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  1. PzAbteilung

    documentary voices while ingame

    in patch notes i cant find where to turn off that crap
  2. PzAbteilung

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    totally oposite to this, y play atago and i get 2 kills plus 160k dmg average. its so easy rape low tiers, but the main problem its the other 5 guys are totally useless, not the outnumbering enemies
  3. PzAbteilung

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    the game its balanced, those bunch of high toiers should be able to win, if they dont its cos they are managed by potatoes all time, this time not wgs desing fault
  4. PzAbteilung

    documentary voices while ingame

    where can i read the patch notes' what an stupid feature, it doesnt have a simply button to turn off, it is so hard to do that u have to read the patch notes
  5. PzAbteilung

    documentary voices while ingame

    yep but how to turn off?
  6. PzAbteilung

    0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battles

    it would be good, if they were japans vs usa, brit vs germans...etc. but in this way it has no sense for me.
  7. When i enter WOWS some kind of documentary audio starts playing, they talk about the belfast and other things, but i can turn off that crap, it plays from the harbour to the match constantly.
  8. PzAbteilung

    CV minigame?

    but at least launch it as stand alone minigame or weekend missions...
  9. PzAbteilung

    CV minigame?

    I miss the old cv playstyle so much, they have it developed, and they can put it in at least a minigame with IA or something. or weekend mission..i even would pay for a game with this style. the current gamepolay is nowehere, battlestations midway its from 2007 and its cv gameplay its far better. After watching this documental i had te desire to play my hiryu like in old times.
  10. cvs where ok before all the rework. I played cvs time to time before it, not a huge fan and i wasnt good at em so i didnt play much, but the playstyle was fun. Now they are OP, not fun to play, and fustrating to play against it
  11. PzAbteilung


    i stopped playing wot long time ago, and if the russian bias keep going this way i will leave it so
  12. PzAbteilung

    CV Rework Discussion

    i was not a fan from old cv gameplay, i liked to play from time to time, a bunch of matches, but now its a completly [edited] play with them, boring as hell, and a gamplay that reminds me crap cheap cell phone videogames
  13. PzAbteilung

    Imposible ganar

    jugar en tier 8 para arriba es infumable, concentraciones de barcos en un mismo punto del mapa, nadie divide la flota para flanquear, si juegas con bb estas chamuscado el 80% del tiempo, si juegas con dd estas radarizado constamente, o spoteado a por aviones, parece que lo unico viable para jugar tier altos y no morir del asco son los cruceros
  14. PzAbteilung

    Buff needed to middle tier dds?

    high tier dds are worst, they are always indanger due to radars, enemy dds, and aircraft.
  15. PzAbteilung


    its unplayable right now, 75 fps to 15 all time