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  1. shhhhhhhhh
  2. Why not in Jianwei?!!!! Badoom cha
  3. Sounds familiar, I do believe I had the misfortune to be on one of those red teams yesterday when we lost 4 dd's almost instantly, I had to follow along with the herd of tier 8 BB's as they were shepherded off the map, not much fun that one. As for ranks sometimes it can be deceptive, I played approx 50 games in the first season of ranked but I don't like the smaller team sizes, I gave up on that so I got no rank (I think), if I had continued a bit more then given up because of lack of interest in the mode then I would probably have a mid level rank by my name. The Problem is that having a mid level rank next to my name or no rank at all next to my name doesn't change the fact that I do reasonably well at this game in full random madness mode. Sometimes, as in the case of the screenshot I posted, ranks really do matter and MM could probably make it slightly more even....but then that's the ''fun'' of randoms isn't it? Seriously though, I've played far too much of this game and mostly solo and it's the challenge of trying to win with all the crazy crap going on that makes it a challenge, I get days when I win 10 out of 12 games and I get pissed at the two teams that I couldn't drag over the line, I have days when I just can't win at all and get pissed at the teams.... and then I stop and think to myself how fecking boring would it be to just win constantly?!
  4. Despite my national fervour and almost crack addict level of addiction to my beloved Warspite I have yet to play the RN Battleships, partially due to the overall levels of BB in game(I've been playing more DD's lately like a good chap!) and partially due to not wanting to be spamming HE. I have however been on the receiving end of them all many times and these seem like fair assessments of what I've encountered, a good read and solid points methinks, if I had a hat on it'd be hats off to you sir.
  5. Hit me too, crazy desync and crash, restarted then couldn't log in for 5 mins, not even an amusing replay for me unfortunately. I had no issues since last year and old computer but in the last two months I've had a few crashes to login and a couple of forced restarts, and it's most definitely only this game that does it.
  6. Did that happen last night by any chance?
  7. The complete lack of in game tutorials for even the very core mechanics of the game.....but still, 8k....jeepers
  8. A bit like this one?
  9. Couldn't agree more, and as I said in another thread on the topic I would go so far as to suggest capping the amount of radar ships on a team, had this game not so long ago and frankly it was soul destroying being spotted for pretty much the whole game.
  10. I also would really appreciate some kinda radar evening out....and dare I say it possibly a cap sometime, had a Fletcher game yesterday with enemy team having 2 Missou, 2 Donskoi, 1 Balti, 1 Neptune, 1 Bismarck, 1 Udaloi and not to mention CV.....was not fun for me, but I'm sure they had a right chuckle.
  11. Might just see you there if I'm not away working, I keep meaning on going out more and doing sociabubble things, oh and isn't there that American style desserts place in Chatham........
  12. And not the contradiction of ''port'' being an open ocean with no port?!!
  13. I fully appreciate your points and thanks for not being quite so harsh about it lol. All i was trying to illustrate I guess is that the camping BB meta is not going to get any better with that kinda thing happening especially for ships at -2 MM, but as it goes that was in the first 5 mins and I was alive longer than the kemping Tirpitz and co so again point taken, I survived to tell the tale.... for a while at least, whereas poor cruisers don't often have that luxury. And as for the cruiser support I'm guessing they had other priorities than saving lil ol me, or perhaps were waiting for the torp bombers or something, who knows.
  14. Errrr, sorry but that's what happened, I didn't say no planes were killed I said that however many got through nuked me, perhaps the term ''to no avail'' was the issue, what I meant was despite best efforts........... Also, thanks for being so polite about your concerns, clearly an ''are you certain?'' wouldn't have been enough.
  15. I like new stuff, I like a challenge, but +-2 tier mm is painful enough against a cv and then you get AP bombed and no dodging or wasding will help, to put in perspective I was just in my Warspite pushing a cap with a couple of cruisers(tier 8) and a dd and then in come two squadrons of enterprise AP bombers, 2 thirds health gone from however many got through, all 3 of us AA focusing them but to no avail........and yes the tier 8 bb's I don't think even moved forwards.... not entirely sure what I'm meant to do about that whole situation (other than hiding at the back), at least torps you can dodge some but bombs like that don't need many to completely ruin your game with absolutely nothing you can do about it that I wasn't doing, Ie wasd hax and fighting alongside cruisers. Now i'm all up for punishing camping BB's or at least getting them to change their ways but I really don't think making the lowest tier BB's potentially one shottable CV food is really going to help do anything other than make them even more passive, I'm already wishing I'd camped at the back with the rest and that really aint my style!