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    Looking for the IDEAL of WoWs

    Hey fellow ship captains, I'm currently looking for a clan that's similar to the WoT Clan I'm in. My criteria for the clan is as followed: Have players interested in playing in divisions Be active I should be in the lowest 1/3 of your players PRs (=> want to learn the game and I won't do that if I play with people around my PR, because obviously they lack some skills) Bonuspoints if you use TS (discord sucks, but I do have it) Be mature I'd be interested to check CW battles in WoWs, but I won't be able to attend every evening and might even dislike it (lowtier CW nice joke WG). Ship selection at tier ten currently: Kremlin Moskva Al Nevsky Soon to be followed by: Petropavlovsk (currently at Riga) Gearing (currently at Fletcher) Hindenburg or Venzia (at tier 8/7 currently) I'd be willing to grind other ships if needed. No, CV doesn't classify as ship! Shoot me a message ingame/here or simply reply to the topic. I'll get back to you ;)