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  1. If u got whats need it, join us. Griva will teach you to use it or loose it.
  2. Suggestions thread

    Change the new badges requirements asap cause they will make players snipe more to get the dmg requirments.I don't think i need to explain it in more worlds.Extreme snipe meta incoming. my suggestion is to lower the dmg and implement 55% in ratio also to get them
  3. still recruiting~ also looking for dedicated CV player with both X CVs
  4. Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    i'm fun of the us ships ingame and especially bbs(check my stats on them).their average disperssion is better than the other ships making them do easier deva strikes.But some times it spikes so much that the formula behind disp and sigma doesnt make any sence. i am not sure how they twitched it(the biggest changed i noticed was in the same patch back then when they lowered citas on iowa and montana)So what u describe it happens very rarely and the most times it happens is cause of rng(shell ricochet inside and went up which cant see vissually),or server side aim hasn't aligned yet(you did it to fast for your ms) or you aimed too low from too close.Also in contrary with other nations bbs what makes them cita so much is their average pen power so in very close i would recommend if the target is not vertical to aim for the most angled part.
  5. Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    nope, there are atleast 2-3 players every match and not only 1. What i over--over-oversimplified before take into account for example 1 afk player that can do do no harm versus 2 negative players. A flank can be lost in 2 minutes nowdays.
  6. Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    very oversimplified statistics. if you join with any ship (exept cvs) 1k times and do nothing(be afk or exit battle)you will get 47% to 53% win ratio.IF you have less % on a ship means that your gamestyle has a negative impact on your team and decrease their chances to win. By joining with a cv and forcing your teammates versus another cv with your gamestyle you get the win ratio you got. There is no rule that prohibits yous from what u doing.But there is no mistake that you got a negative impact on the team.So above 47% with any class it's up to debate if you are lucky/unlucky good ect ect. Below that number there is no mistake that you are making teams loose and could described as trolling(which is banable in other games,cause your are trying to play for example soccer with your own rules instead of the companys) and your honest intentions are irrelevant .
  7. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I finished season 8 with 288 battles 53.5% win ratio and i would like to share my thoughts. i witnessed people suicide on purpose for revenge and even brag about it,people being fake polite to everyone and given the loosing star by the enemies ,very good players in well known clans die like dogs cause they tried to be team players, dds that don't know what hydro do or whats their safe shooting range inside smoke. Actually reporting ingame doesn't do anything ' works like a placebo pill .So its unprofessional from WG to even implement it. I would recommend ranked star system to change a bit .-> winners above 800 xp to get a star and bellow 800 to get nothing -> defeated top one should get a star ,400 xp to second place loose no star and bellow 400 xp to loose 2 stars. This in my opinion will make everyone play on their best ability , have more fun and be more productive .Negative players will think twice before do something toxic.
  8. it's photoshop. thats how actually griva died.
  9. joined recently but already i can vouch that they are organized, well behaved ,fun and fair.