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  1. DominusEdwardius

    Changes on HMS Cossac and Asashio

    I think the only way the Asashio can be described with the DW Torps is that it has become so specialised at fighting Battleships that it has become a massive detriment to itself and the team it is on. It is massively at the mercy or matchmaking, since if you get a match with very few BBs and a lot of DDs or CA/Ls then the Asashio would be just plain useless. And goodness knows how useless it would become if the enemy team cooperated to spot the torpedoes and detect them before even getting close to the Battleship targets. Then there is the fact that it would straight up loose a gun fight to even a Kagero, heck even a Shiratsuyu or Akatsuki would probably best it in a gun fight and a Shinonome would probably give it a run for its money as well! It makes it somewhat useless even in a scouting role since it can't really defend itself against any destroyer it comes across. Just no...
  2. I think it could be an interesting addition, if it isn't specific to Pan Asian DDs.
  3. DominusEdwardius

    Shima Buff?

    I would like to point out that the 5 torpedo launchers already have a marginally narrower angle between each torpedo than quad launchers, which have a narrower angle than triple launchers. I got the angle a bit off when I measured them but it gives the general impression (I did them from an angled view rather than overhead so the actual angles are probably about 0.5 degrees less between each torpedo). The narrow spread on a triple launcher (3 torpedoes) is approximately 5.459 degrees, on a quad launcher (4 torpedoes) is 6.488 Degrees and on a pentad (5 torpedoes) is 7.770 degrees. That means in theory if the angles between torpedoes are equal the angle between torpedoes for the 3 spread is 2.7295 degrees, the 4 spread is 2.163 degrees and the 5 spread is 1.9425 degrees. Now obviously torpedoes veer off the right and left of where they are supposed to go (rather annoyingly) but given than there are more torpedoes there's less room for a torpedo to go off in a random direction with a 5 spread, which gives another advantage to the pentad launchers, but as I say don't take the numbers exactly as they are, but just to give the general idea.
  4. DominusEdwardius

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Slightly sad Yugumo has lot a bit of uniqueness now, it used to have better guns (faster rate of fire and range) than the Shimakaze, but range of Shimakaze was buffed a patch or two ago and now the rate of fire appears to be being buffed to match as well. It honestly made a bit of sense for Yugumo to have slightly better guns in respect to the fact that more or less everything else on Shimakaze is quite a bit better including having twice as many torpedoes, the difference not really being justified in a single tier jump.
  5. DominusEdwardius

    HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee in the premium shop

    Well it has 1 less turret for starters and depending on which gun you use, they hit just as hard as they would on Akizuki. Turning is better but but not exceptional by destroyer standards and the speed is not the worst but not fantastic either (35.5 knots compared with 33 on Akizuki). So overall, no to the first aspect and marginally to the second aspect
  6. DominusEdwardius

    HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee in the premium shop

    I'd say that a full health Harekaze probably has a about 50/50 chance of winning against a gunfight with a Fletcher at close range, with both ships starting to blaze away at one another at the same point and both as roughly accurate as one another. On the condition that the Harekaze is fully spec'd for the 100mm guns (so BFT+IFHE+Adrenaline Rush). But even so it would probably be a very close fight with the victor left with about 1000-2000hp remaining. The ship can put up a ferocious barrage of fire at enemy ships, however it simply can't really sustain for very long if it is being shot back at, which at higher tiers and given the short range will happen more often than not. It can be fairly fun ship to play, but the limited range does feel somewhat frustrating to play with. Overall though it feels something very mediocre ship, it has so many flaws it is impossible to cover them all up with captain skills. The AA is quite poor without Manual AA + BFT, the manoeuvrability isn't great (but better than Akizuki!), the torpedoes are poor (long reload, mediocre damage and flood chance). The guns can even actually be questionable, the IJN 127mm guns if you use them you may as well play Kagero for obvious reasons, the 100mm guns practically require IFHE and the USN 127s just lack volume of fire to be of much use. While the stealth is good, it does pretty much require the almost mandatory concealment expertise skill. And then there is the Survivability which is pretty abysmal and pretty much mandates survivability expert if you intend to use your guns often. If you spec for AA you may as well play the Akizuki since it is flat out better at it, if you spec for torpedoes why bother, the Kagero is flat out better. Which pretty much leaves you having to spec for the guns and probably the 100mm at that which leaves you still with a fairly fragile ship with mediocre/poor torpedoes and poor AA (probably). It isn't a bad ship by any stretch of the imagination, but I've yet to have an amazing game with it yet, whether that will improve with time and once I get more captain skill points (currently at 14) I don't know. I feel like she could possibly do with something else just to make the ship more useful.
  7. DominusEdwardius

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Really, there probably should be some reward for assisting allies by smoking them up. Quite how you'd go about implementing that is another matter though. Possibly it could be based on damage dealt by the ships within your smoke cloud and possibly some additional reward for the time a ship is in the smokescreen while is actively being obscured from view where it would otherwise be spotted. That way destroyers would be actively promoted to assist the team by smoking them up instead of trying to boost your damage count or using the smoke selfishly. In game spotting damage counters wouldn't go amiss either (so you can actually see if your spotting is actually contributing to spotting damage!).
  8. DominusEdwardius

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    I suppose you could do a bit of swapping around, swap Shiratsuyu for Akatsuki, and Hatsuharu for Fubuki, Buff Kagero and Yugumo up a tier each and slot Asashio in at tier 8. Then you would have a consistent and historical design progression for the main line (twin torpedo launchers). Then have Akizuki branch off at either 8 or 9 from the main line. Then for the alternate line you could do Fubuki tier 6, Ayanami tier 7 and Akatsuki tier 8, make up something for tier 9 or drop Shimakaze down to 9 and make something else for 10. But going back to the torpedo consumable, I really disagree with it being in the smoke screen slot. While it is arguably quite effective at dealing damage, it effectively locks you into a certain play style i.e just torpedoing things from a distance and praying you don't get spotted and your torpedoes hit. It pretty much removes the ships ability to team play effectively (smoking up allies, capping safely etc). It also makes you wildly inconsistent in that certain games you may hit dozens of torpedoes and get a really high damage number. But in other games you may become totally useless, such as when you have a very aggressive team and a cowardly enemy at which point torpedoes become effectively useless, and without smoke to use with your guns and assist team mates, your effectively worthless. And any way lets face it, IJN torpedoes are hardly the most reliable of weapons, especially if you can only use your double launch trump card 3 times a game at most (the fourth charge if you have one is effectively worthless since by the time its is up, the game will pretty much be over). I think it should really be in a separate slot for all the ships which have the consumable, however it should be the 30s version if not even longer (maybe a simple halving of the reload time). That way the ships can't do the nasty double torpedo wall, however it can still deliver a nasty surprise to unsuspecting players who may have just used their repair party consumable. It would effectively compensate for the long reload and limited number of tubes on these ships (the twin quad launcher designs), compared with say the USN counterparts. Either which way, there is one thing, this patch will allow for a statistical comparison with or without the reload booster on the Shiratsuyu, to let us see how effective the consumable actually was in its original form.
  9. DominusEdwardius

    RU BB reward or not?

    Looking at the July Calender the Dunkirk operation should start on the 20th https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/too-hot-to-handle/ But it would appear however that we may not be getting the Russian BB event.
  10. DominusEdwardius

    What to expect in Public Test 0.6.8?

    I dislike how they are going about the torpedo reload booster consumable, while it can undoubtedly be fun and amusing, it is also a very risky consumable to use as you are no longer able to use smoke to get out of sticky situations. Taking it is also something of a selfish choice full stop since you can no longer assist your team by smoking them up, taking caps is also a lot riskier since if you run into a enemy DD, you could be in a world of trouble if you can't get out of detection range and stay out. It also renders you guns effectively useless, something IJN DD captains really should use more often! By using the consumable you pretty much HAVE to make the 2nd salvo count, which with IJN torpedoes at high tiers is not guaranteed. Personally I think it would have been better if they had standardised on the 30 second version, and put it on the speed boost slot instead. That way it is still something of a risky choice, since IJN DDs are quite slow and various cruisers and destroyers can generally keep pace if not catch up without the speed boost, however it does not compromise the your ability to assist your team as much as loosing smoke does.
  11. DominusEdwardius

    Sod the Hood! The test stats for HMS Gallant are out

    Jack of all trades, master of quite a few . A comparison with Shinonome is quite amusing really: Gallant has: Longer range on main battery Single fire torpedoes Four torpedoes per launcher Higher fire chance Much higher rate of fire More torpedo damage 0.3Km less torpedo detection AA in two mounts instead of one so you don't loose 100% of your non existent AA right after a single HE hit... probably 1 knot faster Smaller turning radius Quicker rudder shift Lower detection Slightly more armour (not that it actually matters!) Faster turret rotation speed Smaller target Shinonome has: 100 extra alpha on the HE shell 100 extra alpha on AP shell Slightly better AP penetration 3 torpedo launchers faster torpedo reload (albeit only 3 tubes) better shell arcs 900 more HP 2 more guns To me, Gallant just seems more useful really. Which is great don't get me wrong, and I am really looking forward to Gallant, I just wish it wasn't so good at everything (AA aside!). If I could choose to weaken one aspect, it would be to have slightly worse gun performance if I could keep the torp arrangement as is, as single launching on destroyers sounds a lot of fun!
  12. DominusEdwardius

    HMS Gallant

    I do have my concerns about the guns: Arcs While at close quarters the arcs shouldn't be too bad due to the relatively high muzzle velocity (better than USN destroyers at any rate), at range I have a feeling they become even more floaty. The following is taken from the elevation and range values given on Nav Weaps which should give a fairly reasonable indication of ballistics since Wargamming seem to base gun performance fairly close to reality: 30 degrees elevation 33 degrees elevation 40 degrees elevation Shell Weight Muzzle velocity 4.7"/45 QF Mk IX. 14450m - 15545m 22.68kg 808m/s 12.7/45 SK C/34. 17400m - - 28.00kg 830m/s 5"/50 3rd year. 16672m - 18269m 23.00kg 915m/s 4.7"/45 3rd year. - 15000m - 20.30kg 825m/s 5"/38 Mk12 14810m - 15764m 25.00kg 762m/s From it, it is fair to say the British guns appear to have probably the worst arcs at range (even beating the USN arcs). The ballistics seem to be relatively similar to the IJN 4.7" gun as found on Minekaze just a bit worse. At a guess, due to the similar muzzle velocities, and the IJN gun having lighter shell weight that the shells must have a little bit more drag than the IJN shells. Armour penetration Navy weaps puts the performance of the armour penetration for the SAP shells at 76mm at 6000m. Since Wargamming fairly reliably recreate shell performance we can take this as a benchmark. Nav weaps lists the USN 127mm gun as 76mm at 6770m, and looking at the armour penetration curves in the general guides section it would 76mm at 6000m appears to put the AP performanceright at the bottom of all the tier 6 gun AP performance. Shell damage This is a bit of an unknown admittedly but I can't see the shell damage being more than 1700, with about a 5/6% fire chance. I doubt the shell can be 1800 damage as that would put it in the same damage category as the IJN 127mm and USN 127mm guns with their larger diameter shells, larger bursting charges and heavier shell weights. The higher fire chance is also something of a Japanese thing, and lets face it, so far in game the British aren't exactly renowned for the HE performance . There is also the distinct possibility HE shell damage might be less, or indeed the guns may be limited to SAP only. Traverse speed For the single turret mounts like on Gallant, traverse was manual only, as such we can probably expect slow traverse times, probably not dissimilar to those on Minekaze which are also manual traverse. Traverse times I would guess would be about 30 seconds if not worse. Overall I would expect the gun performance to be fairly similar to Minekaze, just firing twice as quick. In other words the gun system on this ship probably won't be the best, and the torpedoes will quite probably have to be the main selling point.
  13. DominusEdwardius

    HMS Gallant

    I'm not actually too sure what her concealment will be, she may be small length ways but height, I think she is quite tall in comparison to an IJN DD. I imagine she will probably have a concealment not too dissimilar from Blyskawica, greater than Fubuki at least.
  14. DominusEdwardius

    HMS Gallant

    She could make quite an interesting torpedo boat, if she has Leander's torpedoes, she would be quite comparable to the equivalent tier IJN torpedo boats if so. Mark IX. Type 8 model 3. Type 8 model 2. G7 Steinbutt. Damage 15433 14600 16267 13700 Speed 61 63 59 65 Range 8.0 8.0 10.0 8.0 Reload per torpedo 24 24.3 25.3 22.5 Detection range 1.3 1.6 1.5 1.3 Reaction time with target ship sailing 25 knots and torpedoes approaching at 45 degrees to the bow 6.18 7.42 7.30 5.89 If she doesn't, I expect she will be pretty terrible with mediocre to poor guns and not too exceptional concealment either...
  15. DominusEdwardius

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    Todays buff to the IJN Torpedoes... I still utterly despise the 8km range on the F3 torpedoes so no changes there then