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  1. The middle of 2 Brothers again

    minotaur acceleration , and ru cruiser in general is broken
  2. Match Maker

    mas espejo no va a arreglar nada
  3. el shima no necesita mejor ocultacion, lo que necesita mejor ocultacion son sus torpedos, a ver estos señores de wargaming cuando se daran cuenta de que la velocidad de los torpedos es inutil, la caracterisitca importante es la ocultacion. Acierto mas torpedos con el uss black que con el shima, que le saca 25 nudos a los torpedos y tiene 5 mas
  4. con que los torpedos del shima tuviesen 200 metros menos distancia de spoteo yo creo que quedaria bastante equilibrado el asunto, pero con la ocultacion que tienen son semi inutiles
  5. Detonacion

    yo en el z23 acabe montando el modulo anti detonaciones porque aquello era la puta risa. todas las semanas me lo detonaban una vez al menos. Y el blyscawica en ranked, en el mismo dia, me lo detonaron dos veces
  6. Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    you have 40 matches at CV,s, so who you take serious and who dont its comletly irrelevant
  7. Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    LOL, people like you that dont play CV's gibing advices of how to balance them. I already said the solution, nerf long range aa and buff short range, so you must send the torps from longer distance in order to keep your planes safer
  8. I Love This Game

    i have been detonated 2 times same day in raked matches
  9. Błyskawica Game(in the background) play COBI

    here in spain we had a trademark in the 80s similar to lego, they had lot of ships, with bricks dedcated to make the ship's bow, AA guns, main artillery etc...
  10. Misiones francesas

    yo llevo 3 misiones de las 18 del aigle, no se ni que tengo que hacer porque no me sale info en ningun sitio con los objetivos que hay que cumplir
  11. Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    CVs feel unbañanced cos there are 2 types of ships: -nearly inmune to air attacks (when u play cv will see how your planes are melted) -very vulnrable to air attacks A good step in balancing could be nerf all big caliber AA , and buff the small caliber ones
  12. lo de las batallas nocturas pinta a mierda que tira para atras
  13. German cruisers

    i dont like he spamming mechanic, so the hipper is pretty fun to me, citadelling CAs and doing 6 0r 7k salvos on broadsided BBs. Anyway there will be matches where u dont have any broadsided enemy and your dmg will suffer a lot Like the guy before me says, the hipper needs faster reload
  14. yo como soy japonofilo espero un kongo buufeado en tier 6, el tone, y el maya.
  15. Z39 New German Premium

    z23 with 150mm is very strong against dome enemies, broadside bbs can take 3/4k dmg per salvo, the strange thing about those guns is that against other dds they uses to do a crap dmg.