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  1. Did you actually try to leave a queue? We had similar glitch a while ago in division, with ordinary mid-tier ships. Had to restart clients to make it work. Also the new patch isn't that strict about the mirrored matchmaking. You should get a battle within 5 minutes even if there isn't an other tier 10 CV available. Earlier today I got in this match: You can clearly see that the Taiho is without division and got pulled against a Midway. Preda (the Midway captain) said he waited about 4 minutes in the queue to get in this match.
  2. Woel

    Battleship heal bug

    The lower HP during healing is intended to show how much it's going to heal for. However there's a slight problem with the idea of this mechanic: you maximum HP is actually changed to that value for the time being, so if you were to ram someone while healing, you will deal significantly less damage during the effect. Just had this match earlier today fighting in my Iowa, did enormous amount of damages to the side of a Yamato but I almost died in the process (due to overextending pretty much) - so I decided to ram an Iowa with the same hull setup while I tried to survive using my healing skill. Needless to say I was slightly disappointed he survived with quite bit of hit points.
  3. Woel

    This is strange...

    Yeah, meant to write short range accuracy. Also my bad, the values got changed on the interface but apparently they are the same for the rudder shift time. Point still stands anyways, if they want to keep the number of BB players in check, sooner or later they'll most likely have to nerf them - and rudder shift times and turning radius are probably the ones that are most likely going to take the hit.
  4. Woel

    The Potato ship can do some work

    For USN BBs that first appears on tier 9, with the Iowa if I remember correctly (the 3 million costing upgrade). IJN BBs are the one that get it very early on.
  5. Woel

    This is strange...

    I believe BBs were buffed in terms of long short range accuracy and rudder shift time. If anything the BBs are going to need a nerf soon - in fact the rudder shift time buff was totally uncalled for. Edit: edited because I wrote stupid stuff.
  6. Woel

    Stats page change.

    Yes, noticed it just now as well. It's the dumbest idea yet. Now not only I can't place my performance pretty much anywhere compared to other players, but the average exp values are a complete mess even among my own ships. My Nagato has far higher average exp compared to my Fuso thanks to the flags used, despite significantly underperforming - which is really confusing. Now would be the good time to add base experience values as well, which doesn't include premium, flags or any other magic.
  7. Woel

    Iowa at 0.4.1

    I believe all hulls have that bug on the Iowa and it hasn't been fixed. Played like 8 matches today in my Iowa (last hull) and the highest HE damage I've received was a total of 8.5k-ish in a match - and I've even let an Ibuki shoot me for a while.
  8. I'm a bit disappointed that they'd consider the game released without even a basic clan system to be honest. It shouldn't be hard to at least add the basic interface where people can have a clan channel and a clan tag (especially that it exists in WoT anyways..) - just so players with similar interests can find eachother way easier.
  9. Woel

    What do you not like in WOWS

    I haven't really seen it mentioned anywhere else, but i really dislike the permanent critical damages. I wouldn't really mind a longer downtime, or if they were only began to repair when you're using the repair party - but the fact that someone shooting a couple of shells almost completely randomly on like 20Km and it can completely destroy half your firepower for the entire match is just plain annoying. There're detonations already, permanent critical damages are just really way too much RNG for my taste in an arcade style game like this. I've already had two matches where both my frontal turrets on my BB were disabled relatively early in a match - while still having quite high HP still. I guess it's needless to mention that Atlanta's average gun loss per match is so high that it should be counted on player statistics page just for the laughs.
  10. Woel

    0.4.1 full patch notes

    Personally I never had much of an issue with Kongo, sure it's strong, but nothing extraordinary. There're quite a few ships that are considerably more powerful on tier 5, such as Omaha and Murmansk (possibly Zuiho and Minekaze are up there as well, but I'm not sure anymore due to recent changes). Fuso on the other hand is simply the best BB I've played so far, and New Mexico surely doesn't feel like it's on par with it. Fuso has extremely good range, amazing rate of fire with tons of guns and quite good agility. Mark my words, those ranked battles on higher ranks will be full of Fuso and Cleveland. As for the Kitakami changes... I really hope they aren't planning to put them in the premium shops. It's a fun concept, for a while. But with all the friendly torpedoes, suicide killing runs it'd definitely be annoying in normal battles one way or the other. However I can see it being an interesting ship for a special event, such as April Fool's Day, where everyone would enter as a Kitakami and have a Torpedo Mayhem game mode on Open Ocean.
  11. Woel

    [Beta] WarshipStats.com - Ship Compare Tool

    Great stuff! One thing I've noticed, by changing Fire Control System to a different range, the maximum shell dispersion values won't change accordingly! Also on the same note, the winner on dispersion isn't necessary the one with the smaller value, since it depends on the maximum range - thus maybe a different value for that could make sense (maybe maximum dispersion divided by the maximum range? Although not sure if that necessarily makes sense, as I imagine the dispersion values aren't increasing linearly). Edit: Also similar issue with secondary stats gained by hull changes. Such as for example Iowa hull upgrade gets you better rudder shift times. Or the Amagi's second hull giving higher AP damage and RPM. Edit2: Checked a few more. Basically it seems like only the main values of different hulls are tracked. Here's a few worth paying attention to and aren't correct yet: AP damage, Rate of Fire, Turret rotation rate, number of turrets/guns, number of torpedo tubes, maximum firing distance, rudder shift time are the ones I can think of now. Also depending how you store the data on number of guns per turrets, you might have a bit of trouble with Pensacola - as the upgraded version has two turrets with 2 guns, and two turrets with 3 guns as well.
  12. The most used loadouts come with 2-3 torpedo bomber squads for the IJN, so even with defensive fire you still have a fair chance of hitting 1-2 torpedoes. It's pretty much the only counter against torp bombers - I don't see what's wrong with that. If a DD is "countered" by a ship that's simply changing course, it's most likely ending up with no hits at all. Additionally the DD torps are spotted by planes, currently you can simply keep them spotted with fighters and they pretty much can't do anything against that. The defensive AA fire lasts 40 seconds and then there's quite a bit of cooldown after that. So it's not like cruisers can keep it up permanently - if you send Dive bombers first, chances people will waste it on them. And yet I still regularly see pretty much everything getting hit by torp bombers. High AA rating may kill your planes, but torp bombers also kill ships. The only difference is that higher tier CVs have ample supply of planes, but your ship only has so much HP. You might lose occasionally one or two planes to a Tirpitz, but to a few torpedoes he'll lose a significant percentage of his hit points (as well as likely to get steering jammed and flooding). I do believe that DDs should be the hardest to kill with CV. If anything due to their mobility, they should be one of the hardest to get. But the fact is that any kind of planes even just flying by can ruin their day. They'll be spotted along with their torpedoes, which quite often can ruin their game just about instantly. Also I don't see why USN DDs can't have decent anti-air as a trait. Most of the mid/high-tier USN DDs are severely lacking (pre-4.1) due to their low range torpedoes. Their only "trait" is having good guns that can potentially kill enemy DDs fast. That's significantly less than what you can say about most CVs for example (which are currently best spotters, best experience/credit/damage earners, least prone to RNG and such). Then most likely any of you would agree to that it's stupid a CV can park anything above your DD, effectively making the DD unable to do anything against it (except for possibly moving back to the team for AA support).
  13. And how is listing a possible matchmaking a valid argument? I've seen battles where my team had no CV (unlike the enemy team) and we had roughly 8 Tirpitz - which has the worst AA of tier 8. That's 8 large targets with low amount of AA - how can you say that never happens? Also about crying, too many CV captains rush their planes into Cleveland/Atlanta defensive fire and then complain that none of their planes make it. Yet there're better CV captains who know better to avoid certain cruisers and even bait cruisers to use their defensive fire skills. In any tier 6+ games CVs usually outperform everything by quite large margin in both terms of experience and damage. Experienced CV captains of higher tiers currently can reliably kill DDs without seemingly much effort. And then you're telling me that the most underperforming ship class/nation combination in the whole game shouldn't have slightly better AA capabilities? Well spotted! Oh, and look! You've played IJN DDs up to tier 4. A total of 24 matches. Your highest tier ship is a tier 8 premium - I'm sure you're competent to decide whether higher tier DDs require any form of boost. No need to get personal here, especially if the same argument can be pretty much used against you.
  14. Now imagine a matchmaking where almost nobody has defensive fire and half your enemies are basically free kills for your torpedo bombers. Such are random battles. Besides, 9 out of 10 DD captains usually die in the first two minutes - so it's not like something worth complaining about.