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  1. we are looking maximum 2-3 members to fill for sure two teams(cause of summer).Players experienced in clan wars will get priority.
  2. Marketing proposal for WG pt.2

    i've decided to follow you in forum battle, you will never troll alone again
  3. Marketing proposal for WG pt.2

    climb back up to your black mountain
  4. training for 3rd season cw start this Sunday ,we still looking 2-3 players to fill our 2 teams roaster.
  5. Polish leader ps .https://wows-numbers.com/clan/transfers/500141405,RAGE-RAGE-CREW/ on this link you can see all recruits of every clan in the server. Trolling is always welcomed, atleast do it right.
  6. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    Nope, i'm here for fun.I just find degrading as person the prize list. If WG gave 1k gold to every player won at least 3 battles would loose nothing and please the customers. Cause 99% of those won at least 2 battles on this tournament they dont pay for subscription including me. We get enough gold from rank,clan and supercontainers to play premium for free the whole year anyway.
  7. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    I get the point ,i get your point and i respectfully disagree that this should continue on 2018.This is the practice it's been used the last 400 years ,maybe even more, i m not a historian. Famous artists poets athletes die poor.After the internet era started it was partially balanced . They used their fame in a new retirement job like shoes,books,ect so everyone at least average intelligent person gains something from that glory.Here u play either for fun like me,antistress or e-glory to your nick not to you as an actual person thus it has no merit in an eastern civilized country. So it should be a model that every contributor gains something. Cause currently it's the same like when someone gave 2000k euros to preorder an i-phone x recorded breaking on youtube video and made 10k euros. If u are OK with this logic i respect that, personally i dislike it.
  8. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    Bragging rights for self publicity , implementing my real life name and advertising for example my personal brand(like athletes) would make sense but some other heavy competitive game,and ton in very fun to play arcade(easy mode) fps shooter like WoWs. Cause for a real life balanced adult who likes gaming being famous with nickname nicks has zero merit. Plus oversimplified on this chain model of tournament everyone is rewarded with money except the actual player playing it!. Even coffin makers and hookers(with the actual meaning no insult intended, its a job) which both will have secured income as long as human kind exists on 2018 they are trying more than 2000 to keep all customers even unreasonable ones happy.
  9. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    ty for feedback your are right. What you saying is solid for 2000, markets have changed.Obviously we are playing for fun and not for prizes. But explain me if for example added 1000k gold to each player that his team won atleast 2 times which in my mind has zero negative consequences would make the compettion model better .
  10. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    thats my personal thoughts, enlighten me so i can understand instead of flaming me like a true clueless would do.
  11. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    This posts contains my personal thoughts which i would like to be discussed. Me and my clan joined Kings of the sea competition and in one of the training rooms everyone was in a good mood and exactly in time making some escapes to port to put flags and the referee said ''this is an official international competition you have 3 minutes to start the game(or else,he didn't actually typed that but was implied from context) Which even unsportsmanlike it has logic, for streamers to join more matches ect ect. Before continue unfolding my thoughts i must say i like in-game WG model and find very few but big flaws(ranked battles have horrible system for example) but in general i could compare her to blizzard or resemble riot so the point is i'm not WG racist. In my personal opinion the biggest difference from other gaming companies is that attracts 30+ age player while rest below that, so most of WG players have RL,work and have more balanced gaming hours (at least in theory). Now i will explain where the problem starts,at least from my perspective.The current King of the seas system oversimplified is a player leaching system with zero to none awards or positive contribution to players while the rest model for streamers and WGs companies self advertisement is on e-professional level which is extremely illogical especially when your model attracts real adults. So prize pool. WG gets advertised(++++money), streamers get money which both i personally find it positive.The more money both make the more money can give to make their game better(oversimplified of course).Now we have the players 32+16 teams seeded teams x lets say 10 players with hours of training, hours(ups to 30 hours) on precious weekends of people behind a screen to compete so 14-32players can get up 16 euros doubloons and rest WTF flags. While on the same time frame without being a market expert WG and streamers get up to x1000 that number? This model actually resembles ancient Rome Colosseum in 2018... I could write my thoughts in newspaper article way to provoke and get more readers but avoided that on purpose , i think those who i aim to read will understand whats this about.This kind of situation reminds me alot the last years streamers ban and i start to think that some of WGs employs are ex politicians that got some solid business models in theory that in real world has no practical application and gets the opposite outcome that they want.
  12. yea, we got slots to park your carriers