feels wrong. I personally do play a Edited of BB's, my choice, it's a game I play for fun, nobody made me sign a contract saying YOU MUST PLAY ALL CLASSES INCLUDING A DIFFERENT TYPE OF GAME ENTIRELY, thank Edited, I know BB's are broken but so is everything else, because it's all interconnected. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  9. Whilst it might not be the complete solution I think it may help with some and some is a positive increase, so yes voted, also changing the spawns so ships are better grouped may help too, for example not spawning the bb's so central on fault line whilst the cruisers and dd's tend to be right in front of the outer caps, often leading to them pushing into said caps without heavy support and being deleted only to cuss the bb's whom haven't even got into a position to help yet despite going full throttle from the word go, again that is just one example and it is not always the case, I've spawned on that map in a BB furthest right completely alone only to have the whole team head away from me and then been focused by a cross dropping cv whilst desperately attempting to get toward support in the slowest ship on our team..... equally not fun.
  10. Just had 2 in a row that i think have pushed me over the edge, first a complete bot Tirpitz sailing to map border as only top tier BB, still on full health while me and a dd(and mustn't forget the cruiser chasing a shokaku's last known position(from 10 mins ago) who are the last remaining ships are desperately fighting for our lives in a cap, then next game 2 Bismarcks do the exact same thing and then tell our sole survivng DD to quick go cap when he is also on map border and the enemy team has already half capped our base, just zero understanding of the game and frankly I can't be arsed to deal with it, games are meant to be fun not exasperating, mind boggling exercises in futility.
  11. Maybe change the spawns so ships start as a ''fleet'', change the XP to promote capping in ships other than DD's, maybe make damage scale across tiers, shoot a ship a tier below and only do 80% of the damage you would to same tier (maybe just for cruisers), try ADDING TUTORIALS THAT EXPLAIN HOW TO WORK AS A TEAM WITHIN A FLEET ENVIRONMENT, HAVE THE DAMN GAME WARN PLAYERS WITH KLAXONS AND FLASHING LIGHTS THAT CAPPING THAT ZONE RIGHT THERE IS IMPERATIVE TO WINNING AND WILL REWARD YOU WITH MONIES AND XP! there are sadly loads and loads of possibilities including all those posted like the buffs for cv's above which might help and dozens more which have been suggested in other threads, obviously everything is speculation and I have no idea which combination of suggestions would actually have the desired effect but I'm pretty sure that given everything that's been suggested on this forum there is almost certainly a solution of sorts yet to be even considered by WG.
  12. Again, I have to state, it might help with some, not all, but some is better than none, also more complex issues like poor positioning and decision making can begin to be addressed at a basic level, a tutorial that tells you ''sail with the fleet to capture that point'' may not be enough, but if you say ''sail with your fleet to capture that point, by keeping close to your allies you can better deal with enemy plane attacks'' is slightly better, throw in an AI DD attack and have an imaginary Officer tell you ''torpedoes off of starboard, turn in to minimise damage'' is better still, it could even skip between the three main classes as it goes through a breakdown of how an engagement is likely to unfold for each class with the player at the helm of each ship type, if you have an AI fleet alongside reacting correctly to situations then it may all start to add up in players minds, pausing the tutorial at certain moments to add pertinent information, all within 5 mins, then at the end of the tutorial you let the player pick which ship to continue in and it turns into a co-op battle which you play out. I'm not pretending that this is an all encompassing solution and the example I gave doesn't cover a lot of things but it is just an example. I can't help but think that something like this would help, to a degree, and not helping is....well, not helping, so I would prefer that they did something to help.
  13. Several people have made the comment that if a player wants to learn then they should (and will) go and spend time learning outside of the game in order to get good, whilst this may be in some part true I think that is entirely missing the point, and is also possibly not true in a lot of cases, this is after all a FREE TO PLAY GAME and expecting people to essentially do research before playing....not to get super good but simply to understand core game mechanics, is in my opinion ridiculous, the basics of gameplay mechanics should 100% be explained by the game itself, then if you want to learn more feel free to delve....imo Another point that has arisen is this idea that asking for tutorials is elitist, as in ''people aren't good enough to play with me so make them complete tutorials'', the tutorials should be there to allow every player to join a game and feel that they can contribute something to the outcome of the battle and not be insta deleted after 3 mins of ''game-play'' with no idea how or why, and then rinse/repeat it at the expense of the next team. Within any team game at any level if I/you/anybody performs rather well then watching another member of your team throw away whatever advantage that has been gained, can be a rather stressful experience, especially if its a clear lack of understanding of very simple core mechanics that causes the loss, it must surely be similarly frustrating for the player that keeps dying so I would have thought it would benefit both parties equally. Tutorials could help, dismissing them and saying people won't do them is silly, some people will and some won't, some is more than none. I personally have started playing games with no intention of doing the tutorials and an ''I'm a reasonably intelligent person surely I can figure this out'' attitude, only to sheepishly return to them after realising that actually 5 mins to learn the basics over 100 games of head vs wall action is probably a good trade off. On another note, loading screens are a perfect opportunity for helpful insights, include visuals not just text saying things like 'support your team by shooting the enemy', a graphic of a BB turning toward torpedoes with a line saying ''to lesson damage try turning toward torpedoes'' may actually be all it takes for some people to have that light bulb moment, the more of this sort of thing the better as again, even if it only reaches some, again...... some is more than none. And finally if WG can't find the time to do it themselves and are going to entirely rely on CC's to do it for them then maybe actually link to the the relevant sources in game, I think it was Planetary Annihilation I played that had ''how to'' videos linked on the main screen, or if WG don't want to have to choose and seemingly favour one CC over another then they could have the forumites vote for which videos are most helpful. Anyhow, that's my tuppence worth Pip pip and all that jazz!
  14. 3 games and 3 170k losses in a row yesterday was more than enough for one wknd, have been setting up an efficient construction material distribution network in Transport Fever blood pressure thanked me
  15. Hey Phil, well done for taking an interest in your progress, obviously these other folks have made it very, very clear that you still have plenty of progress to make..... but at least you are aware of that fact and seemingly looking to try and improve, which is a damn sight more than a lot of other players seem to do so good luck out there and I wish you happy hunting