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  1. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Commanders 2.0 (new skill tree confirmed)

    Before getting carried away we need to see actual information rather than some icons.
  2. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    wow thats impressive

    I play the game sometimes on a 110" screen using a JVC projector for eye candy and 7.1.4 speaker setup being upmixed so ceiling speakers actually work when aircraft fly over my ship. Runs fine but there is a bit of input lag sadly.
  3. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Bismark Derpitz secondaries

    I'm just glad there are differences between the two, Bismarck is annoying once you get in the 10km range and the Tirpitz can be quite deadly but if you miss you are in a shitty place. Tirpitz requires more skill because of that. With the Bderp you can just click on a ship and the game does the rest.
  4. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    How can one review a ship that has been out only 2 days?
  5. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Battleship players: what is your problem? Why won't you tank?

    Again this topic, just know your role and look at the map. Also some Battleships aren't intended to rush in first thing in battle, poor turning circle and extremely poor armor on sides.
  6. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    IDEAL recruitment topic

    I think Xen is going for President next.
  7. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    Free tier9 BB and steven seagull as commander? No problem. Will take my sweet time though, maybe X-mas next year. Should be pretty easy when you have ton's of ships to double each day .
  8. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    IDEAL recruitment topic

    IDEAL: Excellence Personified Current clan slots: 17 vacant. We provide: • Great players who accompany you on the oceans of WoWS • A friendly, fun and stable community with lots of long-term members • Divisions 24/7 • A forum and a TeamSpeak3 server (ts.idealclan.eu) • Freedom. There are no obligations and you will never be forced to do anything. You do not have to visit our website/forum or play WoWS every day. TeamSpeak is not obligatory either unless you want to play Skirmishes, Clan Wars or tournaments. • Fun, because that's why we play this game. What we expect of you: • High Skill Level. The statistical requirements down below can give you a first idea of whether you are good enough or not. However, we do look at a lot more than just the numbers to evaluate our recruits' abilities, so being above or below our requirements does not mean you will or will not get into the clan for sure. • Good Sportsmanship. The aspiration that a battle will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, respect, and a sense of fellowship with our competitors. • Loyalty. Once you have sold your soul to us there is no going back. We do not like clan hoppers and want our applicants to be interested in a permanent membership and becoming an integral part of our community. • Activity. While daily activity is not mandatory, we cannot afford members who are inactive for long periods of time. Please make sure you meet our statistical requirements before applying for IDEAL: Currently we do not have a fixed statistical requirement table for WoWS, we do look for players who can play well consistently and know about game mechanics and map positioning. Do you think you have what it takes to be in IDEAL? Then read below on how to apply! Are you interested in joining IDEAL? Here is how you can apply: 0. Please do not send me private messages on the official WoT forums any more. 1. Make sure you meet our (statistical) requirements. 2. Sign up for our IDEAL forum. 3. Sign in to your account. (Duh!) 4. Read the sticky thread in the clan applications section. 5. Post your application in the dedicated forum section. Feel free to visit the friends' section of our forums. Please do not spam, do not insult, do not get angry in case your applications gets rejected. It is nothing personal. Do you have questions regarding IDEAL? Contact one of the officers (see our clan description) and they will answer as quickly as possible. Best regards, [IDEAL]
  9. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Clan System Public Test

    Just logged on and I don't see any invite option? Or any indication that I am in a clan?
  10. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Clan System Public Test

    The answer is only 2 posts above your question.
  11. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Clan System Public Test

    30 player limit is not set yet, just for limited testing period.
  12. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Funny Bismarck brawl 183k

    I recently got my 15pts cap with secondaries skill and had this fun battle in the Bismarck, 183k dmg, 311 hits from secondaries and 3mil potential dmg fired at me in return. Shes a keeper!
  13. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Clan System Public Test

    Hah me too, checked my mail and didn't see any notification. Registered in edge and said i said " You have reached the maximum number of submissions." (only entered one), did it succeed or not?
  14. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    You have speed.... you are either abusing smoke or camping.
  15. RedlineRailgunningRemmel

    Nvidia graphic settings - so much better !

    Time for 4k displays.