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  1. GhostalkerGR

    Divisions Broken

    Famous division bug to me also ...
  2. recruiting 1 more person to fill our roster this season.
  3. GhostalkerGR

    Clan Treasury...

    In all written history smart people without conscience always abused the system still society cant fix this problem . Coming in a game talking about the same flaw looks hypocritical to me. Even if 5% of the players are scammers the Treasury implementation outweighs the negative aspect since only new aditional rewards will be affected. Oversimplified from what i understood. Everyone will get same rewards same as now and some will get extra. So who ever is crying about it is in 2 categories. a)didn't get the system which is normal since its very early for details b)he has zero chance to get extra cause of inability to contribute and out of pure spite is negative about it. - Extra motivation for people to play better -Less clan hopping ,people will try more to fit to became core clan members -decent players will stop trying to be pets on superunicam clans cause its very likely to make more profit with less effort and more fun on just decent clans. -People in competitive 20 people clans will get more rewards that huge powerhouses with excess of members -you will be able to make clan events and mini tournaments and other fun stuff between clans and you will be able to give actual rewards.
  4. recruiting, also we sell cat dildos
  5. GAME OVER plz insert steel to continue
  6. GhostalkerGR

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    i love the patch, i play way less now and can enjoy other games. ps. before the patch go live it passed testers,supertesters,employers,beta servers,community feedback,EU council,NATO,Fifa,fiba,ect ect and u need to do a major patch (calling it hotfix its an insult to any human language cause by defitinion its not).I think you should reconsider your policy before you became the next Electronic Arts and stop make money.
  7. recruiting, inquire if u are interested
  8. Recruiting again ,former CW experience will taken into consideration
  9. also leader pays for the pc electricity
  10. recruiting 1 player if he has positive experience in CW he can play the next 6 sessions in typhoon do farm steel.
  11. GhostalkerGR

    Bug Reports

    Playing burgogne... map concealment range buged and stuck whole game on my max shooting range(maybe its mods related, i use aslain mods) happened in 3 games of 200. And in my last game with same ship that made me want to post here , map and consumables graphics didnt load at all , sound didnt work I pressed screenshot but didnt save . Client froze my whole pc i had to hard reset.I reloaded in battle everything looked like fine but after 30seconds the client froze again(but not my pc) and also didnt save replay. I'm certain its not my pc .Its a bug with this ship or mod related. I reinstalled mods and if happens again i'll repost
  12. GhostalkerGR

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad?

    I played it yesterday 12cw battles mainly AP and HE only to frontal stalins and yamas. Against 4 hurricane clans(all wins) 7 typhoon(4-3) and 1 gale(loss lol). My avg dmg was above 130k. Devastated stalins, rushed broadside on demoine and 1 shot, killed dds. HE bourg+ reload boost + demoine HE we killed hurricane stalin being 18kms frontal not moving in less than 90 seconds from full. If u got experience on clan wars and get good position it is a very dangerous BB. We had against us many bourgs also but for some reason it doesn't make sense to me they play too much HE .Maybe cause i got 1000+cws on my back i know always where to be to hit broadside ships while even they are unicams dont'? If u got at least my stats on 10 tiers bbs it its very fun to play, i don't think i would recommend it to worse players than me. Also reload boost and engine boost recycles fast. I bet when enough get it they are gonna nerf recycle for sure.
  13. Recruitment closed for this season. If u are experienced players and still want to join ,leave a msg to check if we got inactives for you to replace.
  14. recruiting 1 more cruiser player with some cw experience or eager to improve,he will given a chance to main team
  15. Already on typhoon with way less games than servers average(more effective gameplay) .Recruiting 1-2 players ,Msg me.